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ioAirFlow: Fast Facts

ioAirFlow’s analysis platform identifies performance and efficiency issues in commercial buildings. Our tool saves customers time spent on analyzing data and drafting reports, which reduces their labour costs by an average of 30% per building tested.

In addition to diagnosing commercial building’s efficiency and IEQ performance, we recommend better, faster, more accurate solutions than traditional data collection and reporting methods.

The Problem: Manual Audits

Manual audits today are generally conducted by energy auditors who rely on industry experience, utility consumption history and best-guesses to formulate a report.

With hours at a time dedicated to on-site data collection, data analysis and report writing, manual audits are labor intensive and inefficient for building owners.

Auditors also frequently overlook key problems during their inspections and/or end up drafting a report that is so unnecessarily long and complex that it goes unread, leaving simple, actionable items ignored.

While there are several products on the market to address these issues, such as permanently-installed analysis hardware, these are often incredibly capital-intensive.

Right now, there is no affordable option for Class C buildings, which represent 70% of the global building stock.

The Solution: Digital Automation

ioAirFlow uses wireless sensors to search for the presence of specific efficiency and performance issues in a building, provide data visualization and present the information in a clear and visual format on our web portal.

With new sensor technology that doesn’t need to be wired, plugged in, or connected to the Internet, we can collect more sophisticated data more quickly than any of our competitors.

Our online portal performs in minutes what would take an auditor hours to analyze by hand. Our software then generates an automated report and action plan that is clear, easy-to-read and can be integrated directly into our customers’ reports.

Key Features

Using wireless sensors and proprietary analysis tools, ioAirFlow reviews a building’s indoor environmental quality (IEQ) to understand where performance and efficiency gaps exist.

We provide analysis through our software portal, which is given in clear language with visualizations to make the information easy to understand and act on.

Our software solution allows us to collect data in a significantly faster and more affordable way than today’s alternatives. Our wireless sensors do not need to be permanently installed, require no power source and do not need to be integrated into a building’s IT system.

We provide true third-party verification of building performance and accuracy when measuring any installed building control equipment that traditionally has fewer data collection points.

Traction & Accomplishments

The ioAirFlow web portal is online and ready for customer use. The platform is backed by multiple extensive pilot studies and over two dozen common building problems tested in each dataset.

We are currently working with multiple customers on pilot projects with a goal to convert them to licensees when we launch our product. These partners include Burman Energy, Trinus Engineering, Energy@Work, Integrated Designs, Demand Side Energy, Colliers, Cushman & Wakfefield and more.

We source sensor component parts to build our own hardware using component parts developed by our wireless partner, BehrTech.

We are a partner with Fleming College’s Centre for Advancement of Mechatronics and Industrial Internet of Things (CAMIIT) to create new sensors to manufacture at scale. This project is being funded by a public research grant and will give us access to all schematics required to order our own sensors.

Our Partnerships

Our Story

ioAirFlow started as a class project for a technology commercialization MBA course in 2016. While co-founder Matt Schaubroeck got positive feedback on the assignment, he quickly recognized that he tapped into a need for buildings to better control their internal environment.

The company underwent several iterations before identifying the greatest market need: today’s energy audit industry has not adapted to new technology use, which drove up their labour costs.

With a passion for environmental sustainability, Matt and co-founder Amanda San Filippo partnered up to develop a solution to make energy audits more accessible for existing buildings.

Our Team

Matt Schaubroeck, CEO & CO-FOUNDER | Matt focus on sales, strategy and customer relationship management and brings six years of experience in startups and the tech industry. He received his MBA from Asper School of Business.

Amanda San Filippo, COO & CO-FOUNDER | Amanda oversees marketing, communications and daily operations. She brings 12 years of experience in the industry & building efficiency program development. She has a Masters in Environment and Resource Studies from the University of Waterloo.

Dan Loewen, CTO | Dan focuses on technology development and innovation. He has five years of experience in product design with a focus on HVAC solutions. Dan has a Masters of Applied Science in Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

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