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Intelligent Artifacts develops next generation AI solutions and is on a mission to democratize machine intelligence by making AI more accessible for businesses and easier to work with for developers.

IA’s framework is a meaningful advancement in a “stuck” industry. Our proprietary platform eliminates the shortcomings of existing AI technologies so that our solutions are: unrivaled in sophistication; built in a fraction of the time; and much less expensive.

The AI revolution is in full swing.

of business executives agree that machine intelligence technology will substantially transform their companies within 3 years - leaving innovators scrambling to build solutions, and investors eager to participate.

That said, questions persist about AI’s future. The technology remains very narrow, with applications being built solely for specific use cases, while little progress is being made in terms of a broader artificial general intelligence.

Ubiquitous AI adoption will never
occur as long we settle for decades-old methodologies.  It’s time to stop spending months building specific, expensive, error-prone solutions and take a step forward.  Enter Intelligent Artifacts (IA).

At IA, we’ve developed a software-based cognitive computing platform that can solve any data-centric problem within any domain.  We’ve developed true artificial general intelligence.

It’s a new AI framework that adds significant value through simplicity.  Upfront development time is reduced from months to days, and ongoing model maintenance is eliminated. The financial savings that this produces for businesses cannot be overstated.

Moreover, neural networks, today’s most popular AI tool, are a technical dead-end. Neural nets can’t adapt to rapidly changing environments, are explanatory black boxes, and are difficult to scale. DARPA has derided neural nets as “spreadsheets on steroids”.

Our solution will be implemented via two channels: 

Our team leverages GAIuS to assess a client’s AI readiness, gather insights, and identify opportunities from their data;

AI strategies are then co-created, with a rapid prototype delivered that prioritizes ease of implementation and demonstrates potential return;

A cohesive & custom solution is built & implemented by our team.

Additional features & benefits that are helping organizations adapt to the new AI world:

  • Scalable technology that effortlessly integrates into existing workflows
  • Can be deployed across various domains & platforms without rewriting code
  • A future-proof tech stack that doesn’t require maintenance and won’t go stale
  • Accurately identifies non-trivial data, enabling improved BI without added costs
  • Best-in-class solution accuracy with no built-in human bias
  • Solutions accept all data types (linear, non-liner, string, vector, letters, video, etc.)

The Problem: A developer needs to include in their application, a common, and possibly complicated, function or process.

Solution 1 of 2: The developer can build it from scratch,

Solution 2 of 2: If available, they can plug into a “developer platform” that has already pre-built a solution.

The company Stripe is a good example.
If a company needs ”payment processing” for an upcoming product, their development team can build out a full payment processing system, or they can simply plug into Stripe’s platform via a few API calls.

Now enter Intelligent Artifacts. Any company of any size, can now obtain the most sophisticated artificial intelligence available by plugging their application into IA’s platform via 4 simple API calls. The implications of this capability on AI adoption are profound.

Other companies are trying to replicate IA’s feat, but they can’t. There are many reasons why, but the most important? None has built a true artificial general intelligence, which is vital in being able to accept data and requirements from any problem domain.

Changing the world of AI is no easy task, but we’re well on our way.  Some of our top achievements since initiating product development back in 2008 include:

Secured our very first paying client in 2011.

Executed an exclusive 3-year contract to provide AI technology to CustomerMatrix Inc.

Won the 8th annual E-Challenge competition at Lockheed Martin Sikorsky in 2018.

Our technology passed challenging proof-of concepts and is moving towards production within two divisions at Lockheed Martin Sikorsky.

Patent pending has been obtained for our intelligence framework.

Assembling a strong solution partner & advocate network including: (1) a consulting firm specializing in providing critical support to Defense/Government organizations and (2) a global consulting firm specializing in engineering/infrastructure design.

Intelligent Artifacts was conceptualized by Founder SEVAK AVAKIANS, who has a degree in physics and is an expert in information theory and artificial intelligence.

Sevak got his start automating basic tasks as an Electrical Engineer then joined an elite Cybersecurity team at the Federal Reserve Bank.  Leveraging his passion for physics, he made key discoveries in information theory with the potential to meaningfully advance AI.

He quit his job in 2008 to begin developing our intelligence framework. Sevak remains in charge of platform build as our head of technology, and he has assembled a talented group of professionals to help run the company.

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