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 Fast Facts                                         

Lyke Tech LLC is a consumer electronics company poised to introduce the very first truly wireless phone charger to market. Unlike the bulky charging pads available today, the LYKE dock-station can fully power your device no matter where you are thanks to dual conventional and solar energy.

With speedy charge times, multi-device capability, and a supporting app that helps users optimize their solar panel, the LYKE is the breakthrough innovation that the world’s smartphone users have been clamoring for.

Key Highlights                                            

Prototype ready and in working order;

Pre-orders and LOIs currently being accepted;

Patent pending.

The Charging Crisis            

From posting on Facebook to navigating with GPS, our smartphones rarely get a second to breathe these days. This constant usage has a way of quickly draining batteries - leaving us scrambling for chargers throughout the day to keep devices in working order.

But despite how amazing our phones have become, charging them up is far from a walk in the park. Today’s mobile device chargers come equipped with a variety of pain points:

Make Changes                                         

A few wireless solutions, like charging pads, attempt to remedy these issues - but the vast majority are too big in size and lack portability.  Not only that, but they all require an electric socket and thus aren’t even truly wireless.

Power Up                                             

Introducing Lyke Tech LLC: an electronics manufacturer focused on developing innovative wireless technologies specifically for the next generation of mobile phones.  With our flagship product, the LYKE wireless charging dock-station, you’ll never need another phone charger again.

At your CONVENIENCE     

The LYKE’s intelligent, beautiful, and minimalistic design makes it ideal for any situation - whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or in your car. This aesthetic quality is matched by state-of-the-art functionality; being the world’s first truly wireless charger, it will help ensure that your devices are always ready to go. The LYKE also:

How we OPERATE                    

LYKE APP - IoT                                    

Once devices are securely charging, users can open the IoT-powered LYKE mobile app to get the most from their product.  For example, the app gives them info on which angle to position their solar panel to optimize the LYKE’s efficiency.  The solar panel can then be adjusted easily, with the app reflecting these adjustments in real time.

On our way to 100%                

At Lyke Tech, we’ve gained quite a bit of traction already despite our short time in business.  Here are a few achievements we’re most proud of:

Lyke Tech TRACTION                 

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Meet the TEAM                                  

It all started during one of Co-Founders’ (Arkadiy Okhman) adventures working as a Lyft driver to support his master’s degree at Art Center, and the simple remark of a passenger: “don't you wish you could eliminate all charging wires?" After meeting up with a like-minded partners, the team set out to find a solution - and Lyke Tech was the result. Let’s meet the quartet of seasoned individuals steering us towards our vision!

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