Tunable LED luminaires with Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh IoT Ecosystem


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Fast Facts

Lumens for Less designs, manufactures and sells highly customizable, power-saving solid-state LED lighting solutions.
LumenMesh is our latest system. 
The luminaires come with our unique Bluetooth Mesh network technology creating a highly secure, IoT networked, ecosystem for simple user automation.

Our LumenMesh technology replaces existing lighting systems, offering improved spectrum coverage and controllability. It will be a leader in the emerging Paradigm shift of “information through Lighting”. Integrated IoT functionality means that fine-grain use control and active big-data analysis are a piece of cake.

The Lumen Problem

Wasted and harmful lumens are one of the largest sources of unnecessary overhead in the management of any large facility. Traditional facility lighting solutions tend to produce, and thus waste, considerable excess light while disrupting the natural Circadian Rhythms of employees.

Legacy lighting systems are wasteful in other ways as well. Lumens that do nothing, but illuminate are the old standard.  Luminaires should self-manage to avoid energy waste.

Make your lights do more!

The upshot of these lighting deficiencies is increased overhead, from wasted energy costs, increase in labor cost from employee fatigue whose body clocks are out of sync, to simple materials costs as bulbs burn out and need rapid replacement. Employee efficiency suffers under poor lighting, too. “Facilities are Liabilities,” as the saying goes, and lighting that doesn’t mimic the sun can cause real and lasting damage to worker productivity.

Large buildings require a more precise and elegant lighting solution. One that produces the right lumens, at the right times, in the right places. One that can be centrally managed by a single operator and an existing maintenance team. One that improves employee health and well-being.

Traction & Accomplishments

Lumens for Less has developed a complete system to show proof of concept and to increase our knowledge of BLE mesh and tunable lighting.

We developed several key new technologies included in solid state lighting:
• Filament LED light bulbs
• Step dimming for LED Luminaires
• Ripple plates to stop light flicker
• Fastening system to install linear lights as an array
• Color Tunable Linear lights
• Custom brackets allowing illumination inaccessible areas
• Specifying custom lenses for exterior lights

We have contracted a 175 light LumenMesh system for a customer in Keene, NH.

We are preparing patent applications for the LumenMesh system.  We were patent- pending on a new type of T8 LED that is now the primary replacement product for T8 fluorescent tube upgrades.

Meet The Team

Lumens For Less is a family owned business with over $185k personally invested:

President, Philips Certified LED Professional
Paul's primary function is to focus on the leading edge of lighting technology and how it will fit into the market place. He was the first in the industry to see the coming market as being a new paradigm. As an experienced strategic planner and a serial entrepreneur his experience has brought us to the threshold of this exciting new opportunity. A hands on team player with a successful record in commercial sales, building construction and national marketing. Paul has patented new innovative consumer products that he used to create a new business. He has sold products to large retailers like Cabela's and serviced customers across the US. His financial forecasting skills acquired while in the Public Accounting profession has served this business and others well. Paul served on Strategic Planning Team for a Fortune 500 company. 

Vice President, Philips Certified LED Professional

Chris has been a key member of the team since 2015.  He has worked all facets of the SSL lighting industry from knocking on doors to make sales, designing lighting plans for buildings and hands on installation.  In 2017 he became the lead for developing the LumenMesh system. Chris works with electronic and software engineers around the world as we develop this new product line.  Fluent in the technology for all components of the system, Chris has built all of our prototypes. Chris graduated from the Isenberg School of Business at UMASS and worked as a lead buyer for the largest food distributor in the US and worked as a manager for a 100 store retail concept.

Field Operations, Philips Certified LED Associate

Adam is the key person responsible for planning and installing all our SSL projects. With a degree in AutoCAD his construction expertise serves well when challenged with things like converting traditional explosion proof lighting to LED lighting requiring engineering and machining of special parts. An expert in controls and commercial wiring lends depth as we design these new luminaires. Adam was with the company since its inception in 2014 and has successfully worn all the hats, from sales to installer.

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