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the new digital media platform from Tree Goat Media dedicated to helping listeners, creators, and sponsors make the most out of audio. MARBYL is the SEO, the Canva, and the AdWords of audio, all at once.

Our proprietary technology transforms digital audio content into highly engaging, highly sharable, visually enhanced, topic-based segments.

By providing a visual delivery system for audio conversations, MARBYL literally brings “I See What You Mean” to life, making it easy to find, share, create, connect with, and sponsor the ideas that matter to you.

Podcasting is the fastest-growing content platform in the digital media universe.

But you wouldn’t know that by looking at the advertising numbers.

The reason for the disconnect?

Digital audio is just not optimized for the way human beings engage in the digital world.

There’s a world of value inside digital audio that’s waiting to be unlocked. 
MARBYL is the key.

MARBYL makes digital audio:

So that listeners, creators, and sponsors alike can make the most of the audio experiences that are meaningful to them. 

MARBYL makes digital audio work better for everyone. 

Our proprietary technology segments audio into complete - thematically unified - thoughts. We’re in the midst of integrating autonomous technology to streamline the segmenting process.

Each complete thought is then matched and optimized with meta-tags and keyword-rich text based on its core subject.

Each enriched thought is then paired with a *storytelling visual asset* in a trending format that complements its core topic.

*This unique bundle of indexed audio segment plus visual asset is called a “marbyl”. Users can search for marbyls that are relevant to them, or browse recommended marbyls based on their interests and listening history.

Once a marbyl is created, users can easily share it across email and social, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. From there, a listener’s friends may click the marbyl to open it in their own MARBYL player, or on the website.

Marbyl gives advertising partners the ability to sponsor highly targeted content related to subjects and keywords that are relevant to their brands.

Sponsors get their own “feeds” of their sponsored marbyls, as well as an internal dashboard designed to give them visibility into performance of all their sponsored content.

Up next: finalizing development of the MARBYL platform, so we can get MARBYL into the hands -- and earbuds -- of the listeners and content creators we’ve created it to help.

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Michael Kakoyiannis, Co-Founder & CEO
Over the past 30 years, Mike has held CEO and senior executive-level positions in the broadcasting and digital technology industries, such as Metromedia Broadcasting, Metromedia Technologies, Westwood One, SiriusXM, and Internet start-ups Stellar Networks, NCI Mobility, and ROO. He founded Big City Radio and took it public, completing a $28M IPO and $17M public debt acquisition. His early years were shaped in sales and marketing at P&G and CBS Radio.

Sherry Mills, Co-Founder & Creative Director
Sherry is a multi-media artist, writer, and podcaster. Her more recent work has involved custom-crafting commissioned box art and audio based on people’s lives. Connecting with others one-on-one, and on a deep level as necessitated by the nature of her product offering, strengthened her ability to inspire and pull emotional and entertaining content out of her subjects.

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