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JUNO: Fast Facts

The two founders, Stephan Kang and Tim Garrett, PhD, developed JUNO as a response to the threat provided by COVID-19 in 2020. They quickly realized that viral protein analysis with a portable mass spectrometer could produce test results in an average of 15 minutes for a cohort of about 100 people AND test for variants and other viruses as well.

One Solution To Change The World

JUNO solves these problems and will help the world overcome COVID-19 and other potential threats by allowing batch testing (~100 tests) in approximately 15 minutes and in remote locations around the globe.

JUNO provides a reliable and portable COVID-19 testing system that employs a portable mass spectrometer.

The mass spectrometer is connected via the cloud to Artificial Intelligence (AI) servers that detect the presence of the COVID virus, COVID mutations and hundreds of other viral antigens.

Moreover, JUNO can digitally store all the results and analyze the data for unknown viruses. JUNO will be needed now and into the future to help prevent and monitor other potential viral outbreaks.

How It Works

Hundreds of saliva specimens are processed by our mass spectrometers on-site where the patients, patrons, employees or customers reside. This mobile capability is one of the key drivers in the power of the JUNO Informatics System.

The data is securely processed through the Internet “cloud”.  The JUNO Informatics System will operate wherever there is an Internet connection.

Once at our servers, our Artificial Intelligence pattern recognition system determines exactly what viruses are present in the specimens and returns the results.  This includes mutations and other unlikely viruses. It can also detect anomalies that might represent potential viral threats that can be investigated early.

The data that is aggregated is then used to “predict” viral outbreaks before they happen, across the globe.

The Market Needs Us

Dr. Fauci said that it appears the vaccine isn’t as effective as originally thought. Thus, it is important for us to launch JUNO into public domain as early as possible.

No variants are really being tested now - but continual testing will provide insight into the virus’ variance -- and that is where we come into play. 

Our team background is second to none and legitimizes what we have developed. Stephen Kang, our brilliant co-founder and CEO, is a very credible AI expert. Tim Garrett is an amazing scientist and pathologist who is highly regarded in the field. The dynamic duo are utilizing cutting-edge AI coupled with virus and pathogen research experience to propel JUNO.

Further, our competitive advantage is in how our AI drives data and allows us to be able to track viruses with a much more intentional purpose. We need more watchdogs of viruses, and we have made it possible to track antibodies for individuals. The amount of data that will be used for new drug development, vaccination development is invaluable in the current climate.

Traction & Accomplishments

JUNO has completed its development and parallel testing of PCR v viral protein analysis and will file its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to the FDA in February 2021.

Mr. Sal Cannizzaro, who completes more than 2,000 COVID PCR tests per day in New Jersey, is our first customer.  Mr. Cannizzaro’s company will switch entirely to JUNO processing as soon as we are capitalized. Our second customer is slated to be a lab in NJ that is processing 4,000 COVID tests per day.  Our third customer is a lab in Atlanta that will immediately begin using JUNO for its COVID testing. 

JUNO is in the process of filing provisional patents on its AI technology. 

JUNO has attracted the attention of GBTA.org, the US Army at Ft Bragg, NC, Private Health and World Clinic and dozens of laboratories around the United States.

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