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Kind People Kimchi:

Kind People Kimchi is taking the ultimate staple of Korean cuisine and putting a spin on everyone’s favorite deliciously-fermented cabbage dish: kimchi! 

With ingredients like green tea powder, agave nectar, and the absurdly-healthy superfood spirulina, our kimchi delivers the best in freshness, flavor, and health. Our menu is 100% customizable with a variety of fruits, cut sizes, spiciness and sweetness levels, and premium options like lobster and oyster. We also cater to those with taste sensitivities and food allergies -- and even offer kosher and baby-friendly kimchi! 

Through the inclusion of Green Tea in our Kimchi, preservation has been increased to last longer than other companies.


There are few things as quintessential
to South Korean culture as kimchi. 

Eaten with nearly every meal, kimchi is an indispensable part of the country’s diet. And with 100s of different versions available and around 40 pounds consumed by the average citizen per year, it’s little wonder why kimchi has been hailed as the country’s national dish. 

For the rest of the world, kimchi has served as the perfect entry point into Korean cuisine, popping up in supermarkets and on restaurant menus around the globe. The culinary conquest has even firmly taken hold in America. 

However, many Westerners are still apprehensive about a few key aspects of the kimchi options that they’ve been exposed to in the US.


Life is all about choices.
And it’s been said that variety is the spice of life. 

At Kind People Kimchi, we know that not every person’s taste buds are created equal. Which is exactly why we give our customers complete freedom to customize their kimchi the way they see fit -- while also enhancing their health and dining experience.


The traditional handcrafted kimchi-making process begins and ends with quality ingredients handled with care. We remain faithful to that tradition to deliver what people love about kimchi while also priding ourselves on doing things a bit differently.


We were recently featured on BuzzFeed, who has an audience of 14 million+ subscribers, in their video “Americans Try Customizable Kimchi”.

We’ve completed 2 years of extensive R&D perfecting our ingredients and enhancing the 
flavor through comprehensive taste testing.

We’re testing new innovations for our kimchi products with the South Korea Affiliated Organization World Kimchi Research and Development Center.

We’ve identified key manufacturing and distribution channels.

We’ve secured strategic partnerships with:
Kind People Party, World Institute of Kimchi, Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles, Koreacreative Content Agency, Skid Row Running Club, International Kimchi Association and Kind People TV CH56.9

Our specialty ingredients and recipes are currently patent-pending
and awaiting approval.


The management team behind Kind People Kimchi are leaders in food, marketing and branding with experience leading creative projects for world-renowned brands like Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Korean Air and more. 

Sung Min Choi | CEO/Marketing & Sales|
Executive-lever leadership experience and expertise in brand marketing, digital marketing and commercial production. Roles include CEO at Kind People Party and US Marketing Director with Paldo America, servicing clients like Walmart and Safeway.

HaYoung Kim | CFO
HaYoung has over 17 years of executive experience.  His current position is CEO of IFN Partners Co. LTD.  HaYoung graduated from HongIK University with a B.S in Management and from Indiana State University with an MBA. 

Sholi Goodman | Director of Business Development
Sholi Goodman’s background in the food and beverage industry spans a history of uniquely diversified experiences and broad skill sets that have combined to create a specific niche that is unparalleled in the hospitality market. Sholi has worked at some of the most prestigious US restaurants (TAO, STK NY, STK LA), is CEO of a merchant processing company & COO of a talent event platform.

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