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Legacy Partners 5280 is a venture fund that acquires or invests in economically viable businesses in the cannabis and hemp industry. Our concentration is in the biotechnology, real estate, and technology sectors of the legal cannabis space. The concentration of these sectors span across innovative and disruptive products, services, and biotech solutions.


Committed to various sectors (real estate, tech and biotech) that produce the most innovative & disruptive products & services in the cannabis & hemp industry

Fastest growing industry in the United States -- $30 billion by 2020

Invests in minority-owned businesses

Leadership with 75+ years of combined experience and expertise


Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado in 2014, over 29 other states have legalized cannabis for recreational use, medical use, or both. Once a drug with a bad reputation and dogged by dozens of misconceptions, marijuana has become the medicine of the future.

Over the last several years, cannabis has been proven effective in treating a variety of ailments and illnesses, including chronic pain, epilepsy, and even cancer. In fact, it has even been shown to save lives. In states that permit the use of medical marijuana, there are 25% fewer opioid-related deaths — that equates to over 8,300 lives saved.

Now that new research is available, biotechnology companies are using their expertise to create new cannabis-based medications. Currently, the focus is on THC and CBD, but there are over 90 additional cannabinoids that have various benefits that have yet to be properly researched.


As more states and more states legislation to legalize cannabis, the need for biotechnology, real estate, and technology to make the cultivation and sale of cannabis more efficient will increase.

That means, the demand for companies who provide these products and services will increase as well. 

As more states and more states legislate to legalize cannabis, the need for biotechnology, real estate, and technology to make the cultivation, sale, and research of cannabis more efficient grows with it. 

That means the demand for companies who provide these products and services will increase as well. But who is ready to invest in a brighter, greener future for the United States?

Legacy Partners 5280 is.


At Legacy Partners 5820 — a Delaware limited partnership managed by C.E. Hutton, LLC, a limited liability company located in Denver, Colorado —  our mission is to invest in and acquire startups and established businesses in the cannabis and hemp industry.

Our ultimate goal is to develop into a large-scale fund that invests in economically viable businesses that will provide dividend income, capital appreciation, and interest income to our investors. 


Legacy Partners 5280 invests capital into the company’s portfolio holdings in three targeted areas: biotechnology, real estate, and technology. These established sectors are transforming the cannabis landscape through the most innovative and disruptive products and services, thus creating a profitable investment opportunity unseen elsewhere in the industry.

One of the most capitalized subsectors in the market, biotech focuses on research, development, and commercialization of cannabinoid prescription medicines. These consist of both plant-derived cannabinoids and synthetic ones. As more and more legislation is passed to legalize cannabis across the country, a copious amount of research data on the medicinal benefits of cannabis is being discovered. We want to help share those discoveries with the world.

Real Estate
Across the cannabis real estate industry, firms acquire, own, and manage specialized industrial and retail properties that are leased, or sometimes sold to state-licensed operators. As legalization continues to grow around the country, more operators are searching for properties, and we are here help them find the right ones.

Every year, new cannabis technology companies are creating innovative and disruptive tech that allows cannabis stakeholders to operate more efficiently. They operate in one of six segments: compliance, on-demand, next-gen cultivation, consumer information platforms, healthcare, and business intelligence. As more states move towards legalization, the need for this tech increases, and we are ready to facilitate its growth and development.


The leadership team at Legacy Partners 5280 have diligently examined hundreds of opportunities in the cannabis and hemp industry. Already, we have placed $360,000 directly into it.

Now, we are ready to invest even more across the technology, real estate, and biotechnology verticals.


The Legacy 5280 team is comprised of credible, well-known professionals who have excellent reputations across the growing cannabis industry. 

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