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It is no surprise that the advent of COVID-19 has changed the way America does business. It has even been the cause of a large percentage of American businesses having to declare bankruptcy and many shutting their doors for good.

When it comes to the auction business, we have identified two results of this pandemic which auctioneers must address to thrive in this new economy.

First, many auctioneers need help adapting to the fact that in-person auctions will likely be a thing of the past, even when we find a cure for the virus, it has changed how we live and do business.

But the situation also brings opportunity for auction houses, as many businesses must liquidate their assets.

Keekstr, in partnership with Baulto, is developing the most secure online platform specifically aimed at the auction industry. Whether you are an auctioneer who has lots of experience doing business online or this is your first time, we are here to help generate sales in new markets for the auction business.

Our 360-degree service makes it easy to get auctioneers online and also to help them find new business through our marketing services portal.

The in-person auction business has declined by 50% since March of this year, and that is a direct result of the damage COVID-19 has done to our economy.

That is why Keekstr is here: to get the auction business thriving again.

According to Barrons, In the first eight months of the year, the top auction houses sold $596.7 million globally through online-only sales, a 255% increase from total online sales of $168.2 million in 2019, according to recent research by ArtTactic, a London-based research and analysis firm. 

Most striking, the average price for digital sales soared 207% in this period to $23,612 from $8,157 in 2019, as auction houses increasingly began to test collector appetite for buying higher-priced fine art and collectibles online. 

So there is no question that online auctions sales will continue to rise while in-person auctions are likely to fall.

Once auctioneers see they can have success operating online, they will likely not feel the need to go back to in-person auctions.

Our target audience is auctioneers from several key industries.

While some auction houses had begun to move their businesses online, fewer have attempted to do so, and now must confront the reality that in-person auctions are becoming a thing of the past.

While conducting all sorts of businesses online has been an ongoing trend, the advent of COVID-19 has accelerated the need to do so, and many auction houses simply are not prepared for this new reality.

Keekstr solves these problems by allowing auctioneers and bidders to:

Keekstr will be rolled out in three phases:

  • The first, and most important phase, will be to bring auctioneers into the online environment, and to help those who already are online to do so more efficiently and more securely
  • Upon securing a robust customer base, Keekstr will continue on to phase II. Phase II will provide extended security features and other important marketing features, including live streaming
  • Phase III will then provide a robust suite of enhanced services ranging from additional security features to broadly available marketing services to enhanced payment platform options

Additionally, we will parallel process the ability to roll out the platform to be compatible with augmented and virtual reality devices


  • The auction business has lagged other businesses when it comes to adapting their businesses to the ongoing trend to conduct business online
  • Our service is hands-on, and is designed to hand-hold auctioneers who are unfamiliar with the activities of conducting business online and who also have concerns about safety and security while conducting business online
  • Our platform is customized to the needs of each client – some may need more technical help, others may need more marketing assistance, while still others may need a complete solution


  • The brick-and-mortar approach to business has been losing traction for decades, due to its inability to offer the efficiency and advantage of reaching larger audiences, while also suffering from increased overhead costs
  • The trend to move online has been growing rapidly over many years and auction houses are one of the few business to embrace this approach
    Online bidding sites like eBay and others have demonstrated the power of online auctions


George Pilibosian founded Keekstr to give auctioneers an innovative platform that will help them adapt to an online world and find more business opportunities.

Pilibosian has a 20-year career marketing financial services products, working for firms that include Putnam Investments, Fidelity Investments and NATIXIS Global Advisors.


Gabriel Harrison is the Founder/CEO of GEMMA. He has helped many small businesses and entrepreneurs bring initial MVP products to market.


Kirk has an extensive sales background, spanning over 25 years. having served as the sales manager for some of the largest investment firms in the country.


Andrew is the Founder/CEO of Lean Squad. He has served as a technology leader for many successful companies over the last 20 years.

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