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KiltronX: Fast Facts

KiltronX develops safe, sustainable poison-free, glyphosate free, pyrethrum free, paraquat free, insecticide products to combat infestation and deadly diseases transmitted by vector insects, including bed bugs, kissing bugs, ticks, fleas, mites, mosquitos and spiders.

We offer a wide selection of eco-friendly products that help prevent and eliminate infestation or the potentially deadly diseases from vector insects.

A Persistent Pest Problem

Pest control is a bigger problem than ever, with infestations becoming more difficult to control as pests are increasingly resistant to almost all traditional pesticides, including D.D.T.

A greater risk of infestation also leads to a greater risk of deadly diseases such as MRSA, Chagas, Zika and over 40 other pathogens, bacteria and viruses.

Today’s most common pesticide solutions unfortunately have active ingredients that are linked to all types of cancers, infertility, autism, and widespread risks to humans and environmental health. Not to mention, they are incredibly costly: two-thirds of Americans cannot afford the $500-$5000 for a pest control emergency.

In the face of increased costs, as well as pesticide lawsuits and consumer backlash, the market is in need of a safe, affordable, effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to poisons to eradicate pest problems.

Meet KiltronX.

All-Natural Insecticide

KiltronX develops proprietary, poison-free, sustainable, toxic free formulations and alternative techniques to treating bed bugs and other disease-causing (vector) pests that are safe, cheaper, more environmentally friendly and highly effective.

Our products use advanced chemistry and are rigorously tested to ensure that they are capable of completely eradicating pests while being safe for use around people and pets and meet all Federal & State labeling, formulations, and packaging requirements.

How It Works

Unlike our competitors, KiltronX’s proprietary synthesized microscopic botanical insecticide eradicates a variety of insects mechanically, resulting in no risk of resistant species.

We synthesize natural components into a compound that serrates the wax-like cuticle of an insect’s exoskeleton (KiltronX Cutelin Science) causing dehydration, killing it without the need for dangerous pesticides or poisons.

KiltronX has the longest residual presence (meaning less retreatment) of existing insecticide solutions thanks to our proprietary combination of ingredients that kill immediately and residually.  KiltronX is designed to repel and eradicate.

We have developed and sell both liquid and powder insecticide formulations in addition to proprietary anchoring technology which allows us to infuse our safe pesticides into our custom-made, non-woven fabrics.

Our Products

KiltronX has a versatile range of over 50 packaged products including direct chemicals, infused fabrics, pet products, laundry products and more. Delivering an integrated bed bug barrier system we call the “Wall”.

Chemical products:

  • Biodefender 5000 Decontaminant Sustainable Virus killer™ (Patented, EPA Reg)
  • KiltreX Bed Bug Powder™ (EPA EXEMPT)
  • Live-Free ‘Lightening” Dual –Kill Bed Bug Laundry Detergent Additive and Bed Bug 30 second contact Killer Spray™ (EPA EXEMPT)
  • LiveFree Bed bug Laundry Detergent™
  • KiltronX Killer Bed Bug Powder™  (EPA REG)

Infused proprietary fabrics: 

  • Bed Bug Furniture Cushion Liners™
  • Bed Bug Box Spring & Mattress Wraps™
  • Bed Bug Dryer Strips™
  • Live Free Universal KilTape™
  • Live-Free Bed bug 3piece Control Sets™
  • Live-Free Bed bug Travel  Kits™
  • All fabrics are cut and sewn and fulfilled in USA

Company Milestones

KiltronX’s insecticide technology is backed by over fifteen years of research and development and investments totaling approx. $5MM. 

Our ingredient formulations are all proprietary and processed with our own synthesized techniques. Every KiltronX formulation is either proprietary, patented or patent pending. 

Our products are EPA FIFRA 25(b) exempt, meaning they qualify as a minimum-risk pesticide according to the EPA. KiltronX holds this registration for our All-Natural Bed Bug Killer Formulation™ and Defender & Nonnas All-Natural Sterilizer/Bacteria Killer™.

KiltronX’s anchoring technology was developed in 2011 and includes proprietary anchoring equipment, textile designs, production techniques and custom-made fabrics. 

KiltronX Marine Environmental Engineering Division (MEED).  Focusing on serving the Cruise Line industry’s Marine and Hospitality need for Virus/Bacteria and Bed bug Control.  We sell protection and deliver peace of mind.

The KiltronX Team

Gabriel Kaszovitz (1930-2017), Founder (ARMY), Honorary Chairman of the Board | Gabriel was a partner at Feder Kaszovitz LLP. His major areas of practice were corporate, securities, commercial, and real estate.

Richard Taporic, President and Board (ARMY) | Queens College Graduate, reflects Founders ethical/moral qualities, and OTC-RYFC COO & CFO experience.

Zion Michtavy, Founder (NAVY), and Chairman of the Board | Zion brings forty-five years of business experience including private & international investment banking, consulting, real estate development, strategic planning and more.

Martin Silver, Founder (ARMY), Vice President and General Counsel | Martin brings forty-five years of business law experience.

George Manning, Founder (ARMY), Health Director and Consulting entomologist | George brings his 60 plus years of expertise as an entomologist and a team member for a pioneer in pest control.

Jeff Damon, (ARMY), Executive VP Operations | Decisive, goal-oriented Manager with over 15 years of experience in business development, finance, sales, operations, logistics, and special project management. Confident, enthusiastic self-starter with the ability to evaluate intricate details in solving complex problems. Manages projects, large staffs, and daily operations involving personnel and equipment resources. Utilize strong interpersonal skills to motivate staff in unified purpose of achieving success and overall productivity.

Anthony (Tony) C. Bongiovi, Board Member | Legendary Music Producer and owner of Power Station recording studio.

Heather Green, Secretary and Treasurer | 30 years business experience working with C-level executives (11 years at Fortune 500 company Assistant to CEO) exposed to top tier overseeing day-to-day operations of company.  

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