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There is nothing more magical than a live performance. But if you're an artist looking to perform, where do you turn? And if you're a venue in need of talent, where do you go? It takes artists more time and effort to find gigs than it should, and this process can be equally stressful for venues. MajorGig wants to change that, providing an artist-friendly performance and booking solution that helps all types of creatives and performers land gigs, earn tips and engage their fans. Developed from the ground up for artists, MajorGig makes it easy for fans to support the performers they love wherever they are performing.

The reality is, social media fame is a dime a dozen -- it comes and goes faster than the 15 minutes of fame that Andy Warhol believed we all would achieve.

And in the end, social media means very little.

But what if there was a platform that did mean something? What if artists could use this platform to their advantage?

MajorGig solves the ongoing problems artists face by helping them get away from the arduous and unhelpful practice of uploading content to platforms where all they get is hearts and likes.

Instead, MajorGig encourages fans to put their money where their heart is -- and highlights that money is greater than likes. In turn, this gives performers the ability to create consistent monthly revenue from their content.

And by giving fans the ability to check-in to a venue and tag a performer, fans can also leave money in a virtual tip-jar or visit the performer's profile in the app and set up recurring pledges to help support the performer.

For venues, they can log in to the platform and view the uploaded content of the performer and hire directly from the app.

Ready to go
MajorGig's website and mobile app are both live. 

Early success
The MajorGig app is still new, but as of 12/12/2021, we have 4,600 impressions and more than 2.7k downloads. 

Registered trademark
We don’t have patents but do have a registered trademark for MajorGig. 

MajorGig is working on strategic partnerships with companies like Academix Beat Labs to help artists capture more value from their music through NFT mints and web3 communities they can build and call their own.

Tony Burrus | CEO

  • 20+ years of experience as a technology leader across the country
  • 11 years serving as CTO for school districts in North Carolina and California, leading innovative efforts in developing state-of-the-art infrastructure while putting together internal support teams
  • Has leveraged his technology and team building skills to create several tools aimed at helping raise awareness for up and coming and established artists alike, including MajorGig and Share Your Vibes
  • Burrus has a passion for creating platforms to help performers engage fans
  • Burrus is focused on helping performers turn their side hustles into major gigs 

Jacob Stopak | CTO

  • A creative and driven professional specializing in Business Intelligence software administration and troubleshooting
  • 8+ Years as a software developer and most recently as founder of Initial Commit
  • Focused on building tools and resources to make the lives of developers easy 

Jodaryle Factor | Dev Leader

  • Our full-stack guru that manages API, IOS and Android development
  • 20+ years of experience in native developments and works closely with our CEO to architect and plan technical roadmaps
  • He is currently part-time with MajorGig advising approximately 10 hours a week and spending the rest of his time with Share Your Vibes 

Scetch | Professional Advisor 

  • Has been a music curator and DJ since 1988
  • Has worked as event designer, producer, and promoter for several well-known brands and celebrities

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