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For book lovers, iShook is a game changing ebook reading platform that instantly and seamlessly provides you access to a paradise of unlimited books from best-selling authors. The social aspect of iShook allows you to post real-time updates on new reads and share your thoughts with a community of like-minded book lovers.

For publishers and authors, iShook is a completely new approach to getting your content published and recognized by readers. We tap into a vast network of social media influencers to create the kind of buzz you’ve always dreamed of.

At iShook, our primary purpose is to eliminate the barriers to discovering great content -- regardless of content type. We’re starting out with book authors and publishers, and already have 12,000 publishers and 30,000 ebooks listed.

But books are just the beginning. iShook is a whole new world of content media, seamlessly integrated into a social reading/watching/listening experience. Read on to find out more!

Authors and publishers are easily the most disenfranchised group of content developers. Even the greatest writer with the greatest book can have trouble finding a big name publisher to take his book and attract readers. Even if your book does get accepted, it can take years for it to actually hit the shelves. There needs to be a quicker, easier, and more effective way for talented authors to get their work out there.

The good news? There is: self-publishing. The bad news? Traditional self-publishing mediums don’t solve the whole problem.

See, authors don’t just want to be published, they want their story to matter to other people. Anyone can publish a novel or self-help book these days, but there simply aren’t the right tools to get noticed and have people actually read your words. Until now.

How do we do this? By meeting readers where they spend their time.

For the first time ever, mobile users have surpassed desktop users. We live in a mobile world -- a mobile social world. On these mobile devices, social media has quickly become the new main point of communication for a wide range of age groups.

Simply put: iShook saves you time and money. Whether you’re a reader looking to discover new books, or a publisher looking for recognition for their content, iShook has all the tools to make it a reality.

iShook already has 30,000 book titles to browse through from all genres ranging from new literary classics, New York Times bestsellers, new releases, business books, romance novels, and much more.

On iShook, you can share your ideas, thoughts, and opinions on books you love. You can engage with other people on various social media platforms by adding text, images, videos, GIFs, or emojis for an interesting conversations on books you find intriguing.

With Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube integrations, iShook users experience a new form of “social reading.”

According to an Author Earnings report, the sales of self-published ebooks accounted for 31% of all book sales, while the “Big Five” traditional publishers made up only 16% of sales in Amazon’s Kindle Store. Clearly, self-publishing is the way of the future, and no other platform makes it as easy or attractive as iShook.

iShook is like your own personal marketing team to help you reach your ideal readers.

We make the book discovery process fun, simple, and engaging for readers. Our marketplace will drive sales and become the ideal place to list books for new and established authors.

Who are iShook users? People like John and Karen.

An aspiring writer, John knows his manuscript is good enough to get published but is having a hard time getting one of the major traditional publishers to give him the time of day. He hears about the self-publishing route through a friend, but he lacks the financial freedom to pay the average startup fees of $5,000 from companies like Xlibris. Then John hears about iShook. For just a $99 annual membership fee, John can self-publish, not only this manuscript, but all other works we plans to write in the future. Not only can he publish, but he’ll be eligible for the iShook print on demand program, and be connected with various social media influencers who want to promote his manuscript to their followers. iShook provides John with all the tools he needs to get published and get noticed, all for an extremely affordable rate.

Karen loves to read and is always looking for new books and recommendations. Sometimes the discovery process takes longer than she’d like though, especially at the rate she reads through books. Karen is also a social bug, always wondering what her friends are up to. On iShook, Karen has found the perfect solution: a place where she can easily discover new books through our vast library while also seeing what her friends are reading. She can look at her friend Katherine’s iShook profile, for example, view her iShook  library, and see what books she recommends. Karen can even see notes Katherine took in her ebooks and the quotes she shared. Karen now has even more to talk about and discuss with her friends!

iShook launched in 2014 and we’ve since built a library of popular books sourced from well-known authors and publishers.

We’ve formed partnerships with Gardners UK, the largest book distributor in the UK, and Doba, a dropship company for our e-commerce store ( that supplies us with products such as jewelry and apparel.

Many publishers asked for the ability to sell hardcovers in addition to ebooks, and Gardners UK  has enabled us to fill that need.

What’s Next?
In addition to expanding to other forms of content media, we plan to expand our ecommerce experience far beyond books. The iShook Locker similar to the iShook Library will be a one-stop marketplace where you can now share, any other personal item like watches, household items, or anything else.

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