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Mathematical Modeling, Inc. (MMI) is a technology company offering DynaKrypt®, the most advanced, dynamic, and impregnable cybersecurity solution. DynaKrypt® can be adapted by individuals, small-businesses, large corporations, and governmental entities. DynaKrypt® does not produce any recognizable patterns for hackers to find vulnerabilities.



        Here is a simplified explanation of how Encryption and Decryption works: Suppose you have a house, with important and personal information you want to safeguard and protect from unauthorized forces. In order to protect your personal information, you install locks for the house, and the only way access can be granted is if the right key is used for the lock. Keys can be any shape and size. Some keys may have 16 grooves, others may have 32 grooves, and the locks and keys do not change with time.

        With DynaKrypt®, the key length, key type, and lock type are dynamic. Without the right dynamic parameters to open the lock, the key will not fit, and those unauthorized forces are not permitted access to your home.




boasts 40 necessary and flexible features. 
Some notable features are:

Mission Impossible Mode

One can set how data can be interacted with after a user encrypts said data, such as self-destructing itself after based on a time limit, by incorrect attempts with the correct decryption key, and how long data is able to be viewed before it is wiped from the system.

Duress Mode

For users who view security urgency as the utmost importance and need to prevent data from being leaked out to the public. One can log in under duress, and the program disables the paper trail of what the user is doing on the program, so they cannot let a thief backtrack on said user’s actions.



Dr. Frederick J. Foreman, CEO and President 
Oversees the executive side of the company, and has the ultimate say in the company direction. Dr. Foreman has over 36 years of industrial experience in Information Technology, manufacturing, process, and mechanical design. He has 40 inventions in information processing, software modeling of random behavior, numerical analysis, developing processes that support materials processing, alternative energy, and manufacturing from conception, pilot plant, startup, and production.

A. Khalid Muhammad, CFO and CSO
Mr. Khalid Muhammad oversees the security and financial operations of the company, and has the final say in financing and security measures. Mr. Khalid Muhammad serves as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for MMI. Mr. Muhammad has over 23 years of experience in accounting including working with a multi-national global organization. Mr. Muhammad has represented companies in various industries: Technology, Mining, Oil & Gas, Investment Banking, and Coffee & Cocoa industries. Mr. Muhammad also has over 10 years’ experience in security procedures and solutions and designing strategies for security protocols in hostile environments.


Mr. Frederick J. Foreman II, COO and R&D Director 
Mr. Frederick J. Foreman II serves as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) for MMI. Mr. Frederick J. Foreman II  has unique experiences in handling research and development operations for software development processes that lead to security patents. Mr. Frederick J. Foreman II has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. 

Nadene H. Foreman, Chief Assistant Officer and EAO 
Mrs. Nadene H. Foreman oversees the administrative tasks of the company. Mrs. Nadene H. Foreman serves as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for MMI and has over 30 years of experience in the management of business operations from Maxie, McAlpin, Walmart, and Wegmans. She has several certificates in the management of business operations including being a Certified Licensed Cosmetologist and has education at the University of Cincinnati in its management program.

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