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MediBid: Fast Facts
The marketplace for medicine

Biggest Problem In Healthcare Today
The marketplace for medicine

MediBid recognized that the status quo -- where the insurance companies and hospitals negotiate secretly behind closed doors -- was the cause of unsustainable cost model.

Thus, we incorporated full transparency and competition into our model.

Insurance companies never suggest centers of excellence, or different modalities of care.

Our model starts with a case review and second opinion, then allows the best practitioner in that field to bid on that episode of care.

MediBid is the Solution
The marketplace for medicine

We work with the health plan language to put reasonable caps on reimbursements.

How It Works
The marketplace for medicine

When an employee realizes that pre-planned medical care is needed, that person makes a request for care, like what a consumer might do when searching for a flight or hotel room.

The employee will receive:

  • Second opinions
  • Bids from potentially thousands of doctors in 13 countries outlining their outcomes
  • Quality and experience
  • Procedure details

Since the doctors bidding see the median bid placed over the last 6 months, they usually return a competitive bid.

Traction & Accomplishments
The marketplace for medicine

We have achieved seamless integration with a large client with 82,000 households, allowing them to log in through their own portal to make a request.

New features have been added, including auto-bid, the cost estimator, and linking categories, to allow built-in second opinions.

Employers see how hands-on we are with their employees, and how a stressful situation can turn into a pleasant one. Unlike the PPO model, where the patient is all alone, we have patient advocates, and people who study a second opinion to help them make a sound decision.

Provisional patent will be filed in February on a business process created in July 2019

We have partnerships with many brokers and consultants, as well as medical management companies. This includes TPA’s, medical negotiating companies, advocates, etc.

Capturing Media Attention
The marketplace for medicine

MediBid has been promoted on a wide variety of shows and networks and within a variety of publications:

As well as many others

Meet The Team
The marketplace for medicine

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