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You are one of us.

There is a 96% chance that you are one of us, so why make excuses or feel badly for not being a "Scratch Golfer?"

We say "No shame in your game". If you're above dirt AND playing golf, life doesn't get any better - enjoy. Besides, more strokes merely means that you're REALLY getting your money's worth for your greens fees.

Did you know...?

  • There are 28 million golfers in the United States
  • Only 22% of all golfers regularly score better than 90 for 18 holes on a regulation length course. For females, the percentage is 7 percent...and for males it is 25 percent.
  • The average 18-hole score on a full-size course is 97 for men and 114 for women. It's an even 100 for all golfers. Only 6 percent of men and 1 percent of women say they break 80 regularly.
  • When asked what they'd like to shoot, most golfers say they'd be satisfied if they could shoot 85 on an 18-hole regulation course on a regular basis.

Even with the progress in technology, the average score has changed very little over time.

Might as well go ahead and admit it: if you play the game, you are one of us. It's nothing to be ashamed of, it just is what it is.

About us.

We're just a group of a golfers who decided that it was time for an association for those who realize that the game of golf is supposed to be a time away to relax a bit and share good times with friends.

Golf has never been about being perfect, and yet so many think that they have to be and get way too frustrated when they aren't.

Walter Hagen said "Three bad shots and one good one still make a par" and "Golf is a game of recovery." LTPGA members try to live by these pearls of wisdom when we play.

We were too often bombarded during our rounds by F-bombs and tirades from golfers on other fairways or tee boxes.  One day we started talking about a great question: "I wonder how we could help people understand that all they were doing was upsetting to themselves and others."

Shortly thereafer, the idea was given to one of us in a dream -  he was awoken at 3 in the morning from a dead sleep, went to his computer, and the logo just flowed through his fingertips.  The LTPGA was born. 

The rest of us are helping it grow to be something that helps all golfers learn to relax and take themselves a little less seriously.  This will of course lead to a much more enjoyable time for everyone involved.

We look forward to you joining us in your admission that you, too, are a "Less Than Perfect Golfer."


All of our products are designed to help golfers remember to lighten up and forgive themselves after a "Less Than Perfect" shot.

We will start with real golf products and then be adding things to bring a chuckle to an oft times frustrating game, like our 12" tees for the really tall rough, giant penny & dime ball markers, Hunter Orange hats (for those who get to know the squirrels on a first name basis) and the like.

Our initial offerings will be:

  • Hats -
  • Bag Tags -
  • The bag tags are actually an antique bronze because being Less Than Perfect, we don't get the gold medals. They do however come with a nice leather strap and brass buckle.
  • Key Chains -
  • We  will also have stamped metal that will look like the bag tags.
  • Polo Shirts -

Of course we will offer some light hearted fare as well.

  • T-Shirts -

We have other fun gift ideas that are currently in development.

As we get the website up and running, we will have different membership packages that will have real-life benefits, starting with the basic membership and all the way up to an all-inclusive package containing a hat, bag tag, key chain, inclusion to Golf Card International, and golf videos from the hottest teachers today. We will look to build up to getting discounts on equipment and training aids as we grow.


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