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To Find Their Voice

As noted, the buying experience with today’s voice assistants is extremely limited, providing only “single shot” recommendations back to the user.

Our founder knows this all too well -- he experienced it firsthand when trying to order toothpaste on a smart speaker. He said, “Alexa, order me toothpaste" and received only a "single shot” recommendation for a toothpaste he had not heard of and had no interest in buying.

Alexa did not ask him which brand or size he wanted, how many tubes he needed, or if he wanted cavity protection or whitening -- you know, all of the things that you would find with an eCommerce experience.

He was hoping to have an intelligent “multi-step” conversation with an AI that could help him accurately find, order and pay for what he wanted. He assumed that would naturally exist.

But he searched and searched and couldn't find a true “multi-step” conversation that would allow users to explore a menu or catalog, customize products, and transact them in a very natural and unconstrained way.

Our competitors think they have the solution -- they're building custom voice applications for each brand. This “one-off” agency approach can be very slow and expensive, costing millions of dollars and taking several years to complete for each client.

Their slow pace is not keeping up with the race to voice commerce. Businesses are especially excited about contactless solutions for their customers during and after COVID-19, and there is nothing more “contactless” than voice. But there is no turnkey platform that allows merchants to onboard at scale.

The Shopify of Voice Commerce

Jetson AI solves these problems and has quickly become the “Shopify of Voice Commerce.” We successfully lower the barrier to entry for businesses and brands to start selling on voice-first channels. It’s a self-service platform so you don’t need to hire a team of developers to set it up. Businesses can now get started selling on voice in a fraction of the time and cost. Our platform is only $49 per month for merchants.

Our patent-pending NLU (natural language understanding) technology really brings the voice ordering experience to life. When enabled, our technology adds true commerce capabilities to these voice assistants by facilitating intelligent “multi-step” conversations which allow users to explore a menu or catalog, customize products, and transact them in a very natural and unconstrained way.

Restaurants and retailers now have the ability to sell more faster by allowing them to create a voice-first marketplace on Alexa, Google Assistant, Phone and SMS in a matter of minutes. For enterprises, we offer them our developer-friendly API that allows Jetson to be integrated into their existing voice-first application and into any back office system.

Why We’ll Lead

Voice commerce is predicted to be a huge market moving forward and we are at the forefront of it. Jetson AI is as touchless / contactless as an interface can get. We’ve created our own technology -- this is not some IBM Watson follow-on. Geared specifically toward eCommerce, Jetson AI provides real value to merchants all over the world.

With strong partnerships already in place (including Amazon, Shopify and Spotify plus 13,000 restaurants and we're already generating revenue), Jetson AI is in a strong position.

We've got LOIs signed and we're ready to commercialize more partnerships and scale at a fast pace. We also have NDAs signed with two public companies that will be implementing our tech.

We've also already proven ourselves with investors and have raised significant capital. Now we're raising more to accelerate our growth.

How It Works

The process of ordering a product through a Jetson integrated system is as follows:

Customer creates a Jetson account, inputting information such as payment and delivery address

Customer tells their smart speaker they would like to place an order

As the customer is ordering, the Jetson powered system is able to answer product questions and make recommendations using its AI and based on product information saved in the Jetson dashboard

Once the order is finished, Jetson asks the customer to confirm their order

Customers can then authorize payment through Jetson Pay, where their payment

Information is kept on file. Some customers may choose to add a dual authentication method to authorize each transaction

Orders are then sent to a business’s dashboard where they can accept the order

Once an order is accepted, it is moved to “in progress” on the dashboard

Product is prepared for delivery or pickup

Customer receives product

Business marks the order as “fulfilled” in the dashboard

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Traction & Accomplishments

Product Development
We have already built and released our marketplace on all major channels (Alexa, Google Home, Phone, SMS Text).

We've evolved our algorithm, which can now handle over 13,000 merchants with minimal training by creating a secondary layer of NLU technology.

We've also created our own voice search engine (with voice SEO) and a deals platform that is needed to drive discoverability and engagement.

We've signed enterprise partnerships with Postmates, Shopify, Amazon Pay, Chowly,, Nexmo (the Vonage API platform), and Square.

We also just signed an LOI with TSD Global / Order Solutions (see attached) and have been asked to put a statement of work together. TSD global / Order Solutions aims to act as a conduit to electrify the food industry with AI through automated phone voice ordering.

The LOI aims to help Jetson reach meaningful revenue with FIVE GUYS and phase two of the LOI will allow us to achieve $68,000+ / month in MRR. This is only from one of their franchise customers, but we are in talks to go wide within their portfolio, which includes Denny's, Famous Dave's and TGIFridays.

Further, we just signed two NDAs and are in talks with two publicly traded companies -- Aramark and Telenav (connected cars tech).

Patents and Trademarks
In 2018, Jetson filed for a provisional patent covering its speech recognition ordering system, voice authentication method, and Jetson Pay. Additionally, the company has filed its patent under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, with the aim of protecting its technology worldwide.

Most recently in 2020, Jetson has submitted its “Statement of Use” for the trademark Jetson after receiving a notice of allowance by the U.S. Patent Office.

In August 2020, the company filed for a utility patent to cover its speech recognition ordering system and related methods, claiming the 2018 priority date related to its previous application.

Meet The Team

PETER PENG |  Founder and CEO

  • Experienced executive and thought leader in the area of emerging technologies
  • His professional experience lies in the field of Voice, Applied AI and IoT, where he leads teams to use these core technologies to craft frictionless user experiences
  • His passion for the commercialization of AI through voice is what lead to the creation of Jetson AI, an intelligent voice commerce platform and marketplace for next generation consumers


  • Owner of Maughan Sullivan, an accounting and financial services firm, and Maughan and Associate, a tax and business consulting firm
  • Former VP and treasurer of MonaVie and former CFO of InnerLight WorldWide
  • Has also served in C-suite level roles at Star Bridge Systems and Paradigm Medical Industries University.

Key Advisors


  • Hospitality executive with over 35 years of experience in the hotel and entertainment industries
  • Former President and COO of the Venetian/Palazzo and COO of Gaylord Hotels


  • Highly respected industry analyst, strategist and  technologist and is a frequent speaker and panelist at industry events
  • 25+ years in engineering, IT, and advisory roles at Goldman Sachs


  • Top industrial researcher in AI/ML/Data Mining; currently a research and engineering manager at Snap Inc.; former senior research manager at Yahoo! Labs


  • 22 years of experience building, marketing, and  selling AI technologies and solutions, including NLU, machine translation, and speech recognition
  • Former CEO of Linguasys, former COO of Cognitive Code, and former Program Director for IBM

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