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Listen to the popular websites you currently read, while you’re on the go, with the only truly hands-free, interactive audio news reader, Voicecaster. With our new hands-free audio medium, voicecasting, listen to text-to-speech web stories when they’re published, while you’re doing other things like commuting, exercising or performing tasks.

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  • Voicecaster is essentially interactive radio.
  • Consumers can listen to all the headlines and only to the stories they’re interested in.
  • Consumers have more time and can, in more places, enjoy their web content.
  • Designed for grab and go; when the app is refreshed, all the headlines and stories are downloaded in seconds.
  • The hands-free operation does not require the Internet—take  Voicecaster on the subway.
  • Voicecaster is easy to use, mostly requiring a single command, GO, for control.
  • It’s easy to build a playlist of stories for the road where you can sit back and play them.

Voicecaster Words of Praise

  • Industry: Media
  • Target Customers: Publishers and Advertisers
  • Voicecaster Publishing Platform is a marketplace for publishers.
  • Consumers have a single access point to an unlimited number of publishers.
  • Publishers can target new consumers by promoting their content.
  • Advertisers have a new medium and platform on which to offer advertising.
  • 50+ sources and 150+ channels and growing.
  • There're opportunities to create unique voicecasting content.

Voicecaster for Publishers

  • Publish in print and audio, simultaneously.
  • Existing content available in audio without additional costs or production time. This is not the case with the production of podcasts.
  • Can now reach new audiences in new settings and compete with other media.
  • Monetize new revenue sources by presenting lucrative, short audio ads to a captive audience.
  • Exposes publishers to new consumers through a platform of many and diverse publishers.
  • Can offer subscription-based and paid content.

Voicecaster for Advertisers

  • Offers a new revenue source for a new audio medium, voicecasting.
  • Offers a similar, yet interactive, audio advertising platform which improves upon the familiar AM radio model.
  • Incorporates an encapsulated ad platform with tie-ins to incentives programs and paid subscription content.
  • Offers increased ad value from targeted advertising to a captive audience.
  • Extends advertising through multiple publishers on a single platform in a new, untapped audio medium.
  • Facilitates the creation of inexpensive, simple text, audio advertisement.
  • Advertise in both audio and visual.

Voicecasting The Future of Tech Text

  • We are on the brink of yet another (micro) digital revolution when everything published in text will be available instantaneously in a spoken (audio) format. This is voicecasting.
  • It frees everyone from the screen whenever we are screen-challenged. This includes those who are physically challenged and everyone when multitasking.
  • It can inform and educate many of the 1B global population who are illiterate.
  • It’s a valuable medium for the estimated 10 million Americans who are blind or visually impaired as well as the estimated 253 million people worldwide who live with vision impairment.
  • It’s the only option to present up-to-the-minute, written text as audio, to a wide audience.

Voicecaster & Accessibility

  • Voicecaster was developed from inception with a voice-first interface (relying on voice as the primary means of interaction). It enables accessibility options for web content for those who are screen-challenged, whether permanently or situationally.
  • Screen-challenged includes those who are visually or physically impaired, such as when one cannot touch the screen.
  • Screen-challenged also encompasses everyone at some point in the day when they cannot interact with a screen because their eyes and/or hands are occupied.
  • When a user cannot see a screen, Voicecaster provides audible cues to orient them as to where they are in the app.
  • Voicecaster is easy to use and relies primarily on one word, “GO”, to control it.

Voicecaster for The Web

  • Websites now have the opportunity to offer their content to a wider audience.
  • Using simple, standard technology, all websites can offer accessibility options for their web content in Voicecaster.
  • The company’s website is available in Voicecaster with the channel “Screen Freedom” found in the “Ω Special” topic.
  • Other content can be prepared for text-to-speech playback in Voicecaster. For example, this deck is available in Voicecaster with the channel ” Intelligently Interactive Deck” found in the “Ω Special” topic.
  • Never before has it been so simple to add accessibility options.

  • TaskSpeech is the ongoing development of the hands-free interface for Voicecaster and beyond.
  • Voice-first uses voice as the first means for interaction for the interface.
  • TaskSpeech offers voicetech the missing mechanics required for voice-first technology.
  • TaskSpeech stands to be the ubiquitous interface for voicetech.
  • Designed to enhance other voicetech like Alexa and Siri.
  • Will also provide software developers with easy and inexpensive building blocks to enhance their voicetech applications.

Voicetech is becoming ever more an integral part of our everyday lives. Speech recognition has shown great advancements and come a long way since its early days of inception. The emerging field of voicetech is exciting and offers the potential of being the dominant form of everyday technology. However, the usefulness and solutions have yet to be clear with the crop of current voictech, such as the smart speaker with its voice digital assistant.

The Future: Voicetech for Everyday Life

An intuitive, consistent, interactive and productive voice-first interface stands to  liberate us from our intense 20th century relationship with screens.  It has the opportunity to propel voicetech to its next evolutionary phase and can become the dominant, ubiquitous interface for voicetech

The Solution: TaskSpeech™

Today’s Voicetech’s Shortcomings

  • Key limitations for how to interact (the speech mechanics) make today's voicetech incapable of being the voice-first interface for voicetech.
  • It’s reactive rather than interactive.
  • Ask a question, get an answer. Play a Song. Start over.
  • There is no short-term, persistent memory between transactions.
  • Requires a wake-up word or phrase to initiate all sessions.
  • The speech mechanics used by the current voicetech prevents interactions from being resilient, robust, interactive and productive.

Challenges with Voice-first


  • A voice-first interface uses voice as its first means for interaction.
  • It introduces time as the fourth dimension which complicates its use in many ways that do not exist with a graphical user interface.
  • As an invisible interface, it taxes users’ short-term memory—info that can be recalled for only a few seconds and maxes out at seven items remembered.
  • Starting over in a session requires special attention. So does managing the mechanics of voice interactions for background noise that interrupts during user speech input.
  • Modifying the available user options in real-time based on interruptions is necessary.

What’s Needed:

  • A method to recover from occurrences of user “spoke-to-soon” whereby voicetech receives incomplete, half-word voice entries.
  • Methods to handle patterned information, such as credit cards or phone numbers, and accommodating number groupings and pauses.
  • Methods to handle data entry, revision, verification and correction.
  • Methods to ensure legal surety from voice input to allow for legal confirmation

Challenges with Artificial Intelligence

Many developers hail artificial intelligence as the magic bullet that will solve the current, key interactivity and productivity issues with voicetech. The reality is that AI cannot solve the basic mechanics of interactivity  when using voice with technology. AI is poor at deciphering intent and understanding when freeform speech is used in voicetech.

  • Establishes stable solutions and incorporates a collection of reusable speech libraries, we call Behaviors™. Uses embedded speech recognition technology enabling untethered speech applications; thus, not just for those with an Internet connection.
  • Provides building blocks for voice interaction with technology without developers needing to know the complexities of implementing voice.
  • Has the attributes to make a ubiquitous voice-first interface.
  • Bridges the gap between basic voicetech and AI—providing the next generation of software developer tools to push the boundaries of interactivity and productivity for voicetech.
  • Introduces other natural forms of speech other than freeform, conversational speech. More natural than saying, “Hey Siri” or “Alexa” to initiate voicetech. Can also establish legal certainty for voice applications.
  • Fills the current interactivity and productivity voicetech void by offering universal solutions for task-oriented speech that can offer consistency across an ecosystem of applications.

We’re a software development company focused on the new and emerging voicetech industry. We understand the challenges with today’s voicetech (voice-controlled tech) and have devised a plan with unrivaled experience and expertise and are ready to execute. We have the team to develop software tools needed to make today’s voicetech interactive and productive.

Our technologies are poised to disrupt the current voicetech ecosystem as well as the publishing industry.

Voicecaster is Ready for GO!

Notable accomplishments to date include:

Voicecaster is a fully-developed iOS news reader, available now for download.
3.3K app downloads since its inception with zero marketing spend.
Voicecaster holds a US patenthas patent pending status for other key tech aspects including a universal operating system, SAROS.
TaskSpeech development well underway.

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