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Cannabis has been experiencing exponential growth in sales.

We quickly learned that the industry lacked:

  • Promising systems that would allow the industry to keep up with its tremendous growth
  • And allow customers to meet the strict reporting requirements for the industry to survive


The problem is so dire that some have even attempted to develop their own systems, resulting in a patchwork of non-integrated systems.

Needless to say, that's not an effective way to run a business.

Worse yet, the systems developed for tracking cannabis management offer little to no integration with required government compliance reporting systems.


  • Point of Sale systems fail to deliver the promised accuracy, features and reliability
  • Dispensary solutions have failed to integrate as promised, causing a host of problems
  • Inaccurate and mismatched output are all too common

Kanha discovered there are no systems in place that:

Provide a holistic, well-rounded and integrated approach for a business to manage:

•  Sales
•  Customers
•  Vendors
•  Inventory
•  Purchasing
•  Manufacturing

Tracks and reports compliance, customer satisfaction, etc.

Integrates with the mandated state system to show compliance with the ever-growing and ever-changing laws and regulations that have been adopted to maintain the industry’s success

Kanha Technology Solutions is capable of solving all of these problems:

It also provides analytics for each of these phases to ensure that the manufacturing facility can better manage their:

Our biggest competitive advantage is our understanding of cannabis manufacturing.

We didn't come by this knowledge overnight -- we gathered it after spending countless hours working with small, medium and large cannabis manufacturers.

We wanted to thoroughly understand their problems and create software that runs their manufacturing business much more efficiently.

We worked closely with cannabis manufacturers to ensure the system provides exactly what they need.

Other systems have claimed to do the same, but they have failed to directly tie their solution

Other systems have also been designed with regulation first. They then attempted to create business requirements around the regulation platform.

This is problematic on a number of levels. Since the state has already designed a system for regulation, these solutions lead to duplicative processes that cause chaos and reduce productivity.

We, however, focused on the business needs first, with the intent to integrate as required.

In addition:

  • We designed a system specifically for fast processing speed
  • We also designed it for the business operation that encompasses the reporting processes
  • When our customers use the system to track business needs, the reporting requirements to the state are already incorporated into the Kanha CMS
  • This makes it easier for businesses to perform the required reporting directly from the Kanha CMS, completely reducing the duplication of staff hours to enter data into multiple systems

While demonstrating our solutions to prospective customers, Kanha observed the following reactions:

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