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Healthcare is often one-sided -- it may not be intentional, but it's frequently based on patterns or male-oriented symptoms.

This has created an enormous gap for women, who have endured insufficient and impersonal care. The bias in assessments and lackluster soft skills training has compounded this problem.

For the millions of women make up this multi-billion-dollar industry, this is a huge problem.

Learnroll Immerse solves these problems by targeting the root cause: education.

We have built a framework of technology from the ground up to empower healthcare solutions using XR (extended reality) and AI (artificial intelligence). These technologies allow us to:

Learnroll's personalized and curated education platform considers both hard and soft skills, as well as and personalization based on the diverse needs of women. To ensure frontline workers can provide the best care possible, our training covers many areas, including:

VR Medi Video 1 from Learnroll LLC on Vimeo.


Awards and Positive Feedback
Learnroll has been piloted with a pre-market audience.  We have received positive testimonials and feedback based on the efficacy of the program in health by use of educators as well as more than 100+ high school/college-level GenZ students training in anatomy/health courses.

“This was an amazing experience. You learned a lot, from looking at the heart, it was fun and not boring”

Learnroll has received 3 awards till date for its innovative solutions and products and was the semifinalist in Global Education Startup Awards(GESA) from US and Canada region in 2021.

Incredible Partners

Sustainable Practices
Our practices are lean and sustainable in both technology choices and in organizational practices. We align with UN SDG and NetZero goals & measure our carbon footprint every year as a member of SME Climate Hub, an UN SDG official partner. Learnroll is in US where its registered office is operated from a solar-powered home basement office.

Revenue Generation
Our initial product on the Oculus Go generated revenue of approximately $100,000.

Sushmita Chatterjee

  • 30 years of industry experience in niche technology enabled organizations as an enterprise and solution architect, product/program manager for IT software and engineering in healthcare/insurance, data privacy and securities
  • Has worked with CXO/ CIO/CTO groups in Fortune 500 companies in enterprise cloud security/privacy and using AI/ML-based analytics solutions

Mike Thompson

  • Industry veteran with experience in creative UI/UX design, VR/AR (Unity 3D) and 3D Concept Artist/Graphics with multiple NJ/NY-based gaming studios
  • Expertise ranging from games to enterprise military applications
  • Lead developer to one of the first VR application – Classimmerse for the Oculus GO, which has been piloted with school, educators and physicians

Dr. Linda Cimino, EdD, M.S., RN, CPNP-PC, ANP, CCRC, CHSE

  • Innovative adopter (> 20 years) of multiple simulation formats to accommodate learning styles
  • Credentialed/licensed as Doctor of Education, Adult Nurse Practitioner and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Certified Clinical Research Coordinator and Simulation Educator with peer reviewed publications

Kevin Kyle

  • Game Developer with 10+ years extensive enterprise in healthcare gamified applications.
  • Unity 3D and Android Development expertise, Oculus Quest Developer.
  • Worked on creating UX/UI component-based architecture model and coded Classimmerse cardiovascular anatomy module for Oculus Quest.

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