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Medical Supply Chain: Fast Facts

Medical Supply Chain’s story starts with founder Samuel Lipari, who witnessed families struggle with the choice between medications and groceries. Then when Lipari started setting up practice management and accounting systems for healthcare facilities, he witnessed office staff struggling to locate and manage medical supplies.

Medical Supply Chain 2.0 is the next chapter in this story. Adding functionality and savings to its previous adopted marketplace, Medical Supply Chain 2.0 is now an open source, open enrollment, multi-supplier, multi-storefront marketplace serving consumers, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

High Costs of Healthcare

With national healthcare expenditures (NHE) expected to hit $6.2 trillion by 2028, leaders in public policy and healthcare professionals as well as consumers share an ever-increasing concern about the healthcare markets ability to provide quality, effective and affordable patient care.

Efforts to reduce healthcare costs rarely move beyond the conversation stage and any significant change would require widespread adoption from a variety of supply initiatives all of which have been incorporated into the services and solutions offered by the medical  marketplace of Medical Supply Chain 2.0.

In the meantime, costs will continue to rise while consumers and patients pay a huge price for optimal medical care.

Offering Access
and Affordability 

Medical Supply Chain 2.0 is working hard to build accessibility and affordability in all the services and tools it offers. As a multi-suppliers, multi-storefront marketplace built on a superior technology backbone the Company can produce the lasting results needed to lower costs and increase access to life saving products and services. 

By combining 35 years of marketplace knowledge with select services from leading technology vendors, the Company is producing integrated marketplace solutions without the high capital costs of proprietary development or endless systems management. 

Drop Shipping is All You Need
to Sell Products

Suppliers and Manufacturers need only to dropship in order to take full advantage of the Company services and no sales and marketing or development teams are necessary.

Drop ship suppliers are provided open access to a unique group of business tools and services that reduces costs and increase profits.

When you shop with us, consumers, caregivers and healthcare providers know they are getting the highest quality at the lowest costs. 

Medical Supply Chain Features

While most retailers have an online presence, none has a nationally identifiable brand like “Medical Supply Chain” and none offer manufacturers or suppliers the high level of behind-the-scenes technologies, services and support.

Our operations feature research and development, systems and process engineering, data production, document management, graphics design, sales and marketing, procurement, fulfillment, implementation, installation, training and support throughout the entire supply chain process. 

Leading The Supply Chain Race 

Product Development
The Company has completed a fully functional HIPPA compliant supply chain marketplace, complete with App’s for Apple and Android devices. Additional developments include a familiar store front experience for our customers shopping on Amazon, Google, Walmart and eBay which also provides more exposure for the products and services offered by our manufacturer and supplier members.

Customer Acceptance
The products and services we serve are healthcare centric and provide a greater opportunity for optimum patient care to consumers, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

Additional Opportunities
Throughout 2022 and each consecutive year the Company will reach out to additional markets, channel partners and social networks who provide additional demographic target groups of consumers, caregivers and healthcare  professionals.

Our Winning Team 

Samuel Lipari
Founder, President and COO
Samuel Lipari has more than thirty-five years developing complex procurement systems with cost-efficient market strategies for healthcare and medical-related markets. The healthcare marketplace technology Lipari launched with The Supply has been adopted by every major health system, group purchasing organization and supply consortium focused on supplies for institutional healthcare. Launched in 2000, the technology is considered the gold standard in healthcare institutional markets.  

Dallas L. Alford
As a partner with K-38 Consulting, Dallas Alford brings nearly 16 years of expertise to the table. He has experience with a variety of start-ups, middle-market and international companies, as well as a deep understanding of industry-specific accounting and audit issues faced by these companies. Alford provides contract accounting and business consulting services including fractional CFO/controller and finance department oversight, development and management of budgets/forecasts and profitability analysis.  

Terri Bricker
Corporate Secretary and Administrative Systems Strategist
In a career spanning four decades at Hallmark Cards Inc., Terri Bricker served in several leadership roles requiring strategic development and planning. She will continue to demonstrate her systems and retail execution expertise, developing and maintaining strong business communications and leveraging strategic vision and problem-solving.  

Kit Carson
Platform Development and Systems Engineering
Kit Carson started his career in the military, serving as an operations specialist in the Coast Guard and Navy. His work on classified communication led him to become highly skilled in most language stacks. Carson previously worked with Vecna Robotics and has more than 10 years of web development experience.  

Gage Payne
Project Management and Process Engineering
Gage Payne is an accomplished web developer and designer with more than a decade of web development experience. His code base ranges from JavaScript to C++, as well as nearly everything in between. Gage has personally developed more than 20 websites and has unparalleled expertise in web-based marketing, SEO, and web based app creation.

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