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Meet LIMESET: the new ecommerce site on a mission to put some much-needed personalization back in the online shopping experience. 

Sites like Amazon, eBay, and even Etsy provide the same experience for every single one of the one billion people who shop online every day.

What if shopping were as personal as a great haircut, as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans, as stunning as latest creation from your favorite Italian designer?

That’s precisely the experience that LIMESET offers. At LIMESET, we learn who you are, then we use that knowledge to offer unique, limited edition products that we know you’ll love. LIMESET makes shopping personal again.

Online shopping has become a cookie-cutter experience, offering the same products to everyone, regardless of their personal sense of style. To create your own style through your belongings takes countless hours of sifting through the unmanageable amounts of product lining a site’s virtual shelves.

LIMESET offers limited edition items personalized to your tastes and your personality. By analyzing your unique tastes with a revolutionary process, we provide you with products that perfectly align with who you are. Each piece is created by professional designers, and represents the latest trends in design and artistic expression.

And because we learn who you are, you won’t waste time searching page after page of products, trying to find the one that speaks to you.

By November, we’ll have launched our beta version in New York City. This beta is result of having worked with the top personal stylists, interior designers, and fashion bloggers in New York. We’ll use this period to gather feedback, perfect our learning process, and bring even more designers onboard. We’re currently working with 50 designers who are eager to create exceptional, unique items for our marketplace.

Within 6 months, we expect to have 200 designers onboard.

We begin with our unprecedented four-step learning process. First, we start with our unique algorithm, which adapts to your tastes over time. Then, we analyze your social media profiles, which offers unprecedented insight into your tastes, your habits, and your personality. Then, we’ll ask you a few simple questions. Finally, we’ll use the latest in psychological profiling techniques to build your “soul profile.”

By utilizing this methodical and thorough process, we’ll have a complete picture of what makes you you.  We want you to be 100% satisfied. It’s like having your best friend as your own personal shopper.

It’s smart.
Our exclusive learning capabilities deliver a personal experience, unique to your tastes.

It’s personal.
LIMESET features only limited-edition products, so you’ll only see those products that you’ll love.

It’s fast.
The highest level of smart personalization means less time browsing, and our fast, free worldwide shipping will have the next great thing at your doorstep in no time.

Whether you’re buying clothes, furnishings, or lifestyle products, for him, for her, for the kids, or for your pet, LIMESET brings the “wow” factor that’s missing from today’s online shopping experience.

Melinda Veradi - CEO
Melinda spent twelve years as a marketing professional, and is now the proud mother of twins. Her motto is to be one step ahead of customers' needs. She now handles business development and strategy, sales, and heads the PR and marketing efforts. 

Eva Vodenicsarov - Marketing & Sales Director 
Eva is also very experienced in marketing, owned different companies (Travel agency, Kids design store). She works with our designers, creative agencies, and social media contacts to expand LIMESET’s scope.

Peter Szanto - Business Development Advisor 
Peter studied at USC, and now runs his own startup, Springtab, and the Be Creative agency. Peter advises on LIMESET on business strategy and opportunities.


Zsolt Szelpal - Financial Advisor
Zsolt is an expert financier, having worked for Bosch, Tetra Pak, and GoodMills. He is now the CEO of Remagine Technologies, an industrial energy startup.

Zoltan Simon - IT & Design 
Zoltan is an expert information technologist. He now uses his expertise to build the front-facing technology that powers LIMESET.

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