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LED Technologies is an OTC medical device company partnered with fashion & beauty icon Kathy Ireland in creating “reVive Light Therapy." Our FDA-cleared devices are based on NASA Scientific Research and deliver exceptional healing, regenerative and rejuvenating results naturally without chemicals, prescriptions or side effects.

Product Benefits and Demand

LED’s FDA approved beauty products deliver powerful natural benefits to the consumer.

  • Anti-Aging - Clinically proven to reduce, reverse and postpone fine lines & wrinkles by stimulating the natural cellular reproduction of Collagen and Elastin.
  • Improves Effectiveness of Skin Creams - Light therapy is medically proven to enhance the overall effectiveness of skin care topicals by up to 12x.
  • Kills Acne Bacteria - Clinically proven to target and kill Bacteria residing within the skin which cause Acne and other skin ailments.
  • High Demand - reVive Light Therapy is in high demand as evidenced by our Best Seller rating on QVC and consistent sellouts.
  • High Future Demand - New product launches in Q2 2014 are adding additional pressure for supply by key retailers like Walgreens, Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s and Nordstrom’s.

LED’s FDA approved pain relief and enhanced healing products are proven to support the general relief of chronic pain symptoms and enhance the body’s natural healing process.

  • Injury Recovery - Medically proven to increase the body’s natural healing process by 36%. Perfect for the natural treatment of Sprains, Strains, Cuts, Bruises, Sun Burn, Burns and more.
  • Chronic Pain Relief - Clinically tested to provide daily relief from chronic pain symptoms caused by Arthritis, Tendonitis,Bursitis, Fibromialgia, Plantar Fasciitis and more.
  • Growing Market Place – The aging population with an active lifestyle has discovered this incredible science and is producing significant demand for our proven products.
  • Growing Distribution - We have ongoing and expanding orders from QVC, Hammacher Schlemmer, Harringtons, Gaiam, Professional Spas, Medical Distributors and more.
  • High Future Demand - New product launches in Q4 2014 will bring our products into the sporting goods and athletic retail environment.

Why we are raising capital....

The company is seeking additional funds to supply the current and future consumer demands for its products:

LED Technologies challenge is to supply a rapidly accelerating demand by consumers for it products. Recent FDA approval of our products for sale OTC and direct to the consumer has increased the overall awareness of the incredible natural and economic benefits of our products. Resale outlets are aggressively moving to capture this growing demand for these products exponentially increasing sales and distribution.

LED is in an ideal position to capture this growth with a complete line of products designed to fit every retail demographic. Due to the incredible and growing demand by both, health and beauty consumers, major retailers are placing larger and more consistent orders. As the products reach more stores, demand growth becomes accelerated.

Already profitable and experiencing 400% year over year makes LED Technologies the perfect target investment.

Medically Proven - Independent studies by the American Medical Association, London School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, Associations of Chiropractors and many more continue to prove the therapeutic and regenerative benefits of Light Therapy.

Economical - Historically only available through a practicing physician, this incredible treatment can be purchased and used in the comfort of your home whenever you want, at the cost of a single physician's visit. 

Products for Everyone - LED Technologies features the most complete line of Light Therapy products on the market place. Every product incorporates our exclusive dpl® Technology which enables our light to penetrate deeper into body tissue creating an enhanced cellular response. Products range from simple entry level handheld devices to our professional-grade full-face panel systems. Our modalities serve pain relief, healing & skin recovery, acne treatment and the reversal or prevention of aging skin.

LED Technologies products are targeted towards the sectors with the highest level of discretionary income, the Healthy and Beauty segment. This segment continues to expand in size and discretionary income with the aging population phenomenon.

With our active lifestyle and aging population, chronic pain from injuries, arthritis, tendonitis and other ailments is on the rise. Pain relief is one of the most emotional spending areas, as people that suffer from chronic pain are willing to invest in just about anything that will provide daily relief.

LED Technologies has sold well over 200,000 units to satisfied consumers and is adding thousands more every month. LED products can be purchased through the following major retailers:

LED is currently in talks with the following clients:

Lloyd Nelson, CEO and Company Director
Seasoned entrepreneur with history of developing and selling companies. 25+ years executive experience with Corporate 50 and private companies.


Ron Ferguson, COO
Founder of LED Technologies
35+ year veteran in Sales and Marketing with both corporate and private companies.



Diane Hillman, Controller & Financial Officer
15+ year financial veteran with private and public companies. Bachelor's in Accounting, Master's in Finance, and completing CPA certification in 2014.




Kathy Ireland, CEO & Creative Director of
kathy ireland Worldwide

Trusted advisor, ambassador and minority owner of LED Technologies


Lisa Maria Adams, Founder & Creative Director of
The Beauty Matchmakers 

30+ year beauty veteran supporting LED Technologies with retail relationships, product development and marketing strategies. 


Alisa Marie Beyers, Founder & Creative Director of  The Beauty Company
Premier branding and strategy company within the beauty sector. Supports LED Technologies with product branding, positioning and messaging. 


McCoy Moretz MD, President and Founder of F.A.C.E. Cosmetic Surgery Centers
Renowned Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon serving as LED Technologies' medical ambassador and medical board member.


Bob Goehrke, President and Founder of
International Products Group 

35+ year beauty veteran who operates a premier formulation company serving key beauty companies. IPG supports LED Technologies with topical formulation and creation.


LED Technologies generated $2.7M in revenue in 2013 and already as over $1.4M in sales and purchase orders through March 2014. Already profitable and experiencing "hockey stick" growth, the company is raising capital to satisfy product demand and continued innovation.

This opportunity has already gone through over 150 hours of professional compliance, due diligence and discovery in addition to being pre-approved for Self-Directed IRA and Roth Investment. To view more, please request access to our business plan section.

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