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Quick Pitch

Imagine adopting your very own cacao tree
… watching it grow… visiting it… and eating
the delicious, dark chocolate it produces!

Manawai Estate Chocolate
Invites You To Adopt A Cacao Tree… and
Build A Legacy Of Fine Chocolate, Maui Style!

On Maui’s beautiful north shore Manawai Estate Chocolate is creating a one-of-a-kind, sustainable cacao farm dedicated to showcasing how this beloved bean is transformed into amazing chocolate confections and bars and educating the public on cacao’s ancient uses, newly discovered health properties, and struggle to survive.

We invite you to join our ‘Ohana (Hawaiian for extended family) and build a legacy your children will cherish! You will become part of a privileged few – visionaries and pioneers – who take up the fight to preserve an ancient tradition and create an exciting new chocolate-based industry in Hawaii. Here is your opportunity to do something that has never been done before!

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The Manawai Experience

Manawai Estate Chocolate is a seven-acre, early-stage cacao farm with spectacular ocean views, located on world-famous Hana Highway (Mile 15) that will include the infrastructure required to convert freshly harvested cacao beans into a dazzling array of stunning chocolate bonbons and bars. It will be home to Sweet Paradise Chocolatier ( and the “Food of the Gods” museum and tours, which provide insight into the ancient mysteries of cacao and detail how chocolate has emerged as one of our most beloved foods.

In addition, Manawai Estate Chocolate will be an international center for the development of fine flavor cacao and chocolate, attracting farmers, chocolatiers, professionals, and academics to a number of conferences and workshops. Working closely with the Fine Chocolate Industry Association we will support the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative and its efforts to preserve fine flavor cacao and chocolate.

Upon arriving at Manawai Estate Chocolate in the not too distant future (we estimate late 2014) your experiences will include:

1.  Taking the complete, guided, “Food of the Gods” tour that visits all the installations – orchards, processing center, chocolate kitchen, and interactive museum. You will see cacao processed into chocolate, observe the making of bonbons and bars, participate in detailed discussions about the ancient history and future challenges of fine flavor cacao and chocolate, and enjoy a flight tasting of select chocolates from Hawaii and around the globe. Prior reservations are required for this tour.

2.  Heading straight to the interactive museum to learn more about where and how cacao is grown and processed into chocolate, understand the battle to preserve fine flavor cacao from governments and multi-nationals, and view important developments and milestones in the history of chocolate to include an overview of current craft chocolate makers and confectioners in Hawaii. No reservations are required.

3.  Enjoying a guided, flight tasting of fine chocolates from around the globe as well as select Hawaiian artisanal chocolates. Reservations are recommended.
View the Sweet Paradise Chocolatier kitchen for a first-hand look at how we convert our cacao into sumptuous, award-winning bonbons and enjoy tasting select chocolates.

4.  Dashing directly to our boutique to purchase chocolates and cocoa drinks or explore a variety other unique foods, beverages, and select merchandise as you continue down the Road to Hana.

5.  Or just settling in our shaded picnic area enjoying the ocean view and marveling at the distant gardens and orchards that, in addition to the four varieties of cacao, are interplanted with a number of exotic tropical fruits such as avocado, bananas, citrus, jaboticaba, loquat, mango, passionfruit, papaya, Samoan coconut, starfruit and tamarind; spices such as cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla; Arabica coffee; green and herbal teas; and various chilies.

For those of you with young children we will offer a number of interesting and supervised activities to include face painting with natural plants, a nature walk, chocolate sampling, exploring a chocolate flower garden, and more!

In time, Manawai will offer an experience unlike any you’ll find on Maui or anywhere else in the world, for that matter. Whether you visit an hour or stay the day you will leave with the lingering scent of chocolate and amazed at all you’ve seen. You will have experienced chocolate like never before.

Traction & Accomplishments

1.  We have seven-acres of prime Maui real estate right on the Hana Highway, only 15 miles from Kahului Airport, dedicated to the production of Hawaiian cacao.Our architectural drawings are complete with a developed site plan and general contractor and we’ve secured preliminary bank financing. We are working with an environmentally friendly construction company that specializes in “green” bamboo structures for our production facility, tasting room, and museum.

2.  We are far along in the county permitting process and expect to get final approval in the next three to six months.  The permit process in Hawaii is slow – a quagmire, really – but we are getting close.

3.  We have planted nearly 150 young cacao trees plus a number of other trees and crops used to flavor our chocolates.  The grounds are prepared to accomodate another 1,000 + trees.  

4.  We have a successful, award-winning chocolate company – Sweet Paradise Chocolatier – that will relocate to Manawai upon completion of the build out.

5.  We have a dynamic and highly successful managing partner – Master Chocolatier Melanie Boudar ( – to oversee the construction and run Manawai. Melanie sits on the board of directors of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association and the Hawaii Chocolate and Cacao Association.

6.  We are lending our voice and supporting the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative ( and Melanie sits on the board of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association and is intimately familiar with their Initiative and its mission.

Our 'Ohana...Where You Come In

We are looking for a limited number of special people to join our ‘Ohana and help create something truly special.  But it’s not for everyone.  Only those with a passion for exquisite chocolate, an interest in creating a legacy, and a deep concern for the future of fine flavor cacao and chocolate will be at home in our extended family.

Your adoption of one (or several) of our trees will allow us to accelerate development of Manawai Estate Chocolate and begin to offer early-stage tours and tastings... a preview of things to come!

Specifically your support will allow us to:

1.  Continue planting trees, additional crops and flowers for the tour experience and production of our chocolate.

2.  Construct a greenhouse to propagate important plant materials, safeguard seedlings prior to field planting and do important grafting work to improve tree growth and the quality of the fruit. This work is vital to improve the genetic stock of cacao in Hawaii, making it more resistant to disease and increase its productivity. This type of service is not currently available in Hawaii.

3.  Prepare the grounds for our first Vision Tours that offer an inside look at how Manawai is being developed and an opportunity to learn more of the history of cacao and chocolate, prepare your own signature cocoa drink just like the ancient Mayans, enjoy a lunch of locally-sourced products and, of course, sample chocolate!  Lots of additional planting, gardening and maintenance to be done, along with some basic infrastructure and installations.

4.  Create educational materials and exhibits that will be profiled in the “Food of the Gods” museum and tours. These materials include items from around the cacao-producing world that have actually been used in the cultivation of cacao and the production of fine chocolate, along with historical objects and a timeline that marks milestones in the history of chocolate making.

5.  Support the important genetic database work that the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative advocates and contribute directly to the Initiative and their worldwide fight to promote fine flavor cacao and chocolate.

As a member of our 'Ohana, each time you visit Manawai you will be an honored guest.  At anytime during your cacao tree adoption term, should you find yourself on Maui, you and your family will be treated to a guided farm tour with our compliments. There is nothing else like it in the US!

Once a year we will have a Hawaiian blessing for our orchard, a celebration of gratitude and abundance from mother earth.  We hope you can attend one of our future blessings. It’s a fun day for the entire family.

And finally, you will know that you’ve played a vital role in helping to build a legacy.

How We're Different

Hawaii, The Napa Valley Of Chocolate

During the early 1970s California’s Napa Valley saw an explosion of growth that continues to this day, making it one of the world’s preeminent wine centers. Four factors contributed to the Valley’s success: an environment conducive to growing high-quality grapes, well-developed viticulture research programs at nearby universities, a number of prominent and craft wine-makers moving to the region and, most importantly, a dramatic change in the US public’s demand for sophisticated wines. The valley’s proximity to San Francisco and the land’s stark beauty were also key factors.

In Hawaii we find comparable conditions for the production of exceptional cacao and chocolate: a suitable cacao habitat, an extensive cacao research station at the University of Hawaii, a growing number of specialty chocolatiers moving to the Islands and, of course, an unprecedented boom in the US public’s demand for dark chocolates – estimated to be growing at 10% annually. Add to that Hawaii’s incomparable natural beauty and the public’s appetite for “eco-tours” – experiences that extend beyond the beach – and one finds the recipe for phenomenal growth.

AND… Hawaii is the only place in the US where cacao is grown. This is due primarily to its location – cacao’s natural habitat is 20 degrees north and south of the Equator – but Hawaii’s abundant sunshine and rains, volcanic soils, and year round perfect temperatures also combine to make for an attractive cacao environment.

Here is how it all comes together… the Manawai Estate Chocolate experience does not exist anywhere else in the world. Seriously! Nowhere will you find award-winning chocolate production, an inter-cropped cacao orchard, the Food of the Gods museum and tours, and a showcase to the preservation of fine flavor cacao in a single setting.

Imagine, there are less than 100 acres of cultivated trees in Hawaii – 100 acres of cacao in all of the US – and one of these rare trees will owe its existence to you!

Melanie’s efforts are the vanguard of a movement that will gather momentum in the years to come and thrust Hawaii into the international spotlight in this exciting new market. The sector’s growth will create a new industry with job opportunities and engage our youth in the promises to be found in sustainable agriculture and tours.

What would you have given to have been part of the history and lore of Napa Valley? Would like a second chance? Now you have it!

For a limited time you can participate in the development of a Napa Valley-like phenomenon based in Hawaii and centered on the next big trend – fine flavor cacao and exceptional chocolate.


Melanie Boudar - Managing Partner

Internationally acclaimed, award winning Master Chocolatier & Master Gardner 

Paul Lam - Partner

Highly successful tourism professional, business developer and investor 

Mark Meador - Partner

Agroforestry Business Developer 

Stan Fisher - Partner

Senior IT Professional 

JP Lam - Partner

Sales & Marketing 

Eric Deneault - Partner

Sales & Marketing 


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