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MAZARINE is built on a passion for product design and boating, combined with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit.  Since 2018, we’ve been hell-bent on revolutionizing the boating experience.

Boaters who love their boats shouldn’t have to settle for second-best when it comes to dock boxes. But plain, white, and boring was the name of the game until MAZARINE started to play. Now boaters can protect their gear and look great doing it.


Moldy. Rusty. Risky. Boring.

These are not words boating enthusiasts want to associate with their passion.

Unfortunately, when it comes to traditional dock boxes, there aren’t many options. The dock boxes currently on the market all look the same — white, square, and boring. They’re poorly ventilated, easily damaged and not terribly secure, with personalization that peaks at a cheap decal.

Jamin Finlaw learned this lesson the hard way. After spending a great day on the water with his family, he tossed the life jackets in his dock box. When he pulled them out before the next adventure, they were unusable, covered with mold and mildew.

The dock box issue floated around at the back of his mind until he was heading out on a diving trip with friends. They passed gorgeous property with an impressive yacht — and a crummy, dull dock box. That was Finlaw’s A-HA moment.

He had to find a better way for those who love the water to protect their boating gear, and better words for high-end dock boxes worthy of their boats.


How about sturdy? Secure? Stunning? How about MAZARINE?

MAZARINE developed a line of luxury marine storage products that serve as vibrant showcase pieces for boat and yacht enthusiasts.

We know that boat owners take great pride in their vessels, and we believe that our premium performance will allow them to take their boat ownership to the next level.

A backlit aluminum alloy sign proudly displays the boat name or logo, with additional options for customization. And MAZARINE dock boxes are more than just pretty on the outside.

The fiberglass construction offers increased durability. A MAZARINE features a 3,000 pound electronic lock mechanism and keyless entry for advanced security. The dehumidifier protects contents from moisture and internal lights help boaters find what they need.  Solar panels keep the lithium ion batteries charged to power the device.

MAZARINE is dedicated to redefining what the boating experience can be by providing the best dock boxes on the planet.


Designed, built and assembled in Panama City Beach, Florida, our luxury dock box standard features include:

Our standard features make sure MAZARINE products stand out, but the finishing touch on each dock box is the customized boat name sign created from commercial grade aluminum alloy and backlit with LEDs — a stunning beacon for the boat slip.


Development | We conducted twelve months of R&D in 2018-19 leading to our product release at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in November of 2019.

Patents | We hold four design patents and two utility patents, with plans for six to eight additional patents in Q1 2022. A patent attorney sits on our board and handles all patent filings free of charge to create value in our portfolio of Intellectual Property.

Manufacturing | MAZARINE has partnered with Sterling Technologies and designed an ULTRAMold manufacturing process for MAZARINE mass market production.

Distribution | We have distribution agreements in place with more than 15 companies including Ultimate Marine, Fathom Marine, Denison Yachting and CJ Marine Group, with additional agreements in discussion. 

Partnerships | We have partnerships in place or in progress with DockIQ, EasyLift USA and SELA Marine Group.

Media | We’ve been featured on Discovery Channel, Great Lakes Scuttlebutt, The Shrimp Tank and Bob’s No Wake Zone on KRMS radio.


“To have a beautiful dock box this secure that keeps the contents dry and boldly displays our boat name to passersby made our owner so happy. Nothing like coming in after a long day out and seeing our dock box lit up and calling us home! “Gary

“These dock boxes are next level! This company has created such an awesome, innovative product that no one has ever thought to do before. I’m excited for my MAZARINE to be delivered and put to use!” Rachel

“MAZARINE has dramatically improved our boating lifestyle. He took an old often gross dock box and provided a brand new, luxurious, and always dry dock box that has stood the test of time. I highly recommend MAZARINE!” Beck

"Just had our custom case delivered and heading to the Canary Islands!!! Can't wait to get this thing on the dock and show folks around the world! These guys are 100% first class and do a fantastic product!”Zach


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