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Online shopping can be difficult, especially for people who aren’t tech savvy or don’t speak English as a first language. Easy2Buy is a combination of hardware and software that allows customers to easily buy online the right product at the best price.

In India, approximately 50% of the population is considered little to not at all tech savvy, and the number of customers making online purchases is significantly low compared to the country’s population. The fact that many shopping platforms are only presented in English creates an additional obstacle.

That’s why we created Easy2Buy, a web and mobile tool that allows customers to easily buy online the right product at the best price.

Easy2Buy is a web and mobile platform that makes online shopping simple. Our combination of hardware and software streams our app to the TV, where users navigate the screen using simple voice commands rather than continuously scrolling to find what they’re looking for.

Easy2Buy also allows for video conferencing and a screen mirroring capability so someone comfortable with technology can guide customers and answer questions in real time. The ability to use a TV as a screen gives the app an easier-to-see display and lets family members gather to shop together.

Easy2Buy is a combination of software and hardware that includes convenient features like:

Voice-enabled control lets users easily navigate and control the screens. There’s no need to type or provide complex voice commands - people don’t need a strong understanding of technology. The standardized Easy2Buy proprietary voice recongnizing system will allow users of varying languages to seamlessly use the technology consistently. The technology will record the voice of approved users so that only authorized users can make purchases using the system. This makes online transactions seamless and easy.

This digital solution integrates all online selling platforms (like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal) into one standard consolidated platform so that customers do not need to look for multiple sites for price comparison. They get to select the product based on the customer reviews, price compare, and more.

An illiterate or someone new to eCommerce/Internet/Apps can now buy things online easily. Using custom hardware, the Customer can display remotely the customer’s app content on their home TV to let family members or friends interact, make a collective decision and buy things online easily.

Users can make online purchases without the need of custom hardware or a TV. With Easy2Buy, users can download apps and stream them using desktop computers, laptops, TVs and mobile devices. Friends and family members share their screen (one of the mobile screen will be shared) to make a collective decision. For example, a daughter living abroad could show an item on their parents’ mobile or TV. The daughter could see the experience of their parents buying using real-time video conferencing.

Using video conferencing (on mobile or TV), Easy2Buy makes online shopping interactive. Along with voice commands and mirroring/remote connection, the solution offers video conferencing capability. The customer remotely could interact with the family/friend seeing each others (understand their emotions) and make a collective decision. In addition to this, Easy2Buy is enabled for Skype and other video chatting services as an added benefit on their TVs. This eliminates the challenge of holding a cell phone to do video calls, and the video quality is top-notch.

TV is watched by the rich and poor, by the daily office-goer as well as farmers. By connecting Easy2Buy custom hardware device to a TV, customers get a larger, easier-to-see display. A family can see the options clearly on the big screen and easily make purchases.

Easy2Buy also disrupts Smart TV and Chromecast businesses. In addition to the possibilities on mobile, an optional piece of custom hardware will allow users’ common TVs to act as smart TVs that can browse, stream videos, and install and run apps, but without the high price tag of a brand new smart TV. Easy2Buy acts like a Chromecast for online streaming, but doesn’t have the limited apps or browsers that actual Chromecast does. This allows anyone with a TV to browse or conduct a video chat on a much larger screen than just their phone or computer.


E@sy2Buy Demo1 LINK

E@sy2Buy Demo2 LINK

E@sy2Buy Demo3 LINK (Multi Lingual)

E@sy2Buy Demo4 LINK (Mobile to TV mirroring)

E@sy2Buy overview video in the LINK


E@sy2Buy features explained in this LINK

Our company is young but we’re working hard to bring Easy2Buy from idea to reality. Here’s a look at some of what we’ve accomplished so far:

Product Development
We’ve created a basic prototype for mobile devices, TVs and the cloud. The prototype is able to display the screen and mirror the app onto the TV. It’s also enabled for voice commands, video conferencing, and user and vendor login. Additionally, we have a sample hardware simulating the hardware we’ll building in the near future.

Customer Acceptance
We’ve shared the idea for Easy2Buy with friends, family and third-party users in our target market. The feedback has been excellent and people are very excited about the possibilities our platform will create. 

Since our idea is big, we need decent investment to go to market. We have spoken to quite a few Mentors/Advisors and their recommendation is to have a proper product launch. 

Moving forward, we plan to complete the product and ramp up our marketing efforts to go to market.

Product Development
We’ll complete the product development to go to market. We will complete both the hardware and software parts in the near term.

Direct Marketing
We’ll utilize TV ads, event sponsorship, fliers, name boards and email campaigns to create brand awareness and attract customers. We’ll also use offers, discounts, trade shows and other events, and celebrity endorsement to further persuade potential customers to make a purchase.

Indirect Marketing
We’ll partner with key players, including FSIs and product owners. We will also partner with current eCommerce Providers to sell their products on our consolidated platform. We’ll also offer quality services like free delivery, an excellent delivery system, a call center, a loyalty or rewards points program, user reviews and blogs.

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Vijay Ranganathapura | Founder & CEO
15+ years global experience in North America, Europe & Asia across eight diverse industries. Has previously incorporated, managed and sold a successful business for profit. Has strong expertise in client relationship, tech strategy, business operations, account, delivery & program management. Has worked with some of the best branded companies globally, including Deloitte, RBC, Siemens, Bosch & Tata. Has MBA from Schulich School of Business (Toronto) with Leadership Communications course from Harvard School (Boston).

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