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Kwivik Therapeutics:
Fast Facts

Kwivik is a medtech leader that develops products that allow family, co-workers or bystanders to safely and easily aid the rescue of anyone in a medical or respiratory emergency with little to no training.

We have developed a method to create medical oxygen from two inert powders to generate oxygen on demand without compressed tanks, regulators, dials, valves, or intensive training to use.

The Oxygen Problem

What is the single most important thing you need in any medical emergency? As any paramedic will tell you, it’s emergency oxygen! If the mass public didn’t know this before, COVID-19 has jammed this into our collective global consciousness.

However, oxygen today comes in bulky, flammable and possibly explosive compressed tanks that require serious training to operate. This kind of technology is unfortunately unavailable to the public for use in a medical emergency.

As of now, there is no safe and easy way to deploy emergency oxygen where and when it is needed most – right at the time and place the emergency happens – at home, school, work, on trains, planes, golf courses and virtually anywhere in the community.

Now that we know how important it is to have oxygen on-hand in the event of a medical emergency, it’s time for the technology to catch up.

Enter: Kwivik Therapeutics.

Expanding Access

Kwivik has perfected a way to create medical oxygen from two dry, inert powders. Because it can be stored safely and thus used anywhere, our technology is revolutionizing public medical safety by granting broader access to this life-saving emergency aid.

The powders used in our proprietary processes remain inert while they are hermetically separated from each other. At a touch of button, these powders combine to form medical grade oxygen instantly. This innovative "oxygen from powder" technology eliminates the need for pressurized oxygen storage.

With this technology, oxygen is generated on demand. Since there are no compressed tanks, there are no regulators, dials, valves, or training required to use. Our technology eliminates the dangerous aspects of traditional oxygen to allow more people to save more lives.

Kwivik’s products allow anyone, with little to no training, to save lives, improve medical outcomes and help people in any medical emergency, all before paramedics arrive on the scene.

Our Products

O2fast | A lightweight, portable emergency oxygen device that works with a turn of a knob. It will provide 6 liters per minute of medical oxygen for up to 20 minutes, long enough until the paramedics arrive on the scene. O2Fast is the perfect companion product to the AED.

InRespi | InRespi brings the standard of care for an asthma attack to the places where they happen the most: at home, school or the workplace. InRespi is simple and safe for asthma patients to use whenever they need it in their daily lives.

O2 Ventilate | Most of us remember the worldwide shortage of ventilators at the start of COVID-19. O2 Ventilate is a simple, manually operated ventilator that is portable, affordable, and safe, and requires minimal training to use.

Valinin | Cluster headache and Migraine sufferers can now get relief with this high-flow oxygen taken at or before the onset of a migraine. Oxygen as a vasodilator will ameliorate the episode if treated early, especially at high flow rates.

Groundbreaking Accomplishments

Kwivik has reached the commercial stage of development with our O2Fast, InRespi and O2Ventilate products.  We additionally have 6 issued patents and several more in provisional, pending or other stages of execution.

We have conducted a highly successful pilot in schools and school districts in 40 states. Acceptance was excellent, and reorder rates on refill cartridges increased over time, up to50% at the end of the pilot.

The pilot also included commercial customers, both US and Rest of World. Acceptance within government markets was excellent, including police and sheriffs’ departments. Finally, the AED companion market was well validated through AED distributors.

We rely on outsourced partners for the manufacturing of our products including, but not limited to, EirMed and Prosource Industries.

Meet The Team

Julian Ross, GROUP CHAIRMAN AND CEO | Mr. Ross has led and closed all financing and acquisitions by Kwivik Therapeutics Inc. He has invested over $7 million of over $50 million total in the company. Mr. Ross brings 30+ years of experience in biotech/medtech, high tech, R&D, manufacturing, sales and corporate finance.

Robert Fox, CHAIRMAN, AUDIT COMMITTEE | Robert brings 38+ years of experience in accelerating growth, creative problem solving, operations management, accounting, audit and finance. He spent 32 years at a Fortune 200 company, mastering roles including Chief Accounting Officer, Division CFO Manufacturing and Senior Manager Global Development.

Rohan Hoare, CHAIRMAN, NOMINATING COMMITTEE | Dr. Hoare is a proven leader with demonstrated success in the medical device industry. He is skilled in Market Development, Commercialization, Strategy, Product Development, Clinical Research, Quality and Manufacturing.

Luis M. Salmun, CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER | Dr. Salmun has over three decades experience in medicine and medical affairs, research, clinical, healthcare insurance and regulatory registration and approvals; with specialties that include Immunology and Allergy, Asthma, COPD, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes and Pediatrics.

Jeff Robertson, INTERIM CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER​ | Jeff is a proven senior financial professional with demonstrated capabilities in preparing companies for strategic transactions and improving under-performing functions.

Ronald Redmer, CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER | Ronald is a strategic and results-driven business and technology executive with a proven track record of over three decades of leadership in global IT operations, technology startups, major organizational transformations, acquisitions and divestitures and large-scale solution delivery.

John C. Tepper, VP, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT & REGULATORY | John as over four decades experience in product development, operations, regulatory affairs and quality control.

Ed Huntsberry, VP, HUMAN RESOURCES AND CUSTOMER RELATIONS | Ed has more than a decade experience in medical devices, emergency medical technologies and oxygen, and over four decades senior management experience in sales, retail, operations and customer service.

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