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LyteHorse introduces the world's first heavy-duty stand-up electric ATV. With zero sound and zero emissions, LyteHorse powers a riding experience like no other.

With an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn design, and dynamic riding and handling, our electric ATV goes where others can’t, making Lyt.eHorse the mobility solution for a wide variety of situations.


Most ATV’s have a low tipping point. For most, it’s an angle of about 37 degrees. The LyteHorse… 59 degrees.

Traditional ATVs provide recreational access for those who love the outdoors, but if hunting is the goal, the noise & fuel odor scares off the game for miles

Law enforcement could use a vehicle to help with crowd control, but the vantage point of a traditional ATV is too low to the ground for a view over the crowd. Good old-fashioned horse deployment is slow and is training intensive — not to mention the need to carry a shovel.

With growing concern for the future of our planet comes a growing demand for electric ATVs, but many current manufacturers rely on repurposing existing gas-powered models rather than reimagining a true electric ATV.

Those that do offer an electric version typically utilize existing drive train systems which means “many moving parts” and therefore many potential failure points.

ATV riders want reliability and trouble free riding. There should be no compromise and the LyteHorse fits the bill.


With LyteHorse, ATV users get to stand tall for a great experience, or they can sit, thanks to our innovative design features.

LyteHorse, the world’s most advanced electric stand-up ATV, provides a mobility solution that’s head and shoulders above the crowd, whether a rider is enjoying a beautiful forest trail or a police officer is keeping the peace at a big event.  RIDE HIGH. RUN FREE.

LyteHorse was designed as a true electric ATV so if one of the 4 hub motors fails, there are still 3 more to get you where you need to go.

With only 33 moving parts, LyteHorse dramatically reduces the potential for mechanical issues and scheduled maintenance? Zero. No oil, no grease, no filters nothing to do but check the air in the tires on occaision.

LyteHorse features four independent electric motors and a super low center of gravity, adding unprecedented reliability and safety to the experience.

Providing unmatched performance and agility, LyteHorse goes where others won’t dare, climbing stairs, going up and down curbs and off-road as well. Our waterproof batteries make it the perfect choice for law enforcement, military, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone looking for the perfect blend of utility and performance.


Product roadmap | After eight prototypes, LyteHorse has evolved significantly. Version 1 is a high-performance, awesome machine. Version 2 will release with more sophisticated features like traction control, advanced display, automatic software updates, a smart key fob and three-speed power range selector. 

Innovation protection | We have five patents pending and more in the works.

Manufacturing/distribution | Our production-level agreement with Mayco International enables us to scale production volume up to 5,000 units/month. We’re in the process of negotiating an agreement with a large U.S. powersports distribution company with a network of 6,000+ ATV dealers.

Power partners | We have partnership agreements in place with Mayco International, Molicel and an undisclosed defense contractor as well as several key component suppliers. 

Customer acceptance | We have 140+ pre-orders with deposits and an agreement with the one of the largest defense contractors in the U.S. that will allow us to sell directly into 4 branches of the Department of Defense.

Showing off | We gained major market validation at Shot Show in Las Vegas in January 2022, including 200+ leads in all categories from 7 different countries. At production scale, we project sales of 500-1,000 units at Shot Show 2023.


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