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Leverage Rock has created a next generation cryptocurrency and blockchain solution. 

Our platform enables Developers to easily implement their own blockchain solutions through a Blockchain-as-a-Service business model at a fraction of the price of current DApp systems.  The Devcash protocol solves the most pressing problems for cryptocurrencies like governance, scalability, privacy, immediacy, and fraud, theft, and loss. 

Overall, we intend to lead one of the largest Developer efforts in the world using our innovative protocol and Blockchain-as-a-Service model, as well as leverage a valuable patent portfolio that can be licensed to create acceptance for our cryptocurrency.


In the booming field of blockchain, most current solutions are not scalable, both in terms of governance and the number of transactions processed per second. Volatility is also a significant problem.

Many solutions are being built on platforms like Ethereum, where implementations cost millions times more than a traditional server and database solution.

There are challenges for privacy that governments will accept, and challenges for implementing worldwide financial transactions
quickly (< 1 second) & securely.

There are massive problems in blockchain solutions with fraud, theft, and loss. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been stolen, and there is always risk to lose one’s valuable assets.

Energy use for blockchains is astronomical, and a green solution is needed! Blockchain platforms tend to have high transaction fees. 

Although there are blockchain implementations that individually solve some of these problems, until now, there have been no solutions that solve all of these problems.


Devcash is a blockchain protocol that uses unique assumptions, not common in the vast majority of blockchain approaches, that lead to elegant solutions to blockchain’s technological problems. Devcash uses its own consensus algorithm, Proof-of-Validation, which enables our unique solution.

We have compelling solutions for governance, scalability (transactions / second), stability, smart contract expense, energy use, supply issuances, fees, immediacy (transaction authentication speed), protection from fraud/theft/loss, and privacy. Devcash is perhaps the first truly scalable blockchain, as it includes a full set of needed capabilities in order to scale, such as its sharding approach and its Devnero implementation for fraud, theft, and loss.

Leverage Rock was built around a highly valuable patent that we hold on the exclusive right to create developer marketplaces. We’ll leverage this patent to make the Devcash cryptocurrency a global standard for digital asset distribution.

Developers can implement scalable blockchain solutions using the Devcash Protocol. Enterprises & Governments can leverage our platform for anything from supply chain management, to voting, to healthcare records, to managing any digital asset representation.


Devcash powers blockchain solutions for Developers. 

Devcash uses a Blockchain-as-a-Service model, focusing on blockchain solutions in places where they’re actually effective. Our proprietary Smart Coins are integrated into the protocol itself - making them dramatically more efficient to implement. Thus, what costs tens of thousands of dollars in Ethereum costs pennies with us!

A large distribution of our cryptocurrency will be used to incentivize early adopters (Developers) to get involved with our platforms. Devcash distributions will go to our community on an ongoing basis, rather than random miners

Our BaaS Model​

Can be rented by Developers (much like AWS servers) to implement their own blockchain solutions for financial payments, identity, records management, etc.;

Uses a Licensed Miner consensus approach with a Proof-of-Validation mechanism that’s scalable in terms of governance and speed - thus avoiding transaction fees;

Implements fraud/theft/loss protection through a direct protocol integration;

Implements privacy, immediate transactions (< 1 second), lending, and credit;

Is scalable to millions of transactions/second using proprietary sharding algorithms.


Blockchain is poised to disrupt many multi-billion dollar markets. the Devcash blockchain protocol has the potential to disrupt a number of large industries, including the following:

The following facts support the magnitude of our opportunity:


Our Founder has owned Leverage Rock’s core issued patent for years now, which is the foundation of this great opportunity.  Billions of dollars of licensing opportunity is present on the landscape today - providing us with a powerful point of leverage in establishing our cryptocurrency as a standard. Other key points of traction we’ve reached:

With full launch around the corner, it’s time to hone in on our go-to-market plan.  We intend to leverage our patent in partnering with large companies with large developer communities - while also distributing a large pool of Devcash to establish it as a standard. Our BaaS and patent enforcements will fuel early revenue generation.

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Our company’s beginnings trace back to 2001, when Founder/CEO Tom Anderson submitted a patent related to software distribution.  Tom felt deep down that there was a more practical way for developers to create code - and moved forward with an initial software distribution platform.  Years later, this platform would evolve into Leverage Rock.

Tom’s previous company created the world’s first 3D-touch consumer device - raising over $34 million in the process and eventually going public.  In total, he’s licensed over $100 million worth of video game development. Tom is joined by these talented pros:

Ray Quintana, Corporate Development
General Partner at Cottonwood Technology

  • Has over 2 decades of experience in strategic growth and M&As
  • Possesses an extensive business network across the globe

Bill Anderson, CTO
Seasoned startup technology business developer

  • 16+ years of hardware & software development experience for startups
  • Led development, acquisitions and integration of over 100 video games

Gerald Grafe, Patent Counsel
Has been
patent & legal counsel for many companies

  • Has worked with computer technology & IP for 3 decades
  • Helped raise over $150 million in both funding and licensing

Anish Mohammed, Crypto Expert

  • Expert in cryptocurrencies, protocols, and security
  • Advised and worked for many banks and financial institutions, and worked on many ICO’s
  • Regular speaker in Fintech, Cybersecurity and Blockchain.

Nick Williams, LeadDeveloper

  • Expertise in cryptology and systems design
  • Degrees in math and business from MIT
  • Over 10 years experience managing software projects. 

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