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Quick Pitch

We are putting the science back into politics allowing voters to find their best political candidate based on the voters interests!

If your vote is your voice.

 If knowledge is power. 

 Then Give yourself the knowledge. 

And the power. 

 Give yourself will be a web-based political accountability concept that will do two important things using our smart wizard:

- Match a candidate to you based on what is in your best interest (similar to a dating site.) because you will not find a candidate this is 100% matched to represent you.


-Help you keep track of the elected officials you feel are having the greatest impact on your life through the use of text alerts and a user friendly interface with links to follow politicians listed in our exhaustive database. We are a smart and savvy people, but at the end of the day most of us are not willing to dedicate our lives to watch-dogging the government... and for good reason too. It would be just as bad to micromanage our government as it would be to outright ignore it. 

Product/Service Details

Our best bet lies in having a more informed voice in whatever elections we participate in. It doesn't mean we all need to become political scientists like the Sunday Morning pundits.   Unfortunately, the mass media can only disseminate so much information to us in the short time we have each day.. Therefore, we the people have to find a more efficient way to keep tabs on the issues that don't always make headlines, but still impact our will help bridge this time and information gap.

Traction & Accomplishments

We have a place holder website working provides information on our mission and what 's planned for the next phase-our next goal is it get the matching wizard created and to have the best researchers, those passionate about politics, to help us build the website and services.  We are planning to have a final launch by the 2014 Presidential primaries.  

We are working madly in the background on our buisness development, marketing, and technical goals.  By Nov. 22, 2013 we will have our official company logo!!

Of course we haven't left out social networking:

- Find us on Facebook at:  Matchvoter

-Find us on Twitter at:  @matchvoter

Meet Our Team

Adam Rendon - CEO


Adam is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio with a BA Degree in Geography. He is driven by questioning and searching facts. He chose a degree in Geography because it is a science based on facts and Geography provides an ideal framework for relating other fields of knowledge . The elevation of a mountain top, the coordinates of a city, the land mass of an island are things that are not debatable. It's with this passion for science that Adam can foresee how the facts of a politician's record can help change our power of voting.

Marlien Rendon - COO


Marlien is a graduate of the University of Incarnate Word with a BA in Education. Her passion for leaning and sharing information with others is endless. In the complicated world of politics she wants to know the facts quickly and she wants to share those facts with others.

How We're Different

We are different because we will never be involved in partisan politics.  The science behind our work will be based solely on documented facts, and any misstep of information will be rectified immediately.  The power can belong back to the people and our power is knowledge and action.  We will work with you to make the politicians accountable. 

Adam and Marlien will bring together the passion for creativity and making a difference in our society where everyday citizens can make the most impact in their lives. In the beginning steps of MatchVoter, Adam and Marlien will run operations out of their home, even recruiting their two sons to help get the work out on how important it is to vote. "Friend or foe" we need your support because we are on a mission to reshape the power of voting.

"I don't always have the time or information to know which candidate is going to represent my best interest. I bet that many people feel the same way too." -Adam Rendon


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