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LiberaTrade AI:
Fast Facts

LiberaTrade AI (LTAI) is transforming the supply chain industry in emerging markets across Asia by more accurately predicting supply chain demand and driving continuous optimization of upstream logistics.

With our LiberaFabric suite, LTAI boosts sales and inventory while providing easy access to capital for the world’s largest consumer goods brands and their logistics partners.

Reactive Supply Chain Management
Not enough of the right product, coming at the wrong time

While the growth in retail consumption across emerging Asian markets is projected to skyrocket by as much as 10% annually in 2022 and beyond, high-volume retail supply chains continue to lose tens of billions in profits for three main reasons:

Predictive Logistics
Predict what will be sold, and ship accordingly

LTAI allows emerging markets to streamline their supply chains and free up working capital with the powerful, AI-driven demand forecasting, inventory optimization and financing solutions included in the LiberaFabric Suite, which includes the following three key modules:

LiberaConnect aggregates data from multiple sources and applies a common language (Unified Data Model) to expand the data pool and offer a more holistic view of market and supply chain dynamics.

LiberaFlow provides functional demand analytics, inventory optimization and recommendations for improved operations across retailers, brands and logistics execution providers.

LiberaChain enables trust in the supply chain, using decentralization (blockchain) to transform emerging markets retail data to levels of confidence that enable supply chain funding - incorporating data from the product suite to generate predictive risk analysis and assess cash flows – know with certainty what products will convert to cash and who will supply then. 

How It Works

LTAI leverages a unified data model for the Asian retail supply chain to process data across trading partners and build a networked data lake of expanded insights. 

With more source data from which to derive insights, LTAI then delivers superior demand forecasting accuracy, allowing brands/retailers to optimize their sales strategy.

We then connect these improved demand forecasts with logistics providers so that they can prioritize the right inventory, avoid lost sales and improve profits.

After accumulating insights on supply chain trends, LTAI can predict risk to inform investors on past, current and future supply chain dynamics, allowing them to finance the parts of the supply chain that need to free up working capital.

Early Traction

LTAI has launched prototypes for demand forecasting and inventory optimization in South Asia and predictive risk analytics for trade finance in Hong Kong and is raising capital to investment in the next version of this technology.  

We have patents planned for data transformation, demand forecasting, data transformation and our LiberaFlow unified supply chain data model.

LiberaTrade customers/partners include: Tapal Tea (one of the largest tea brands in South Asia/Middle East), Summergate, TASC Logistics, Richland Logistics, Parazelsus, and Snowflake.

Meet The Team

Max Ward
With over a decade’s worth of experience in the Asia-Pacific region, Mr. Ward has led new development strategies focusing on the global application of AI and machine learning to build more efficient and sustainable supply chains. 

Benj Roberts
Benj has twenty years of hands-on experience building high performing development and operational technology teams across finance and startups. He has run technology for three companies and brings a decade of experience in investment banking, most recently with JP Morgan.

Jack Gillett
Jack is the former Co-Chief Data Officer at Cambridge Analytica and is a leading blockchain and data figure in Hong Kong. He has a PhD from the University of Cambridge. 

Wolfgang Lehmacher
Mr. Lehmacher is a global thought leader and practitioner in supply chain and logistics. He is the former head of logistics at World Economic Forum and former CEO of French Poste international. 

Zarish Khan
Zarish is a former private equity investment analyst.

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