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According to The Economist, data is the new oil.  MAXset is the refinery for today’s clean-data fueled world. MAXset changes how organizations and individuals interact with data for this generation and the next.  We use AI powered algorithms that automatically structures raw and ambiguous data with machine based intelligence, preserving words and text. The transformed and deterministic results are produced in the most widely used format – CSV, ready for business intelligence.

Not only are we the newest and fastest refinery for the clean-data era, we are unmatched in our unique, automated and deterministic solution.

Meaning when we process your data in record time, it is processed 100% by machine, i.e. no human intervention, unlike our competitors.

MAXset makes sense of big data and “boring documents”* faster than anyone, reducing the ETL process by orders of magnitude.  For users, MAXtransform delivers lab-tested productivity gains of 5X to 10X per document.

Even the multi-structured and unmanaged data that exists within the depths of your organization can be turned into actionable business requirements and analysis with MAXtransform, our AI-powered search and data management solution.  MAXset produces a complete, accurate and intuitively-sorted CSV file of insights of your “dreary” data.  We have set speed records* in the ability to automate text structuring. We have achieved processing speeds of over 1 GB per hour of unstructured data per CPU - doing what takes the competition days, weeks, and sometimes months, using much more computing power to do so. 

MAXset turns all those text-based documents, like blogs, contracts, emails and regulations with machine-based accuracy into answer driven “DOCsheets” of the originals, but easier to read and understand.  If it’s text, we provide a better structure.  Do you want a keyword list that instantly links you to the information? You got it.  Do you want to find key information in seconds? A snap.  You want to understand complexities of documents usually reserved for MBAs, attorneys, or engineers? It’s yours with MAXset’s DOCsheets.

* Quote from a Google Technical Writer at Seattle meetup challenges and demonstrations besting Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM per CPU. June 2017. 

Who knew the digits 0 and 1 could be so profitable?  Lucrative revenue generation opportunities are coming to light for companies in all industries through data optimization.  But beneath this trove of opportunity lurks dark data: a type of untagged, unstructured, and untapped data that has yet to be analyzed or processed. This market represents $60 to $70 billion in underused and unrealized information. Trillions of terabytes of complex and dark data are produced daily by our customer base, in the form of chats, docs, emails, logs, pdfs, text files, and other miscellaneous writings.  In fact, this "boring" data doubles in size globally every 180 days. MAXset has a solution to this data deluge.

According to Unisphere 2016 research, dark data is also contributing greatly to the “information overload”.  Sixty-seven percent of all Executives and 78% of all DBA’s agree that data complexity is growing internally across the enterprise.  In order to properly document their business requirements and processes, companies in all industries are forced to manually sift through a vast data landscape for specific information - data that’s often hidden “on the dark side”.

Whether it’s a lawyer reviewing case files, a CFO filing their quarterlies, or a Business Analyst searching for requirements,  a variety of issues arise when it comes to dealing with dark data:

  • No single view of "out of sight" documents, forcing misuse of time, and endless searching;
  • Inability to open documents in platforms other than Microsoft Word or PDF;
  • Data Workers and Business Analysts spend up to 80% of their time extracting, transforming and loading data;
  • Issues of accuracy using current semi-manual data structuring tools.

This textual data burden causes lost ROI opportunities. Almost 70% of all Fortune 500 companies agree a solution to combat the dark data problem is needed now. A single can’t-miss solution has yet to be available, until now. 

*Unisphere 2016 study

MAXset automation turns a company’s jumbled dark data into uniquely easy-to-read DOCsheets that are ready for analytics and decision making.  Our platform leverages AI to create search-ready indices of billions of dark data files. 

Our proprietary software sorts all written text into 5 simple, infinitely scalable and relevant categories that are easily sifted through.  Thanks to record-setting speed, DOCsheets seamlessly integrate into existing production environments. Our CSV output is the fuel for successful business analytics. 

For data scientists, this saves time (80% less than editing raw text) and money (less wasted labor) while measurably increasing overall productivity just hours after onboarding.

A question for busy professionals out there: how long would it take you to read through 500,000 emails?  MAXset transforms them all into a CSV document, organized into 5-understandable categories, faster than anyone.  This remarkably efficient process is directed by our groundbreaking MAXset technology - which possesses the ability to break down written text and reproduce it in a relevant and structured format.  

MAXtransform’s proprietary and trade secret concepts and algorithms use proven data science methods.  Our pipeline captures, organizes, and infuses any textual data with AI-enabled inference engines - intuitively sorting all of your dark and raw text.

More features and benefits we offer and will be implementing to create value for data-driven businesses worldwide:

Automatic discovery of redundant, contradictory and missing information

Improved efficiency for business requirements discovery

The ability to process GBs of raw data in hours, compared to the 1-10MBs our competitors' process per week or month

At MAXset, we are moving quickly as a company and have accomplished quite a bit already as a founding team.  In only 9 months’ time, we turned what was just a sketchpad version of our platform into a functional product that serves as the foundation for a market-ready version.  Here are just a few more important achievements we’ve amassed to date:

Up and running
MAXtransform has processed thousands of books and documents and thousands of federal, state, and local code regulation documents with consistent results.  Millions of emails have also been processed - including 500,000+ from one source in record time.

Getting great feedback
Feedback has been nothing but positive from enterprise players like Google, Nordstrom, Zodiac Aerospace as well as Legal and Life Sciences.  We obtained valuable social proof when we demonstrated our technology in front of a live Seattle Data Science Meetup audience.

Putting together a partner network
We are in discussions with a number of potential customers and distribution partners.  We are building relationships with various universities around the country, including MIT, University of Washington and Seattle University.

IT infrastructure in place
At MAXset, we are well-equipped to take on a huge uptick in business with a powerful XEON server that we own.

MAXset currently has the capability to handle millions of documents per day. We are making access to our services simply with a link from BOX to and from our updated website  This is the first step in offering a true Data Structuring as a Service portal.

Future endeavors that will support this direction include:

Completing build-out of a PII Extractor that quickly and
deterministically detects all personal information in documents;(75% complete, 100% by 2018*)

Sentiment and content analysis of “dirty” blogs and chat streams; (75% complete, 100% by 2018*)

API integration with BOX; (80% complete, 100% by 2018*)

The creation of topic modeling and summarization tools to provide even better analysis; (50% Completed August 2017, 100% by 2018*)

A website scraping tool to create competitive and sentiment analysis; (Competed by 2018*)

Development of a “chatbot” (Completed by early 2018*)

Text to Voice and Voice to AI search. (Completed by 2018*)

The MAXset vision traces back to 1993 when our Founder and CEO, Kerry “Kal” LeBlanc Fultz,  worked at Microsoft, Nordstrom and Boeing in a variety of technical and management roles.  His groundbreaking paper, “SKYSET”, on the synthesis of social translations, co-published in 2015, is the underpinning to MAXset.  Kal has achieved a number of major technology breakthroughs, such as the first wireless experience with Microsoft Windows and the first testing of a Boeing 787-8 and the 747-8i.  Kal has equivalent to a 3rd degree black belt in MMA.

Thanks to a powerful analytical mind and an IQ of 150, Devon has become a guru in a variety of coding languages.  He earned a Computer Science degree at the top of his class from Western Washington University - and now leads the engineering and development of MAXset software. Currently a founder with 7.5% membership shares/ownership.

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