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knoblr: fast facts

knoblr is a software platform that enables and facilitates illustrated, interactive, and contextually connected communication for online meetings, emails, documents, and collaboration applications.

Our goal is to empower all knowledge workers in the industry and academia to engage in a continuous dialog with voice or video synchronized, described and explained chains of thought.

enormous problem
And no one has stepped up to solve it

The software and hardware product development life cycle requires many teams with specific skills to come together and do their part to build and then integrate these parts into a final product.

Communication within a team and between teams almost always requires explaining and illustrating ideas, concepts, structure, continuous manifestations of elements and their interfaces, etc.

Such communications happen via email, chat messages, documents, online meetings, etc. Teams spend most of their time utilizing all of these tools, which is where ambiguities, misinterpretation, and misunderstandings creep in. This source of frustration, anxiety, mistakes, and delays is a pain point shared by every knowledge worker, and this is a problem that needs to be solved.

Millions of online synchronous meetings happen every day. The same is the case with asynchronous communication via emails, chat messages, and such. Most of these communications are a continuation of some previous communication, synchronous or asynchronous. And yet all the communication solutions today treat the communication event as an isolated event.

For example, video conferencing solutions today have no way to refer to a section of a previous e-meeting or access any prior e-meeting to create the context for the current discussion. Most solutions provide a way to “record” a meeting as a video but identifying or referencing a section of the prior discussion in a current discussion is literally impossible.

a solution unlike any other

knoblr is on a mission to provide access to the communication, descriptions, explanations, illustrations, etc., exactly as they happened. We want to connect users to the context and reason for such communication, which has the power to mitigate all kinds of missteps and reduce many ambiguities, misinterpretations, and misunderstandings and that is what we intend to provide with our platform.

We have invented a technology that captures a chain of thought and the illustrations that describe it as “objects” that are synchronized with voice or video accompanying the description.

Our object-based video technology addresses each of the above shortcomings to provide clarity, transparency, and context in both synchronous and asynchronous communications. Our solution also provides a mechanism to visually describe the connectivity between such chains of thought that get communicated over a period of time. The entire dialog is available for review this way.

What we know as a video today captures “images” that are synchronized with the voice stream at a certain frame rate. These “groups of pictures” are not only very heavy, but they also do not provide the ability to recognize and refer to elements that make up these images (moving pictures).

On the other hand, an object-based video captures elements of the illustrations as objects and then synchronizes them with the presenter’s voice or video. These objects take an order of magnitude less memory to render and are much easier to recognize.

The object-based video of the presenter, therefore, enables us to perform the following actions that are simply not possible with the standard image-based video:

For example:

  • Color or stroke attributes of hand-drawn illustrations, figures or Geometries
  • Annotations or references on images, documents
  • Playing videos that were included in the communication
  • Interacting with Internet links that were included in the communication, etc.
  • Referencing other similar communication documents for reference (e.g., videos inside other videos) 

Such a mechanism also enables consumers to simply point and click on any part of the communication to review from that point in time. Imagine looking at a whiteboard in a meeting room that contains the description of some subject matter and then (after the meeting) having the ability to point to a part of the description and ask the whiteboard to playback “What was said and described there.”

traction & accomplishments 

The Knoblr application for Instructors and Students is being used by over 200 institutions and more than 35,000 users.

Our goal is to use the same freemium model as Slack. We want to get as many users as possible and meet a threshold to charge $5 per month.

We believe we can perform better than our competitors and scale quickly by offering features that no one else has -- features that consumers desperately want (or would want if they knew what was possible).

And with partnerships across Google Drive, Zoom and Webex, we are well on our way to achieving our goals.

meet the team

Dinesh Mehta | CEO

  • Co-founded Catura Systems, a company funded by Draper Fisher Jurvetson and whose interactive online education system ( levels the playing field for millions of students studying for engineering and medical entrance exams in India
  • Prior to Catura, Dinesh was the founder and President of SunUp Digital Systems (acquired Motorola Mobility), a company funded by Sony Electronics and whose multi-channel video and data control solution is deployed at most of the leading satellite and cable systems providers around the world 

Andrew Ko | Senior Advisor

  • A former senior executive at Amazon and Microsoft, entrepreneurial technology business leader with a record of sales and marketing cloud technology, software, mobile devices and consulting services for revenue, growth and profitability
  • Enjoys developing market shaping initiatives and high profiled partnerships scaling the business

Amit Agnihotri | VP of Engineering

  • Former AVP Engineering at Tapzo, a company funded by Sequoia Capital
  • Prior to Tapzo, Agnihotri held various Engineering executive positions at Sapient corporation and Catura Systems
  • 13+ years of end-to-end full stack engineering management experience in building high performance and availability web and native mobility applications 

Harsh R. | VP Business Development

  • An engineering graduate with an MBA and 16+ years of experience managing and developing businesses
  • An effective mix of IQ and EQ has given him expertise at handling and building teams and motivating them to achieve organizational goals and good exposure of IT 

Vidit Paranjpe | Leads Design, UI/UX and Front-End Development

  • Extensive experience in designing and implementing user interactions in enterprise systems and applications
  • Strong attention to detail and pixel-perfect implementation of designs are reflected clearly in all his work 

Manish Soni | Leads Android and Backend Application Development

  • His mobility software engineering experience and meticulous attention to detail, along with his fundamental and core knowledge of UI, Test Suites, Animations and interface methodologies with server-side communication and third-party APIs gives him the edge to excel at his work 

Vijay Gaur | Finance Controller

  • 15+ years of industry experience including general accounting functions, organizational management, and business analysis
  • Superior financial analysis skills to identify problem areas and develop effective solutions that bring beneficial bottom-line results 

Komal Kumar Verma | Leads iOS Application Development

  • Komal’s mobility software engineering experience spans a decade with deep development background in UI, UX, Objective-C, Swift, and interface methodologies with server-side communication and third-party API integration 

Vivek Tiwari | Manager – Business Development

  • 8+ years of experience in Business Development and managing Key Accounts, particularly in Education Technology verticals
  • Results-driven strategist with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Technology Enabled Learning Content Development 

Rahul Rawat | Front End Developer

  • Takes care of complete web front end, having more than 5 years of experience in high impact web and mobile solutions for diverse industry organizations
  • Skilled in designing and developing the mobile friendly web applications and interfaces, incorporating a range of technologies

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