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Loveland Innovations is the maker of IMGING, the leading platform for property inspections and analytics.

With IMGING, inspection professionals use smart devices and automated drones to digitize a property, and analyze it using technologies like artificial intelligence and computer vision, giving them the clarity to act quickly and confidently. The result is significant efficiency gains in process and operations.

All currently-used options can deliver at best two or three of these, while compromising the other(s).

Data used from aerial imagery can be readily available, but is based on imagery that is not current and not captured at a high-enough resolution to meet all inspection purposes.

Data captured manually by trained professionals will be current and gathered at high resolution, but it takes a long time to do this right, and the results differ from professional to professional.

Lastly, no matter the use case, there are multiple stakeholders in the data.

Seamless handoffs and sharing of property inspection data can prove difficult.

In some cases it is overly tedious and subject to high degrees of error.

This is hardly the best way to fill this important need.

Inspection photos are captured at ultra-high resolution and inspection professionals use artificial intelligence to quickly identify and document damage.

Using computer vision technology, IMGING provides customers with photo-realistic 3D models and highly accurate roof measurement data including lengths, square footage, and pitch.

IMGING makes inspection data available in reports and through APIs into other systems.

The efficacy of IMGING is determined by measurable results for our three segments of customers.

Claims Teams for leading Property and Casualty Insurance carriers report improvements to Loss Adjustment Expenses (LAE) and their Combined Ratio

  • These are specifically realized through up to 20% savings on contracted inspections and in cutting the average cost per claim by up to 55 

Solar Installers report that they are lowering creation costs, increasing operations efficiency, and reducing roll-backs and contract fall-outs

  • This is realized by their ability to perform 2x-3x more site surveys with the same resources and by cutting their site survey and design times in half 

Roofing Contractors are revolutionizing the way that they inspect and sell roofs

  • Some IMGING customers report getting 2x-3x more inspections done with the same resources
  • Others report exceeding revenue forecasts by up to 300

An automated drone inspection with IMGING is push-button simple.

IMGING inspections leverage automated drone technology, which means that the data looks the same, no matter the experience of the person conducting the inspection.

This removes a significant requirement for current training considerations: how to gather the right data safely.

Drone inspectors can be trained in a matter of days to use IMGING instead of weeks to months to safely climb a roof and get the right data.

IMGING leverages a number of technologies to get the right inspection data quickly and safely.

These inspections take between 5-15 minutes for residential homes depending on the complexity of the inspection needs.

Since the inspection is done using automated technology, the data is captured the same way on every home.

Automated Damage Detection
IMGING leverages proprietary purpose-built A.I. and machine learning models to quickly identify existing conditions and damage on a property. For example, if IMGING is being used to perform an inspection on a roof that has been damaged by hail, our Automated Damage Detection will highlight suspected hail damage for an insurance adjuster.

Photo-Realistic 3D Models and Dynamic Measurement Tools
IMGING uses the photos captured during an automated drone inspection to generate a photorealistic 3D model of the property. There are a number of important activities that this enables:

  • Virtual Walks – Often times, the individual using the inspection data is not necessarily the one who captured it. The 3D model gives these professionals the ability to virtually walk the property, enabling them to gain context they would have never had otherwise.
  • Dynamic Measurement Tools – IMGING 3D models come with dynamic and virtual measuring tools. You can measure anything on the model: areas of a specific part of a roof, the distance from the front door to the sidewalk, the pitch of the driveway, etc.

Measurement Data
One of the key outputs that property inspection professionals need is measurement data. IMGING provides highly-accurate measurement data of the property. This includes:

  • Roof facet information like area, pitch, and azimuth
  • Roof edge information like type (ridge, hip, valley, etc.) and length
  • Roof object and penetration locations

Measurement data can be exported and used in a variety of formats, depending on the use-case of the inspection. For example:

  • Insurance adjusters can export measurement data into estimatics platforms
  • Roofing contractors can create PDF reports that include facet-by-facet details
  • Solar site technicians can download .DXF files that can be used in CAD programs for design and permitting

IMGING Inspect Lists
For properties where more than roof data is needed, inspection professionals can use IMGING Inspect Lists to capture and organize necessary inspection photos. The IMGING Inspect List provides a guided photo capture experience that ensures that all necessary inspection photos are captured and organized.

Geo-Referenced Image Gallery
All inspection photos that are captured using IMGING are organized and displayed in IMGING’s geo-referenced image gallery. This means that not only can inspection professionals review photos in an intuitive photo gallery, they also do so with context to where and how the photo was captured.

For instance, if a photo is captured with a drone, IMGING will show you where on the roof the photo was captured and the angle and direction of the camera and its gimble.

This unique approach to a photo gallery not only allows users to quickly review inspection photos, but to do so with location in mind, making important decisions easier to make.

Report Building
IMGING includes a set of tools to quickly build impressive inspection reports.

Team Collaboration
All inspection data is stored in the IMGING cloud, enabling cross-function and cross-team collaboration, allowing for faster workflows, and extending the value of inspection data.

Jim Loveland | FOUNDER AND CEO

  • Insurtech mogul before the “Insurtech” moniker existed
  • 30+ years working alongside his father and other family members to build and grow the largest estimatics and claims technology used in Property and Casualty Insurance
  • This technology is the backbone of the claims operations for the largest Insurance Carriers in the North America and throughout the world
  • As Founder and CEO, Loveland is the heartbeat of our organization
  • He defines company vision and is responsible to align executive leadership to that vision and has direct responsibility for the Sales, Marketing, and Product teams at Loveland Innovations

Darren Gooch | COO

  • 30+ years in finance and accounting, 20+ of those for Insurtech companies
  • He was VP of Finance for Jim Loveland at his previous technology company and joined him at Loveland Innovations to lead finances and operations
  • He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and leads our Customer Support, fulfillment, finance, and human resources teams 


  • 25+ years experience leading technology teams within the Insurtech space
  • Former VP of IT Operations for Jim Loveland at his previous technology company and joined him at Loveland Innovations as CTO
  • Aside from overseeing technology teams and operations, Larson’s primary role is to craft our technology talent and systems to meet the vision of the company and product 


  • 20+ years of corporate law experience
  • Responsible for helping to navigate the complex contract landscape with insurance carriers, managing the growth of our technology patent portfolio, and ensuring adherence to internal policies that enable us to provide technology securely to our customers

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