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PariMarga makes it easy to find the medical service providers that are right for you, whenever and wherever you need them. Our search tool makes it simple to find local providers based on your specific needs and ensures the information you see is accurate. Our map-based navigation function helps you get to the facility, and our notification tool helps to keep you from missing an appointment by sending an automated reminder just when it’s the time to leave for the appointment.

It’s not always easy to find the medical service provider that’s right for you. Information found via search engines can be vague, outdated, and not very helpful.

You may unexpectedly need timely medical assistance, need to find a local doctor, or need to visit a pharmacy. This becomes even more difficult when you’re traveling and aren’t familiar with the area or available medical service providers. Inadequate search engine results make finding the right medical service provider even more of a nightmare.

That’s why we created PariMarga, an app that serves as your most trusted source of information regarding medical service providers.

While you should always call 911 in case of an emergency, PariMarga is ideal for an array of other types of medical situations.

Whether you need a pharmacy, doctor, facility with walk in availability, or any of a variety of factors, the app lets you search for nearby medical service providers that meet your specific needs.

Our map-based navigation tool makes it easy to get to your selected medical service provider, and our appointment reminder feature ensures you won’t miss an appointment or be late for it. The reminders are set in a fashion that it provides you enough lead time to be at the facility right in time.

For medical service providers, PariMarga helps you get discovered by new patients and makes sure they’re getting correct information about your facility and services.

PariMarga offers a variety of features to help users find the right medical service provider.

Tailored Search
Our search function is customizable to ensure you get exactly the results you need. Whether you’re looking for local medical service providers, offices with walk in availability, or a variety of other factors, our search tool helps you find the right medical service provider for you.

Save Search Results
Sign into your account to save your search results and access them in the future, should you need them. You can also choose to discard your search results.

Appointment Scheduling and Reminders
Once the appointment is confirmed, the user will get reminders to ensure they don’t miss the appointment. This feature will also serve as a confirmation tool for the medical service provider to verify that the user is aware of the appointment date and time.

Map-Based Navigation
Our mapping and navigation service helps make sure the user arrives to the medical service provider on time. Our tool offers driving details, estimated travel time, and can alert the user when it’s time to leave based on route availability.

Additional Services for Medical Service Providers
Staffing: This B2B service will help medical service providers and medical facilities search for and hire for medical staff, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.

Marketing Surveys and Updates: This B2B service will enable the publishing of marketing surveys and results to participating medical services providers.

We’ll continue making strides to get our quality product out into the market.

We’ve also acquired a patent for the application of the Performance Tracker technology and that would be our next product following the launch of PariMarga.

Continue Product Development
The prototype for PariMarga is complete and we’re putting on the final touches in tech development so we can pilot it and eventually launch it. We would be adding newer features based on the Market Learning capability we intend to put to use.

Expand Marketing Efforts and Grow Customer Base
We’ll utilize social media, advertising, and other promotional platforms to reach users who will be using the app to find medical service providers.

We plan to reach medical service professionals through direct mail, phone calls, and with the assistance of a marketing agency. We’ll also keep a presence as medical seminars and conferences to attract medical professionals.

Expand Business Operations
Once we achieve adequate market share in the United States, we will expand our operations to Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa, South America and India.

Develop Additional Products
We aim to develop a performance tracker that allows runners to monitor and improve their performance. We also plan to create a hybrid solution combining PariMarga and the performance tracker to provide all the functionality of both apps within one product.

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Mayank Trivedi | Founder & Strategist | Mayank evaluates ideas from a business perspective. Trivedi is an MBA graduate from India with 19+ years of experience in information security, governance risk and compliance services across the industry. Trivedi also helped provide the initial financial investments needed to research and evaluate business propositions.

Rajni Trivedi | Founder and Quality Evaluator for the Business Idea | An SQA by profession, Rajni is the brains behind product quality testing and evaluation of prototypes for functionality, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).


Vaibhav Bhandari | Product Ideator for Performance Tracker | Vaibhav initiated the overall patentable concept for the Performance Tracker. Vaibhav has an MBA in Finance from India and 13+ years of experience in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR).

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