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Quick Pitch

Linkstorm is an advertising technology company that delivers significant performance boosts for Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, and Social Media. The company’s patented IP and delivery system significantly improves a brand’s ability to leverage/engage users with relevant display ads, content and social streams. We make ads perform better for the advertiser by making them more useful for the consumer. (CLICK BELOW FOR LIVE EXAMPLE)

Our next generation hyperlinking system significantly enhances theperformance of online advertising, e-commerce and online publishing by overlaying cascading menus onto any kind of hyperlink or ad unit, thus enabling customers to navigate directly to the information or actions that they want.

By rolling over a Linkstorm-enabled link or ad, the customer unfurls a menu of links, thus previewing additional destinations even before having to click. Then a single click takes the customer deep into a website, right to the answer to their question, the product info they were seeking or the transaction they wanted to perform. In the case of advertising, these links could include multiple products, offer details or marketing messages that specifically address their interests.

Microsite Functionality in a Display Ad. (CLICK BELOW FOR LIVE EXAMPLE)

The Future of Display Performance

We combine exclusive and proprietary patented banner ad units and serving technology that enables brands to engage through standard media placements anywhere on the web or mobile. We work seamlessly with brands, creative agencies, media agencies, ad networks, and ad exchanges to create consumer brand engagment. All our Units are built to strict IAB guidelines and we are certified across multiple RTB’s, DSP’s and publisher sites.

Traction and Accomplishments

The company already has revenue, major worldwide customers (Dell, Cisco, Nissan, HSBC, Liberty Mutual, NY Times and others), proprietary technology that is both hard to copy and extensively patent-protected, and a scalable infrastructure that can already support billions of ad impressions per month. 

It has reseller deals in place with The NY Times, Time Inc., and several ad networks including Pulsepoint (ContextWeb) and Collective Media, all of which have the potential to multiply Linkstorm’s own sales reach as “proxy sales forces” for Linkstorm. 

Another new, game-changing distribution channel is the emerging Real-Time Bidding (RTB) space, in which Linkstorm has just become certified operationally by the leading distributors and is already securing new clients commitments, including having just run our first large-scale campaign (41 million impressions for Dell via WPP’s agency trading desk) with incredible performance results.

Certified by DSPs Turn, MediaMath, AppNexus on the demand side as well as Google ADX, Yahoo, Right, Xaxis, Pubmatic, Casale Media, IPG/Caderon, Ominicom/Accuen.

Client Portfolio

What is Linkstorm?

Our company is pioneering a new approach to online advertising with the premise that ads perform better for the advertiser when they are more useful to the customer. Our next-generation hyperlinking system significantly enhances the performance of online advertising, e-commerce and online publishing by overlaying cascading menus onto any kind of hyperlink or ad unit, thus enabling customers to navigate directly to the information or actions that they want.          


By rolling over a Linkstorm-enabled link or ad, the customer unfurls a menu of links, thus previewing additional destinations even before having to click. Then a single click takes the customer deep into a website, right to the answer to their question, the product info they were seeking or the transaction they wanted to perform. In the case of advertising, these links could include multiple products, offer details or marketing messages that specifically address their interests.

Why Us? Why Now?

Linkstorm is a well-proven delivery and content linking engine (patented) for both Online Advertising, Social Networks and Mobile Platforms. Our technology is both robust and scalable. Our goal is to get the company back on a $1.5m run rate over the next few quarters, which we believe will have a significant impact on our growth and any future investments we seek.

Linkstorm has been entirely funded to date by individual Angel investors, including such luminaries as Internet guru Esther Dyson, former Citibank/ Medco/Priceline/FreshDirect CEO Rick Braddock, Jim Rutt, who sold Network Solutions to Verisign for $17 Billion, former Dun & Bradstreet CEO Bob Weissman, etc.  $500K of our Angel round was raised from internal shareholders, with $500K more from a combination of internal shareholders and new/outside investors. 

Proof Linkstorm Really Works and is a Game Changer

The ad agency Universal McCann forced us into a head-to-head shoot-out with a Doubleclick Motif ad (for Chevrolet) that was deliberately intended to copy Linkstorm’s Chevy ad. 

Both the Linkstorm and the Doubleclick versions had exactly the same number of total links, but the Doubleclick version displayed them in one single expanded footprint (which is the only way that our Flash-based competitors can do this – Flash can’t produce a progressively-unfurling, cascading, hierarchical Javascript menu like ours), whereas the Linkstorm version used our classic unfurling approach where the customer was in control of each step of the navigation.

Overall, 80% of all the clicks through the Linkstorm menu were clicks to these more targeted, self-qualified, deep links, whereas only 5% of the Doubleclick clicks were to these deep links.

Product/Service Details

Linkstorm handles all aspects of Display Advertising, from designing, building, and serving the Linkstorm ads to monitoring, analytic, and optimization.  We also structure media placement through a variety of distribution channels that include 500+ of the highest-rated premium publisher sites, 35+ of the largest ad networks, all the major portals, and all players in the Reat-Time Bidding / Ad Exchange environment (all leading DSPs, SSPs and Exchanges).  We also partner closely with the advertiser or agency on marketing strategy, creative design, audience metrics/analytics, and dynamic/real-time optimization.

Linkstorm has developed a robust back end to enable high-volume serving and tracking of all interactions with Linkstorm ad menus. Our high-capacity ad servers can further utilize third party Content Delivery Networks for asset delivery support. Linkstorm-enabled ads can be trafficked through most major ad serving systems including those run by DoubleClick and Atlas.


Linkstorm offers a lightweight, cross-browser ad rendering mechanism with flexible styling and design capabilities. It uses standard CSS & HTML in its implementation. As such, it enjoys wide browser support and makes it possible for agencies to design their own Linkstorm menus, should they so desire.  Our delivery platform is based on Javascript and therefore works seamlessly on the Mobile Web including Apple devices.


Our system offers advanced insertion-level tracking and analytics that go far beyond the industry standard. Like most ad technologies, Linkstorm tracks impressions served, but unlike others, Linkstorm is able to track when ads are actually loaded successfully by the browser. Having both these measurements allows for a more accurate gauge of a campaign's performance, as well granular diagnostics, performance reporting and troubleshooting all the way down to the insertion level if needed.

How We're Different

Rich Media vendors are typically regarded as our closest competitors, but on closer inspection we’re actually quite different. Classic Rich Media ad vendors are more oriented toward grabbing attention and creating a memorable brand experience, not in providing utility to the consumer and therefore driving concrete, measurable performance improvements in terms of click-through rates and especially conversion rates. 

Linkstorm offers post-click value, not just pre-click or even click value.  Linkstorm doesn’t just deliver more clicks – it delivers better, deeper, more qualified, higher-converting clicks – because a Linkstorm click isn’t just a click to a landing page or a home page – it’s a click directly to the product, product info, or transaction the customer wanted.  That’s why our CTRs generally improve by around 2x-10x, but our conversions rates have gone up as high as 17x.

Detailed Overview on how we are Different can be found in the Business Plan Section this site. Click Here to Register

Linkstorm Unit Examples (Click on Images Below)


About the Team

David Sidman - CEO


David Sidman is the founder and CEO of Linkstorm, an advertising technology company that makes online advertising more useful to the consumer, and therefore better-performing for the advertiser. Linkstorm has achieved 2x-20x improvements in click-through and conversion rates for IBM, Cisco, Wal-Mart, Blackberry, American Express and many others by overlaying its unique, patent-pending navigation menu onto their display ads. Mr. Sidman originally founded the company as Content Directions in order to commercialize a new linking system for the Internet created by the primary inventor of the Internet itself, Dr. Robert Kahn, with the potential to replace or supplant DNS and URLs as we know them today. In the course of setting the company on its current/successful path in online advertising, he re-invented the company several times over and raised >$13M from 175 Angel investors including Esther Dyson, Jim Rutt, D.E. Shaw, Robert Weissman and others, as well as creating an extensive patent portfolio for what is fundamentally a new/better way to navigate the Web.

Bryan Feinberg - VP Innovation/Strategy


Bryan brings nearly two decades of serial technology & media focus into focus. With strong ties and an extensive network, Bryan's added value is measured in his hands on approach to deal positioning, strategic modeling, market analysis & enabling technologies in any data transaction. In 2001, Bryan founded as a social enteprise database matching engine for obsolete semiconductors and electronic components. The company was eventually folded into Data JCE Electronics and evolved into $130M Distribution channel for the company. Bryan founded Zephyr Financial Technologies in Tel Aviv in 2008 and built an analtyic suite based on XBRL data. The IP of the company was recently acquired in a 3 way IP Transfer Agreement and led to the launch of P3XBRL, a best of class XBRL converting and reporting engine. With over 15 years of Venture Investing in both the private and public markets, Bryan is an expert on how to best position and develop IP. Over the past 10 years, Bryan completed over $200M in transactional business and was recently part of the team that led a $ 13M Private Placement and public listing for INVIVO Therapeutics (OTC: NVIV). Bryan founded Zephyr Technology Ventures 2008 as an early stage venture accelerator with investments covering big data, analytics, gaming and adtech.

Asher Rappaport - Dir of Sales


Mr. Rappaport spent 7 years in Sales at AOL, where he represented all of the AOL/Time Warner Online properties to prospective advertising clients, developed and maintained Fortune 500 accounts such as Classes USA, Loanweb, Lavalife, Cablevision, Dish Pronto, Vantage Media, Priceline and others, and also focused on new business. He consistently generated over $10M in annual revenue while averaging over a 30% increase in year to year growth. Subsequently he spent two years as Director of Business Development at, reporting to the CEO, establishing key distribution partnerships, managing ad agency relationships, and training/managing sales teams.

Michael Healy - Dir of Ad Operations


Mr. Healy began his career in the Internet Industry in 1998 where he quickly made a home within the Advertising Operations role. Starting initially in a sales Support role for, Mike learned ad operations duties from both a publisher and vendor perspective. In 2000 he joined the Doubleclick media team as their Business Sponsorship Specialist where he was responsible for handling clients such as EdgarOnline, Nasdaq, Time, iWon and He then joined an up and coming player in outsourced Ad Operations called Trafficmac (now known as Operative) where he learned all aspects of ad operations and was responsible for training of all new personnel. For the seven years that he remained with Operative, he had the opportunity to learn the inner workings of many different ad servers such as DFP, DFA, OAS, Falk, CheckM8, Accipiter and others. During this time, he was also responsible for working with clients to determine the best ways in which to architect their products for Internet Advertising. These products ranged from simple publisher websites through complex network offerings including such elements as revenue shares, video integration, RSS and email sponsorships. Since landing at Linkstorm in 2008, Mike has been responsible for all ad campaigns delivered through Linkstorm's proprietary technology as well as optimizing internal and external tools and workflows.

Bruce Barren - Advisor


Mr. Barren is Group Chairman of The EMCO/Hanover Group, which, since its inception in 1971, has concluded more than $3+ billion in financial transactions worldwide as international merchant bankers, representing more than 1,000 separate corporate transactions. Mr. Barren has completed more than 200 business turnarounds, capital restructurings and mergers/acquisitions representing more than $1 billion in annualized payroll. He has been honored on more than 50 separate occasions by state and federal governments of the U.S., China and Central America, and has received more than a dozen individual U.S. Congressional Tributes, both from the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, including one in 1990 from then Congressman Christopher Cox - subsequently the 28th Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. In 1989, Mr. Barren was honored with a commemorative from President Ronald Reagan. Between 2000 to 2005 he received letters of commendation from then President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore plus President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney along with then U.S. Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton (subsequently appointed in 2009 as the U.S. Secretary of State under President Obama) for his then 35+ years of service to the country, various states and their respective communities. Mr. Barren is advising Linkstorm in matters ranging from corporate governance to financing strategies (both private and public) to potential joint ventures with overseas corporations.

Jon Emery - Board Member


Jon Emery was Senior VP, General Counsel of Network Solutions, a technology company, which was sold to VeriSign for $17 Billion in July 2000. Before Network Solutions, he was Corporate Counsel at Tambrands (formerly Tampax), and so brings significant business perspective about advertising and marketing at a major consumer products company. He is now a full-time investor who is actively involved in all his portfolio companies.

Michael Warisnkse - Board Member


Mr. Warsinske is a life-long Ad Industry veteran and serial entrepreneur, and is working actively with Linkstorm in a hands-on BizDev capacity as well as serving on its Board. He is currently the CEO of OverAd Media, a media sales organization which works closely with NewsCorp's Fox Asia division and advises over a dozen digital media startups. As the founder and CEO of Cybereps, an online advertising sales organization with 100 employees/7 offices which was sold to Interep in 2001 (Nasdaq: IREP), he led the initial media sales for the Internet Movie Database (,,,, and many others. Prior to Cybereps, Mr. Warsinske ran a traditional media rep firm which included Chief Executive Magazine, several publications of Scholastic and Entrepreneur Magazine. He began his career at Saatchi & Saatchi/Compton in account management working on the Tylenol brands. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism. In addition to his regular Board responsibilities, Mr. Warsinske is working with Linkstorm to open doors to clients, distribution partners, product development partners, and new investors. He is also building out a media buying capability for Linkstorm, so that clients now have a one-stop shopping option for both the media and the ads involved in a Linkstorm campaign.

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