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Through collaborations with industry-leading designers, engineers, battery manufacturers, R&D companies, and motor manufacturers, Lightning Motorcycles is building the world’s most advanced motorcycle company committed to upending the industry status quo.

Long charge times Limited range, lower performance, and high costs are the roadblocks that have prevented 2 wheel electric vehicles from widespread consumer adoption over their gas-powered counterparts.

Lightning Motorcycles provides solutions to these challenging consumer objections --  redefining what motorcycles can be in the 21st century.  

3 land-speed world records set
Multiple Road racing championships
Superior performance
Zero emissions
Level 2 & 3 rapid charging
Ending  range anxiety  
Virtually silent
Dramatically decreased cost of ownership

Now more than ever before, the consumers demand that the world transition away from its longstanding reliance on fossil fuels in favor of new sources of clean energy.

As an all new era of electric and solar-powered vehicles become available and compelling to consumers with Lightning and other innovators such as  Tesla leading the charge. Zero-emission combines with high performance has gone from being the goal,  to being the benchmark.

Despite the fact that electric-powered vehicles are undoubtedly the direction the world is headed, the previously available electric motorcycles have not  overcome consumer objections.  As a result,  electric motorcycles have been unable to win over the hearts and minds of riders over gas-powered motorcycles for the following key reasons:

That’s why Lightning Motorcycles was conceived.

As passionate motorcycle enthusiasts and industry veterans ourselves, we decided that it was time somebody did something about these issues. That’s why Lightning has spent the past 11 years perfecting our technology to propel electric 2-wheelers into the mainstream; where they belong.

At Lightning Motorcycles, it’s our philosophy that “as good as” is simply not good enough. That philosophy is at the heart of every product we build.

We’re going above and beyond what’s already been accomplished in the electric 2 wheel (E2W) transportation space to create something truly unlike anything that’s come before.

The result? Innovative products that end range anxiety and deliver performance levels that surpass internal combustion engine (ICE) machines across all categories. Lightning utilizes the ever expanding worldwide fast charging network.

With all of our products, we’re giving new meaning to the concepts of range, speed, and performance when it comes to the E2W market. If you’ve ever questioned the abilities of electric motorcycles, here’s an inside look at some of the awesome functionality we’ve built into our products that will make you think differently.  

We’ve integrated widely available automotive level 2 and 3 rapid charging and Tesla compatible home charging. Charging time averages 30 minutes on a DC fast charger and 120 minutes on a level 2 charger. We also provide proprietary Lightning level 2 and 3 home chargers for consumer installations.

We offer 3 battery packs -- 12 Kwh, 15 Kwh, and 20 Kwh. The Lightning motorcycle has a usable freeway speed range of up to 120 miles and a combined city and highway EPA range of over 150 miles.

The LS-218 is not only the highest performing electric superbike available, but it is the best performing production bike available. Period. The same performance levels is true across entire Lightning product lines. Period.

Lightning electric bikes do not require the use of a clutch, transmission, or gear shifting, making them easier to handle for new riders.

Reverse Gear
Our electric vehicles have the ability to move in reverse -- adding both safety and convenience. Previously, only someone who was large or strong enough could push the bike. We’re leveling the playing field so riders of all sizes can use our bikes easily.  

Regenerative Braking
Lightning electric motorcycles have a throttle that can be set for a wide range of what used to be called “engine braking.” This also adds energy back into the battery pack, increasing efficiencies.

Practically no maintenance, and no required replacement of filters or fluids, significantly lowers the lifetime cost of ownership below that of comparable ICE motorcycles.

We’ve come a long way since our dedicated Founder first conceptualized Lightning Motorcycles after gutting an R1 sport motorcycle and creating the world's first lithium powered sport bike; much to the chagrin of his friends. Take a look at some of our most notable accomplishments so far and what we’ve got planned next.

Awards & Records
Since building the very first lithium powered sport bike in 2006, we’ve set 3 land speed records as the fastest production motorcycle in the world -- the first of such victories coming just three short years after inception -- with records set by harnessing solar energy.

In 2013, we emerged victorious over 120+ world class ICE motorcycles, including dedicated factory race teams at historic Pikes Peak Race to the Clouds .

The next challenge on our agenda is completing a ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles on a single charge. Lightning has been selected to showcase this bleeding edge battery technology due to our history of innovation to show the world that motorcycle range anxiety has been relegated to history.

A Product People Want
We’ve garnered 400+ (and growing) reservation inquiries for our LS-218 with minimal marketing efforts. We are receiving a similar number of requests for our Spark bike since existence went viral.  

We’ve Got The Technology
Through 11 years of developing EV technology, we’ve achieved the best performing EV drive system available and world-class solutions to increase power density and heat management.  

To enhance our engineering expertise, Lightning has accepted various engineering challenges  including:

Fuel cell hybrid electric buses
Electric Airplanes
Plug in Hybrid cars
Electric yard trucks for ferrying shipping containers
Professional ocean racing boats
Off Grid Energy Storage
Electric Race Cars
3  Wheel Commuter Vehicles

These  projects are important because it gives Lightning engineers an unparalleled level of  expertise to draw on for our advanced electric motorcycle technologies.

Strategic Partnerships Advantage  
Yadea, the world’s largest E2W manufacturer by volume, is both our investment and manufacturing partner. We have access to their highly efficient manufacturing capability and extensive distribution network -- representing in excess of 10,000 retail locations worldwide. We are also developing our domestic dealership network to complement the existing global distribution network that we have gained through this unparalleled strategic partnership.

Look Who’s Talking About Lightning Motorcycles
Our products and accomplishments have gained the attention of numerous industry publications both nationally and internationally. We have also been covered by:

We’re continuing to create high-end, high-performance products that we will carry over to mid-level and entry-level product lines to capture larger market opportunities. We will also accelerate growth through the following initiatives:

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After 25 years of successfully building a financial company, Richard decided to combine his passion for motorcycles with his commitment to the environment. Richard started his first business when he was in his teens. Later, he grew his financial business from zero to over $200 million and became profitable in year 1. Richard has a passion for technology, with key strengths in understanding technology, team-building, sales, and distribution.

Jojo has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from UCSB and an MBA from Purdue University. Jojo has 20 years of experience managing large cross-functional teams to implement complex technical projects, including marketing and manufacturing solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Jojo founded a software company to develop supply chain software applications, recruiting top software engineers to share the vision. Jojo’s strengths include problem solving, building repeatable processes, team management, and marketing.

Victor has been a rider, racer, and long distance motorcyclist for 55 years. He has been involved in all phases of the motorcycle industry and other sports marketing, retail, OEMs, and startup OEMs for 30 years with additional experience in finance. While he was at Vectrix, Victor established the world’s largest retail dealership network for E2Ws with over 110 domestic and EU dealerships, achieving first year sales of 2,800+ domestic and 2,000 EU units. He has been a consultant for or employed in many aspects of MC and other sports marketing firms, including GE Sports, WWP, Georgia High Mast, Musco Sports Lighting, Mission Motors, Yamaha, ATK, Motus, EVS Electric ATV, CF Moto, United Motors, EKO Electric Scooter, Roam Electric Scooter, Robrady Design, Kuberg Electric Moto, Venturi Electric Vehicles, Brammo, Sabertooth, among others.  

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