Innovative 3D photo printing that makes your special memories stand out.


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A box full of photos in the attic. Snapshots buried on your social media feed. Is that any way to treat the memories of your most special moments?

#3DME brings your photos to life through stunning color 3D printing. We let you show off your life’s big events — birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings, anniversaries — with a 3D model that really stands out.

innovation is flat

With the advent of smartphones, nearly everyone has a digital camera in their pocket ALL THE TIME.

But do we print these photos? Frame them? Share them with friends and family? No. Not often, anyway. These moments are stored in the cloud or lost on social media feeds.

And since digital became the norm, not much has changed with photo technology.

Picture another dimension

With #3DME, your special moments really take shape.

We give photography another dimension and another feel, providing a color, 3D model of loved ones and good times you want to remember forever.

At one time, only royalty and the fabulously wealthy could commission a sculpture by a professional artist. Now all you have to do is contact #3DME. We’ll come to you to take a 3D scan, then 3D print a lifelike representation that you’ll be proud to display.

Not only does #3DME provide unique keepsakes, we give people with blindness or severe visual impairment a new way to experience pictures.

Join #3DME as we disrupt traditional photography and prototyping and give photos a new dimension. Literally.

Where will 3D printing in colour take us?

The general problem we solve is that 95%+ of 3D Printing is done in 1 or 2 colours due to lack of the right technology, despite a huge market potential.  Our vision is to become the leader in full colour 3D Printing.

We have 5 core market segments:

1. We will initially focus on 3D Pictures (with added social value for people with visual impairment), mainly through B2C & some limited B2B sales to build more traction.

And then focus on B2B in these markets:

2. Rapid Prototyping
3. Construction & Architecture
4. Marketing & Advertising
5. Education

We will automate our processes:

  • 3D scanning with consumer electronics to increase our incoming business
  • 3D modelling with AI to increase bottom line, and cut costs
  • 3D printing with range of materials & robotics to increase both demand, and net profit

How do we #3DME?

With decades of experience in hardware, software, web, mobile and robotics automation, we could talk for days about the technology behind the 3D printing process of #3DME — but we won’t.

We will tell you how we put our full-color, attractive, durable and incredibly lifelike models in our customers’ hands.

Stage 1
Our team brings our innovative 3D scanning capability to you in your home or office. We deliver the scan to our 3D printing partners and provide you with an incredible 3D model of yourself, your family member or your pet.

Stage 2
We put the power in your hands, letting you scan and upload at the touch of a button. 

Stage 3 and 4
We build a full production line connected to a web interface. We add services letting you change attire on your figure post-scan or put yourself in a computer game. We scale up while reducing cost to popularize 3D color printing.

#3DME’s focus is clear.

We’re ready to go to print with the biggest innovation in photography since the introduction of the digital camera:

Team Picture

Eric Tomaszewski
Eric Tomaszewski brings Itoma into focus with more than ten years of experience in automation, engineering and structural projects. He also helps Itoma identify market niches in Industry 4.0 that are in the innovator or early adopter stage of market saturation and finds a way to plan, fund and deliver. 

Dorota Monika Iwaniewska
Head of Marketing
Dorota has over 20 years of marketing experience and prepared product campaigns for clients like GSK, Santander and Phillip Morris. She is also a holder of highest obtainable marketing qualifications in UK – FCIM.

Ralph Lightman
Head of Sales
Ralph Lightman provides an array of expertise in areas including leadership, sales management, branding, negotiations, neuromarketing and psycholinguistics.

Marcin Tomaszewski
Head of Hardware Automation
Marcin Tomaszewski has ten years of automation and robotics experience.


Tom Podbielski
Head of Software Automation
Tom Podbielski is a software engineer with experience in automation, robotics and control systems design.

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