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In today’s current market there is no simple, engaging, unified entertainment platform all family members can enjoy equally.

Playing together is a concept that Intellivision and Atari introduced in the early 80’s. The last time we saw family gaming was 15 years ago with the Nintendo Wii, which sold over 100 million units -  the third best selling console of all time. Unfortunately this platform was replaced by mobile oriented gaming, geared towards gaming on the go. 

With a booming market, gaming is a compelling platform for CHANGE, but the industry has become isolating with kids sitting in a dark room with their headphones on; too complex, frustrating casual gamers who have been migrating to more simple mobile games; and highly driven by profit where in-game purchases have now become more than 70% of overall revenue with sophisticated artificial intelligence engines identifying when you are most susceptible to paying yet more money to enhance your game play.

Families need a new gaming option that offers...

Intellivision has the solution. Introducing Amico, an affordable gaming console that’s simple to use and focused on original, non-violent games that will get families and friends playing games together again.


Intellivision’s Amico is a new video game platform that focuses on human connection through an unparalleled group play experience.

Group entertainment: Hyper focus on in-room multi-player experience

Easy to use: Simple user experience and game controllers with easy-to-learn, hard-to-master games

Affordable: Broadly affordable hardware/console and games

Innovative controllers and hardware: Innovative game play accessible by non-gamers that leverages our unique, patent pending hardware technology

Family-friendly, non-violent games: Rated E for Everyone or E10+. No Teen or Mature games. No online gaming or toxic chat.

Non-predatory: No AI driven predatory in-game purchases, no loot boxes, no DLC

S.A.F.E.: Simple, Affordable, Family-friendly Entertainment platform



Our Software Content

  • Every Amico comes with 6 bundled full games
  • Our digital library will include 25+ curated games at launch, with an aggressive release schedule for new games and partner integrations
  • We offer new & original IP, retro-reimagined, sports and recreation, casual, and edutainment games
  • All games are rated E for Everyone or E10+
  • Developer infrastructure is in place for rapid and inexpensive game development cycles built on industry leading game development tools 

Our Hardware Console

  • Cloud-based online store for game purchases and access to partner integrations
  • RFID-enabled for physical media, integration with game play and NFT marketplace
  • Each console includes two controllers with wireless charging, integrated touchscreen, and interactive lighting
  • Motion control, similar to Nintendo Wii
  • Through our iOS/Android apps, smartphones can be used as controllers for up to 8 players, out of the box



Product Development: Hardware 100% complete; gaming platform operating system 90% complete; 40 games in development; 6 pack-in games 95% complete; back-end systems 80% complete.

Customer Acceptance: Market research with retro gamers and families with broad age ranges of children have generated positive feedback:; $1.9M in pre-orders via direct online sales - 6,000+ units sold, preorders sold out on website in a matter of hours; $25M in units ordered; global retailer purchase orders include Walmart, GameStop, BestBuy, MediaMarkt + more.

Patents and IP: Omnibus patent around controller disc; Karma Gaming Engine - game balancing technology. We have many content licensing deals, and the list is growing every month including Hot Wheels, Major League Baseball, Sesame Street, + more.

Social Proof: We have significant direct order and channel order volumes with very little marketing effort, plus a growing number of organic influencer fans.

Partnerships: Mattel Hot Wheels - game & marketing deal; Sesame Street - multi-game & marketing deal; Major League Baseball - game & marketing deal; Atari - multi-game licensing deal; Interplay - exclusive Earthworm Jim (game of the year) licensing deal w/ original team; USAopoly (Telestrations/Blank Slate) award-winning game licensing deal; Harlem Globetrotters – game & marketing deal; Evel Knievel – game licensing & marketing deal; Hasbro Care Bears – game licensing deal; Playmobil – fully integrated game/marketing deal (in process); Topps + more.

Manufacturing/Distribution: Contract manufacturer: Cal-Comp (top five global manufacturer); Distributors/Retail: U.S.: Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy; Canada: Best Buy, Toys R Us, Military Base distributor; Europe: Koch Media - MediaMarkt, Saturn, Argos, and others.

Press Mentions: We have received hundreds if not thousands of press mentions, including from IGN, Yahoo!, VGC, TheWrap, HiddenWires, VentureBeat, Mom 2.0, and many more.


Tommy Tallarico, CEO, 30+ years video game industry icon and one of the most successful video game composers. 50+ industry awards and has worked on 300+ game titles totaling 200M+ units and $10B+ in revenue.

Nick Richards, COO/CFO, 25+ years in enterprise software and serial entrepreneur with multiple transaction experience. Strong track record managing growth strategies from small start-ups to larger multi-product divisions.

Rob Johnson, CMO, 25+ year veteran in the CPG and services industries (Microsoft, IBM, adidasGolf, TaylorMade, mophie). During his tenure, he’s led Innovation, Marketing and Product teams serving as general manager for $200M+ businesses.

Phil Adam, Chief Revenue Officer, 35+ year industry veteran involved in bringing 350+ IPs to market. Responsible for bringing Tetris to the world. Signed the first games from Blizzard, Bioware and Parallax. Former President/COO of Interplay and Founder/President of Spectrum Holobyte.

Hans Ippisch, President (Europe), 30+ year leader in the video game industry and former German game developer/journalist. Former CEO/Chairman of the board of Computec Media Group – largest video game media house in Germany.

Jason Enos, VP, Game Production, 25+ year industry veteran (Konami, Sega, EA, Pygnosis, Bandai Namco) and jack of all trades with pedigree of award-winning franchises Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, Contra, DDR, PAC-MAN, Silent Hill, Dragon Ball Z, Dark Souls, Monopoly and 100+ more.

Chuck LaBella, VP, Entertainment Acquisition, 30+ year entertainment executive, former VP of Talent Development for NBCUniversal and projects such as ”The Masked Singer”, ”Holey Moley”, “The Apprentice”, “Celebrity Apprentice”, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, “America’s Got Talent” and “The Voice”.

Bill Fisher, VP, Technology, 30+ year gaming veteran and President/Founder of Quicksilver Software. First generation of video game designers starting at Mattel Electronics/Intellivision in 1981.

Mike Dietz, Art Director, 30+ year multi-disciplined award-winning developer/animator – worked on 50+ games, including the hits Disney’s Aladdin and Earthworm Jim. Key creative roles at Virgin Games, Shiny Entertainment, Disney, The Collective, Heavy Iron Studios and FoxNext.

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