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The way we think about health has changed dramatically, and Mandala Integrative Medicine is at the forefront of that revolution. Through a combination of integrative medical practices and innovative communication tools, Mandala is bringing the future of medicine to the homes and smartphones of every American.

Become part of this medical revolution combining the latest in technology, cannabis research, gut health and holistic wellness with a team of professionals integrated into the Mandala Application at our client’s beck and call.

Wellness, technology, and the growing cannabis market converge through Mandala’s business plan to provide investors with a completely unique opportunity. Mandala’s base of operations through its integrative medicine clinic provides a firm foundation; the medical cannabis market provides massive opportunity, and Mandala MD provides a huge prospective client base. Your commitment is the final ingredient needed for this to become an opportunity for ground-level investment that can translate into a lifetime of passive income.

Product Details

Many Wellness practices propose treating an underlying problem and not the person. Many of them say they treat the whole person but fail to deliver. Why? Because they do not focus on giving the person tools to deal with the stress or ways to manage the stress. Yes, things like meditation and acupuncture are great ways to manage stress and in many cases relieve stress but they do not address the root of the problem, and fail to bring the whole person into view.

The mandala Wellness Center has become a leading hub for Integrative medicine in the Quad City region of the midwest. It will be equipped to run mid to large-sized events, yoga, meditation, colon hydrotherapy, and many other wellness programs. Additional centers will be strategically placed across the Nation as the business expands coast to coast.

The Mandala MD Application

The Mandala MD Application will introduce and educate the end user on the benefits of adopting a Wellness mind-set into daily life. This will also educate people on the benefits of using health and life coaches. Mandala MD users will also have the ability to connect with Health Coaches, Life Coaches, and Practitioners on demand. Mandala Integrative Medicine can assist patients with medical alternatives to address the root cause of disease and discomfort through proprietary supplements which can be ordered and fulfilled through the Mandala MD application and online. Several unique plans can be purchased by the patient, and custom plans can be tailored for individuals who subscribe at higher levels.

Pill packs will be delivered on a monthly basis, or as prescribed by Mandala Practitioners to suite the need for each patient. Mandala Integrative medicine clinics will address gut issues people are dealing with. According to many health experts, 90% of all diseases begin in the gut. Mandala will provide gut health tests for patients to provide samples through the mail to gain gut microbiome information to better treat patients. These tests can be completed from the comfort of home. Part of Mandala’s protocol will be using medicinal marijuana or CBD oils when applicable in addressing gut health and/or other health concerns. Using Gut health in conjunction with CBD to address anxiety, pain, auto-immune disease, and many other ailments will create a powerful protocol and help patients along with their path to overall wellness.

Traction & Accomplishments

For over five years, Mandala Integrative Medicine has been the leading source of holistic medical healing in the Midwest area and beyond with their home office in Davenport, Iowa. Their flagship clinic provides wellness solutions for a robust client base, dealing with illnesses that many patients say other doctors were unable to address. Through its focus on gut health, Mandala has developed an approach to healing that emphasizes holistic treatment and preventative wellness choices while emphasizing the patient’s capacity to take control of her or his well-being. Mandala’s caring, attentive staff has built a thriving wellness business with a reputation for excellence that is steadily gaining national attention.

Mandala focuses on the science of the gut biome and gut health, and under the leadership of Dr. Sayeed A. Shah has gained national attention for its approach, as seen in Dr. Shah’s TEDx talk. Mandala patients report results in addressing ailments that other physicians had no success with in the past. And that is just the beginning. As Mandala moves into the cannabis industry in 2019, that foundation in the wellness industry will be deployed to capitalize on the latest national health trend - medical marijuana, which is poised to become an explosive, multi-billion-dollar market.

How We're Different

The popularity of Mandela’s approach, which has reached an extensive audience through the Mandala website and the TEDx talk of Dr. Sayeed A. Shah, has led to the development of a national network of like-minded doctors. Mandala is poised to launch “Mandala MD,” a smartphone app that takes the clinic’s healing approach and expands its reach through technology and its capacity for connectivity. People across the country can now become Mandala clients. They are able to access both high-quality information in media formats such as video and podcasts and also connect to the national network of doctors that Mandala has cultivated as part of its growing reputation. Through the Mandala MD app, Medications and holistic supplements can be tailored to meet the needs of each patient and fulfilled on a scheduled regimen. Everyone can have access to top-level concierge medicine through the app without the hassle and cost of finding a local doctor to meet the patients’ needs. Mandal MD users will also be able to get medical advice and treatment recommendations from licensed physicians. Mandala is online and is creating a market for a virtual POS of medical services and referrals.

The emerging medical cannabis market will dramatically expand Mandala’s reach in the wellness industry. As medical marijuana has become increasingly available across the United States, the lack of doctors who are knowledgeable in its medicinal properties and use means supply will bottleneck until more doctors are trained in the medical applications of its derivatives. At Mandala, doctors trained in the integrative medical approach are well-versed in all kinds of alternative treatments and supplements, including those derived from cannabis. Mandala holds a unique position through its existing network to be able to manage a large number of clients seeking recommendations for cannabis supplements.

Our Team

Sayed A. Shah MD - CEO/Co-Founder

Integrative Medicine and Gut health Expert 

Dr. Sayed Shah grew up in Karachi, Pakistan. He attended and graduated St. Patrick’s High School in Karachi, then completed his premed studies from DJ Science College, Karachi. He received his Bachelor of Medical Sciences (MBBS) degree from DOW Medical College, Karachi in 1998. In 2001, he started his residency in internal medicine at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. In 2004, he finished his residency and moved to the Quad Cities to start his first job as a primary physician working for Community Healthcare in Moline, Illinois. In 2007, he started working as a full-time hospitalist, or physician whose primary focus is the general medical care of hospitalized patients for Trinity Hospital in Rock Island, Illinois. He worked there until 2013 and then joined the Dubuque Internal Medicine Group as a full-time hospitalist from 2013 to 2014. Soon after moving to the Quad Cities, Dr. Shah and his wife, Ambreen, found out their son Roshaan had autism. After the initial shock wore off, they started doing their own research and started utilizing functional medicine principles. They primarily manipulated Roshaan’s diet and used specific supplements, along with other related therapies. After rigorous work, they saw amazing changes in Roshaan. The success with Roshaan, along with his observations working in the hospital and clinics, led Dr. Shah to adjust his focus more towards integrative medicine. In his professional rounds, he saw that patients were just being treated symptomatically with no emphasis on prevention and lifestyle changes. In 2014, Dr. Shah, Ambreen and his brother-in-law Farrakh Khawaja opened Mandala Integrative Medicine in Davenport, Iowa. In 2015, Farrakh’s wife Rumaisa, who is a life coach, joined the team. In 2018, Dr. Shah will have earned his fellowship in functional medicine through the University of Arizona Functional Medicine program. Integrative medicine is personalized medicine dealing with the root causes of disease, instead of just treating symptoms. Dr. Shah will search for underlying triggers contributing to your health problems through cutting-edge lab testing, and he will create a customized protocol for your specific needs as a unique individual. The Wellness team at Mandala Integrative Medicine, in keeping with Dr. Shah’s philosophy, takes an individualized approach to assist each patient heal herself or himself. Dr. Shah still works part-time as a hospitalist and is also the medical director of Premier Estate of Muscatine, a nursing home in Muscatine, Iowa. He strongly believes that for most of the acute and life-threatening problems, traditional Western medicine is the best. Dr. Shah is board certified in internal medicine. Dr. Shah, Ambreen, Roshaan and Imaan, their daughter, live in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Farrakh Khawaja - President/Co-Founder

US Veteran and Integrative Lifestyle Expert 

Farrakh Khawaja is a US Army veteran whose background is in marketing and sales. He has managed Mandala Integrative Medicine since its inception. Previous positions include International Marketing Manager at Dish Network. Farrakh was able to overcome his anxiety and PTSD issues he was struggling with by adopting an Integrative lifestyle. Farrakh’s mission is to build awareness of integrative medicine and a its practices across the U.S.

Sarah Stevens - Clinic Director


Sarah Stevens is the Executive Director at Lead(h)er, a startup nonprofit that connects women with experienced leaders to fuel career and community engagement. Throughout her professional career, Sarah has held numerous leadership positions in corporate healthcare, including Director of Outpatient Services for Genesis Health Systems.

Rumaisa Rahman Khawaja - Life/Relationship Coach and Creative Director

Relationship Expert 

Rumaisa is Certified in Social and Emotional Intelligence and is currently in the Masters Program at the Wright Graduate University For the Realization of Human Potential. Rumaisa specializes in conflict resolutions, processing emotions, relationships, career and personal development. Rumaisa coaches people to push through their fears and personal blocks that are holding them back from living the life they never saw possible.

GOBOXY - Software Development

App Developer 

Boxy is a digital consulting firm that offers all your business consulting needs, specializing in digital marketing and technology services, for every application on any platform. Our developers and designers are the best in the business and understand how to make technology work for you. We know what it takes to make your business excel both online and off. For more information on Boxy, visit

Amanda Glaus - Health Coach

Integrative Nutrition Expert 

Amanda Glaus is a Certified Health Coach. She has received her training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Amanda will lead workshops on nutrition and offer health and nutrition coaching to individuals and groups who want to improve their health. She has been in the healthcare profession for over 20 years. Her mission in life is to help individuals heal through nutrition and create happy, healthy lives in a way that is rewarding and free of disease. You will discover the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. Here is her personal story on how she became a Nutrition coach. 10 years ago I was driving home after working out of town and started to feel my body go numb. I was having trouble breathing, I broke out into a cold sweat and felt a tingling sensation and I was having trouble focusing .My heart was racing. I pulled over thinking that I was having a heart attack or a stroke. My symptoms didn’t subside. I called 911. They came and took me by ambulance straight to the hospital. They ran a bunch of different tests. They found nothing wrong with me except that I was dehydrated because I had the flu a couple days before. They got me hydrated, monitored me for a couple hours and sent me on my way. 18 months later I was still searching for answers and it felt like a lifetime! I tried all traditional Western medicine doctors during this time and treated with specialists like an Endocronologist, Internist, Gastroenterologist etc… My symptoms continued to get worse during this time. Panic attacks and severe anxiety kept me from leaving my house. I was not able to even help raise our 4 children either. Chronic fatigue, weight loss, digestive issues, insomnia and you name it! I spent a lot of time in bed sick. No quality of life. A good friend of mine recommended a Center where her mom went for treatment for breast cancer and she was healed naturally. So, I thought I must give them a try. The doctor told me that I was in good hands but said you are a “complicated situation”. After a number of tests and an entire evaluation on me we started the healing process that has brought me back to a normal life. It was a long road but we got there. One of the first things I changed was my diet even though I thought I was eating healthy. Nutrition was a big part of my healing process.

Keith Dula - Digital Marketing Intern

Social Media and Digital Marketing 

Keith Dula is a Social Media Marketing intern who helps support and grows Mandala through networking. Before starting at Mandala Integrative Medicine, Keith spent 3 years at CVRN, Inc a Media company in the U.S. Co-Editor for the First Augmented Reality Magazine in the Cannabis Industry "Applied Cannabis". Keith enjoys his two Dogs and Fiance(no particular order?) and watching reruns of that 70's show on Netflix to have Fez remind me to have an "I Said Good day".

Morgan Silvan - Account Manager


Morgan Silvan is an Account Manager for Mandala Integrative Medicine. She oversees the day to day operations of the front of the office as well as the overall standing of all the client/patient accounts.

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