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The Elevator Pitch - Going Up

KnowledgeStar makes machines ‘smart’ enough to provide just-in-time information to employees about how to operate, maintain and ensure compliance.  The result is improved safety, more efficient manufacturing processes and higher profit margins.

KnowledgeStar Offers First-Mover Advantage

KnowledgeStar is a U.S. patent-pending, ready-to-go-to-market solution that links the following three technologies to provide job-specific, on-site support:

  1. Proximity beacons placed on machinery or equipment
  2. Content stored in the cloud
  3. Employees' mobile phones or other mobile devices

Most industrial and manfuacturing employee errors occur because workers don't have a quick, convenient way to get the information they need to do the job correctly and safely -- at the exact time and place they need it.

When employees make fewer errors, the bottom-line benefits are huge. They include:

  • Increased ROI for machine manufacturers
  • Lower TCO for machine customers
  • Less waste
  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer injuries, accidents, workers comp claims
  • Better compliance

KnowledgeStar offers investors these critical benefits:

  • The KnowledgeStar intellectual property (code for the app) is solely owned by KnowledgeStar, Inc. a "C" corporation registered in Delaware.
  • A U.S. patent applicaton has been submitted and is pending.
  • KnowledgeStar is an existing and viable. It was publicly demo'd over a year ago at DemoFest 2014 in San Diego, where it won in direct competition against industry leaders including Qualcomm (Gimbal), Adobe and On-Point Digital.
  • The KnowledgeStar™ name has been trademarked along with Internet of Smart Things™ and KnowledgeStar Compliant™.
  • KnowledgeStar offers first-moved advantage for beacon-driven training in industrial markets. Currently, beacon technology is almost exclusively used by retail businesses  and museum / exhibitions.

Data Analytics for Learning and Performance

Because the technlogy employed gathers realtime data, KnowledgeStar will also function like a dashboard of analytics. For e4xample, managers can see the following: 

  • Relationships: How well training materials impacted on performance
  • Time for training: Average time spent in the app
  • User usage: Who uses it the most, the least
  • Usage patterns: Time of day, day of week, etc
  • Per beacon stats: How frequently was it access, by whom, etc.
  • Checklists and assigned tasks completed: When maintenance work was done or compliance records completed and what issues were encountered
  • Training types most used: Was the text, graphics or videos used and which seemed to be the most effective

Mobile devices are very powerful in terms of the types of information they can gather. Up until this point, managers could not determine the relationship between the cost of training and the related degree of change in performance. KowledgeStar provides a clear line between the two points.

How KnowledgeStar Works

KnowledgeStar technology automatically and invisibly connects three elements:

  1. Content residing on a server - KnowledgeStar pulls existing content the company already has from a server or the cloud. This could be instructions, a schematic or diagram, maps, videoclip, a checklist or regulations from OSHA and any other regulatory body. KnowledgeStar leverages and optimizes the content so it's easy to locate, read and use on any mobile, internet-connected device.
  2. Beacons - When employees who have KnowledgeStar installed on their mobile devices comes within a specified distance of a machine or piece of equipment with a KnowledgeStar beacon, the content that is relevant automatically downloads to the mobile device, and employees receive an alert. Each beacon transmits a unique coded signal, and can be placed on any piece of equipment or machine. Each beacon is coded by KnowledgeStar and KnowledgeStar is compatible with any brand of beacon.
  3. Mobile Devices - KnowledgeStar works on any internet-enabled mobile device (phone, pad, tablet or watch) that can receive the beacon signal, and then connect to the server or cloud. Our proprietary KnowledgeStar app reads the signal, and then pulls the appropriate information onto the mobile device. The mobile device can then return information to the server or cloud when needed -- such as a photograph of the job or completed checklist of the work to show evidence of compliance.

View the KnowledgeStar Interface

This will illustrate the basic features and functions of the KnowledgeStar, as it appears on a user's mobile device. The number of screens, content and graphics can all be customized to meet the customer's needs.


#1: Login Screen


#2: Home Page


                                                       #3: NotificationsContent 

This shows all key, relevant information the employer wants the employee to be able to access quickly when he or she nears the specific machinery, equipment or site.



   #4: Content selected by employee         


#5:  Statistics screen


#6: Profile Settings

Bottom-Line Benefits of KnowledgeStar

The bottom-line benefits of KnowledgeStar are huge -- both for corporations who want their employees to have KnowledgeStar as on-the-job support, and for manufacturers who want to offer customers the distinct advantages of KnowledgeStar-Compliant machinery or equipment.

KnowledgeStar offers bottom-line benefits in 3 key areas

Training - KnowledgeStar reinforces employee training on-the-job, which research shows causes retention levels to increase by approximately 60% when training is reinforced at intervals.

Equipment - KnowledgeStar improves productivity and reduces errors, which reduces downtime due to malfunction, breakage and repair; supports scheduled inspections and maintenance; extends the useful oife of machinery and equipment

Human resources - KnowledgeStar increases employee productivity and safety  by providing the on-site, on-time support employees need to complete tasks properly the first time

Key Benefits for Corporate Users

With KnowledgeStar on-site, corporations can realize enormous savings from:

  • Reduced training time and costs
  • Improved employee performance and increased productivity
  • Improved maintenance
  • Less equipment or machinery breakage, failure and resulting downtime
  • Fewer on-the-job injuries, accidents, workers comp claims and associated costs
  • Less waste of materials and goods
  • Improved compliance; faster and easier reporting
  • Clearer communications to multi-national workforces or employees with low reading comprehension
  • The ability to collect numerous types of performance data for future analysis 

Key Benefits for Manufacturers

Adding KnowledgeStar offers significant long-term, brand-building benefits to companies that manufacture or lease equipment.  KnowledgeStar does the following:

  • Strengthens reputation as a trusted partner offering innovations that add real value
  • Enhances products' reputation for ease-of-use, reliability and safety by reducing malfunction, accidents, materials waste and associated downtime
  • Helps  customers achieve a higher level of compliance with OSHA and other regulatory agencies
  • Saves money by shortening the learning curve, thereby reducing the number of customer service calls and repairs under warranty

5 More Compelling Reasons to Invest

1: Employers know they need to improve on-the-job perfromance            

This year alone, U.S. corporations will spend more than $70 billion to train their employees -- but they won't get much for their money, as the chart below shows.

KnowledgeStar is "the missing link" that helps convert training into increased on-the-job productivity and safety and compliance.  It also provides "big data" that you can use to help you track employee performance and analyze it.








2: Beacon technology is exploding                                                                    Beacons and IoT are not the "new wave" of technology; they are a tsunami that is going to utterly transform business throughout the world. KnowledgeStar is perfectly positioned to ride it all the way to the bank.

  •  In 2014, there were approximately 260 million iOS smartphones and 310 million Android phones in use around the world capable of scanning for nearby beacons. BI Intelligence estimates that by the end of 2015 that number will have surpassed a billion.
  • Critical mass is clearly coming now that Google has poured gasoline on the beacone fire with the introducton of its Eddystone beacon, designed to compete with Apple's iBeacon.
  • Currently, Beacon technology is employed by retailers and museums. New uses are on the horizon (this article from Feb. 2015 dreamed up more than 100 ways to use beacons.)

  • KnowledgeStar is the only company that has thought of using beacons to provide workers with the information they need to use to maintain machinery and equipment correctly, efficiently and safely.


3: Corporations need to find ways to train employees who can barely read  In it's last major study of literacy, the U.S. Dept of Education reported that more than 50% of surveyed manufacturing companies indicated that more than half of their front line workers have serious literacy problems. The American educational system is not successfully addressing this issue.

Obviously, real-life, on-the-job implications of this are extremely serious.

With KnowledgeStar, companies can support employees on-site with visual aids, videoclips, charts, schematics, maps and content in any language.

4: Corporations need to train workers from all over the world
Most companies now have employees who for whom English is not their native language or for whom it was not the primary language spoken at home. This add another layer to the challenges of training and communicating effectively with employees. 

KnowledgeStar makes it easy to provide employees with photos, video, charts, diagrams, maps, schematics, checklists. This additional on-the-job support is highly effective in helping employees "get it right the first time." 

Even better, KnowledgeStar can offer this support in any language.

5: KnowledgeStar is an "Internet of Things" play.

KnowledgeStar makes machinery and computers "smart."     The chart below illustrates research by Gartner predicting that the number of "smart connected things" will grow from 4.88 billion in 2015 to 25.01 billion in -- 5 years.

KnowledgeStar makes equipment, machinery  -- even a site like a communications tower -- "smart" by connecting beacons, mobile devices and stored content. 

A global & cross-industry opportunity

KnowledgeStar can be used anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available. This means industries and workforces across the globe can benefit from on-site on-the-job employee support.

Here are just a few of the market segments that can benefit enormously from KnowledgeStar:

  • Aerospace
  • Auto manufacturing
  • Biotech
  • Construction
  • Food processing
  • Heavy/industrial equipment manufacturing
  • Military
  • Minerals extraction (mining)
  • Oil and gas exploration & refining
  • Pharmaceuticals

Marketing Strategy

A manufacturer that offers it customers KnowledgeStar will gain a significant competitive advantage.

The KnowledgeStar Compliant™ Program

KnowledgeStar's go-to-market strategy will:

  • Introduce and promote the benefits of selling and purchasing KnowledgeStar Compliant smart machines
  • Explain to end-users the safety and savings benefits of purchasing or leasing KnowledgeStar Compliant equipment to customers
  • Provide guidelines for manufacturers who participate in the KnowledgeStar Compliant smart machine program
  • Brand all machinery and equipment that is equipped to use KnowledgeStar with a prominent sticker (similar to the "Intel Inside" sticker) that declares it to be "KnowledgeStar-Compliant"

Traction & Accomplishments

"BEST OF SHOW" at mLearnCon DemoFest 2014 (San Diego)             KnowledgeStar beat out entries from industry giants, including Qualcomm, Adobe, Gimbal, and On-Point Digital.

U.S. Patent Pending


David Grebow - CEO

23 years executive-level experience introducing educational technology to corporations 

I am a passionate believer in using technology to help people do what training fails to do. Amazed that companies are still using the same approach to helping workers perform their jobs that they used over 100 years ago with the same lack of results. We have spent untold dollars and time disabling the learning process in companies around the world. And we blame the learners. Time for a change.

George Sidman - Advisor

George Sidman is a serial entrepreneur with a 30-year track record in launching and growing successful software and Internet companies. 

He has prior successful experience as the founder and/or mentor of seven technology start-ups in a variety of fields. He is experienced in private and public offerings, and leading high technology development teams and product-to-market software successes. He served as an advisor to the congressional sub-committee for the development of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. He has held the Chair position of the Technology Counsel of the Silicon Valley World Internet Center and is on the Advisory Board of the Marina Technology Cluster.

Stephen J. Gill - Advisor

Co-Owner,, consultants committed to helping organizations create & sustain a learning culture 

Co-owner of Learning to be Great, LLC and consultant, with a background in psychology, learning, and adult development. Contact me for assessing your culture, measuring and increasing impact of your training and learning programs. Let me help you make a difference in your organization. Worked for over 30 years as a consultant to business, nonprofit, and government organizations, helping them learn by evaluating their programs, services, and processes and then using that information for strategic planning and continuous improvement. Help organizations develop cultures that support learning and change. Co-authored, The Learning Alliance: Systems Thinking in Human Resource Development (1994); authored, The Manager's Pocket Guide to Organizational Learning (2000); authored, Developing a Learning Culture in Nonprofit Organizations (2010); and co-authored, Getting More from Your Investment in Training: The 5As Framework. Write the blog

Rick Thau - Advisor

Rick Thau is a consultant/mentor/advisor, and investor in early stage information technology companies. He is currently (since 1999) Managing Director of The Thaught Process; a consulting firm providing “C” level executive support and coaching for early stage companies. 

From 1990 to 1999, Mr. Thau was CEO and a founder of FullTime Software (formerly Qualix Group, Nasdaq: FTSW) the market-leading provider of Reliability and Availability software. Previously, he was CEO of Micro-MRP (the leader in Manufacturing Planning Software), and held VP, Divisional President, and General Management positions in computer graphics, information appliance, and information services businesses.

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