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Kairos Transmedia, Inc. (KTI) is a new media company dedicated to providing youths with safe, age-appropriate, compelling and creative content. We have acquired existing companies and have enhanced them as we've integrated them into our transmedia model. We have developed new successful and engaging educational and entertainment products and services to build a portfolio of opportunities for youths across North America to create, produce, explore and consume inspiring content and media. Subsequently, KTI offers unprecedented access for advertising clients and partnering companies through our unique platform to purvey their own age-appropriate messaging, goods and services.

Kairos Transmedia is the parent company to four premier educational and entertainment (edutainment) companies dedicated to the creativity of youth. Transmedia means telling a story or purveying a message (sometimes subtly or overtly) across multiple mediums. The companies are operated on a standalone basis but are also vertically integrated to serve each entity - customers, users, and content.

Spillwall.com will soon become the leading social network for youths across North America. It is a User Generated Content Platform that will house all content from each of our operating entities. Over the past 24 months, KTI committed itself to a significant software development effort building this unique platform. Led by media and internet safety experts, Spillwall.com is a safe place to create, share, collaborate and view content. Users can tell stories and share with friends. Built for young people age 8-18 with a focus on kids 8-14, the site combines capabilities of YouTube, Facebook and Skype, with added content creation tools all available at no charge. Kids love creating, competing in contests for, significant prizes and even scholarships, and creating their own projects -- which might catch the eye of talent searchers and casting directors!

The platform is a repository of all of the content from the Director's Cut (see below) that students, over 100,000 annually, have worked on and will be a mandated requirement for engaging in The Director's Cut curriculum in school districts across North America. To win prizes and scholarships kids must seek votes for their creations. The Huffington Post says the average social media user attracts 116 users/friends.

The Director's Cut (TDC) is a media literacy workshop program which is embedded in schools across North America (for now mostly Canada), engaging young people in Common Core Standards Curriculum and experiential learning. Essentially, we teach students how to make movies using the latest adopted educational standard which teaches the students media and computer literacy and simultaneously core subjects. The Director's Cut has used Common Core Approach for all of its seven years of existence which has now just been adopted as the standard in which 48 of the 50 states in the US instruct their students.  TDC has grown in popularity in recent years, blooming from 1 school and 6 kids to nearly 500 schools and over 100,000 kids each year. TDC has recently entered the US market, landing the LA School District (second largest in the nation with 670,000 students) and expects to see incredible growth in the next couple of years. Not only do the kids learn core subjects but universally the newly adopted standard of communicating via video is here and we must prepare kids and teach them this ability. There are 40 billion new videos posted on the internet each month and growing.

The Magazine is Canada's premier youth magazine, launched in 2000. The Magazine is published eight (8) times annually and is read by one million kids across Canada. The Magazine encourages positive lifestyles and decision making. It encourages youth to read, write and create. "The Mag" has an entertainment focus, drawing the kids in with the latest entertainment produced by global media behemoths while infusing editorials and advertorials with the positive lifestyle choices and responsible decisions. Crayola and The Magazine have joined forces with Target to introduce a new activity Magazine in 1775 Target stores across North America. A partial customer list of The Magazine includes: Disney, Sony, Warner Brothers, Crayola, Scholastic, Penguin, HarperCollins, Dreamworks, Pixar and Universal Studios. Most of the Magazine customers are now customers of The Director's Cut taking advantage of the direct in-school access that The Director's Cut enjoys (almost unheard of elsewhere, this is a competitive advantage).

The Magazine is presently developing an interactive e-magazine application as well.

Spillwall Productions is a web, television and film content production company based in Edmonton, Canada with significant relationships in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, and London. In late 2012 the company entered into an agreement where it has taken over the operating of the Film Alberta Studio for the next six years -- nearly 52,000 square feet, the studio boasts a 15,000 square foot sound stage and thirteen production offices, among other amenities. We are a valuable resource for not just creation and production, but also assist with financing and distribution by leveraging our industry contacts and Canadian subsidies which are up to 40% of typical production budgets. We leverage the subsidies and the studio to gain access to certain rights to content and often will share in equity of a project.

While the studio is capable for any professional production our primary focus is internet for the delivery of our content. We believe as the consumption habits continue to shift, especially among our demographic, that the growth in internet delivery of longer form content and content in general will be robust.

At Kairos Transmedia, we have built a varied and engaging portfolio of companies to help kids get inspired and engaged in the modern creative process. Spillwall Productions, The Director's Cut, and The Magazine have each experienced incredible growth, and we are thrilled to be bringing our wide audience an exciting new way to connect with other kids who love to create!

Across the three existing platforms, we have over 1,345,000 combined customers. Spillwall.com has been successfully tested for 10 million users, and is scalable to 100 million.


We haven't simply caught the attention of kids across Canada and the US -- major brands are taking notice, too. Industry giants continue to buy our new and developing products, including Crayola, Scholastic, Warner Brothers, Penguin, Harper Collins, Sony, Disney, and EOne.  Warner Brothers specifically has bought our new Transmedia services marketing as part of a marketing initiative with  their last seven kid centric productions.



Looking to the future, we anticipate reaching at least 400,000 users of Spillwall.com soon after launch. The Director's Cut will be making its debut in the Los Angeles Unified School District -- the 2nd largest in the U.S. -- and is expected to engage up to 200,000 new curriculum users in this market. Kairos Transmedia is also pursuing print opportunities in the U.S., through talks with potential partners Target and Crayola.

The entire team at KTI is dedicated to positively influencing and engaging 20 million kids daily with safe, edutainment inspiring content within the next three years.


Bill Stuart - CEO

Leader, visionary, master strategist  

Bill is a senior executive with extensive experience in the Internet, technology, and finance sectors. He has completed or overseen dozens of Merger and Acquisitions, and financings totaling over $450 million, and served as the CEO, President, and Board Member of both public and private companies. As a serial entrepreneur, Bill has been an owner/operator of startups, has acquired private companies, was Chairman of the Board of a Public Entity with several hundred employees, and is an experienced M&A executive.

Matt Flemming - CFO/Director

CFO/Director of KTI & CFO of each of Kairos' affiliates 

Matt has extensive experience in financial, strategic and operational business development. He has been CFO of a publicly-traded energy services company and has been involved with several startups in technology, Internet, energy, and medical. He also serves as CEO of Hii Technologies an oilfield services company. Matt has raised over $100 Million in capital from entities that he served at as CFO or CEO. Mr. Flemming is familiar with the business demands of hyper-growth and has led a specialty products company to $50 million in revenue with $15 million is EDITDA within its first six years from inception. Matt has executed several corporate strategic partnerships with larger industry-recognized firms while operating smaller emerging growth companies.

Laurence Stuart - COO

Coordinates among subsidiaries, runs operations of TDC and The Magazine 

Larry has extensive senior executive sales, marketing, management, and operations experience in technology, payment processing, consumer goods, online gaming and building materials industries. He has been directly responsible for multiple successful startups in addition to mature Fortune 500 organizations like Koppers, Brown Group, Procter & Gamble, and Owens Corning Fiberglas. Managing businesses & divisions with sales in excess of $75 million, his expertise has been focused in the development and implementation of numerous programs for sales training, customer service and back office facilitation.

Bryan Goldmintz - President, TDC Canada

Creative and Business Development Officer at TDC 

Bryan was the founder of The Directors Cut and has grown it over seven years to train more than 100,000 students per year. Bryan was a teacher by training and parlayed his love of filmmaking in to what is probably the largest common core/experiential learning entity in North America thus positioning TDC and our other entities to enjoy the tsunami of common core learning/experiential learning coming our way. During this time Bryan has written and continues to write thousands of hours of curriculum that is now very valuable IP.

Leigh Ann Clarke - GM/Sales, The Magazine

Heads sales and partnerships for The Magazine 

Leigh Ann Clarke is an accomplished Senior Sales Executive with over 23 years of experience and a proven track record of success in increasing market share, outperforming competition and maximizing profits. Leigh Ann has a solid understanding of sales techniques, strategies for building a strong client base, and systems which facilitate consistent follow-up and foster customer satisfaction. As General Sales Manager for The Magazine, she is able to grasp and convey highly technical product information in clear and confident terms targeted to the client’s level of understanding.

Sam Levine - Executive VP, Spillwall.com

New media expert with a track-record 

Sam spent 15 years as a media executive with the past five years immersed in first-to market new media companies focused on content creation, distribution, and monetization. Sam served as Vice-President and Head of West Coast Operations for HITVIEWS, the world’s first online marketplace to produce branded online video and social media campaigns with WebStars, the world’s most-watched online video creators, working with Fortune 100 brands and marketers. Launched in 2007, Hitviews created the current web-celeb and branding economy. Sam was integral to successful campaigns for FOX, CBS, MTV, ION, Microsoft, TiVo, Panasonic, Timberland and Sony Pictures, among others.

Todd Shotz - Executive VP, Spillwall Productions

Hollywood movie-maker 

Todd has spent the past decade acquiring rights, developing, creating and producing film, television, theatre and new media projects. Todd was Vice-President of film and TV development at Cheyenne Enterprises, actor Bruce Willis’ & producer Arnold Rifkin’s production company, where he worked on such films as HOSTAGE, JUST MY LUCK, LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD ,and TIMBER FALLS, as well as TV series TOUCHING EVIL. As a documentary producer, Todd oversaw production on WRESTLING WITH ANGELS about playwright/activist Tony Kushner that debuted at Sundance 2006 and premiered on PBS in December 2007 after a year-long theatrical release.

Brad Kayton - Corporate Development, Advisor

Strategy, partnerships, financing, Fundable.com prorgam, advisor to the CEO 

Brad is a serial entrepreneur turned parallel, and is involved in various angel capital groups and entrepreneurial venues. Brad has been a CEO four times, has been a start-up co-founder five times, has enjoyed three good exits with his collection of start-ups (one still in play, one didn't make it), and is heavily involved in the angel capital and entrepreneurial community. As an entrepreneur & serial co-founder, Brad introduced numerous break-throughs in new-media and entertainment. As a co-founder and VP of Marketing and Online services at 2Wire (company eventually exited for a total of $600M), he launched the world's first broadband entertainment portal, was involved in Blockbuster's (remember that video rental store at the height of its glory in the late 1990s?) first broadband entertainment initiatives, managed the Web's #1 bandwidth meter tool and broadband look-up service, and on-boarded SBC/AT&T into the broadband world, among others. At Prismiq, Brad launched the first and marketing leading (in its day) Digital Media Adapter (think new-comers Apple TV, Roku, etc.) which won consumer product of the year in 2003 from CNET, PC Magazine, CES/CEA, TechTV, among others. At 4Home, Brad introduced a platform combining digital entertainment media with home automation and control which is used today by Verizon for their home services, among others (company was acquired by Motorola/Google). Brad is a member of Launchpad Venture Group, the largest and most active Angel group in New England and always among the Top 3 in the nation year-to-year. Brad is also a member of the Investors Collaborative and FP Angels, and holds office hours providing pro-bono advising at Accelerators and in the Cambridge, MA entrepreneurial community. Brad is a board member of UBE, a company credited with a successful Fundable.com fundraising effort, as well as a successful Kickstarter campaign. Brad has two young children, the value-proposition of Kairos Transmedia resonates loudly for him.

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