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MidAtlantic Microbials: Fast Facts

Devastating Soil

The widespread and decades-long use of chemical fertilizer and pest control treatments in agriculture has led to massive soil degradation worldwide.

As a result, soil conditions are increasingly disease-friendly and non-aerobic, which lead to problems with compaction, erosion and an overall decline of soil quality.

Current solutions, such as the application of manure, often have adverse effects on the surrounding environment. Runoff carries excess nutrients such as phosphate into local waters, creating toxic algae blooms that harm wildlife.

Simultaneously, the population continues to grow, and with it the demand for increased farm productivity (as much as 70% by the mid-century). The conventional toolkit is unequipped to meet this need.

Today’s “solutions” not only often cause more harm than good, but they lack a critical component: soil biology science.

The Key: Soil Biology Science

MidAtlantic Microbials employs soil biology science to develop 100% natural soil amendments that more efficiently and effectively increase land productivity (as asserted by USDA) while having no adverse effects on the soil or surrounding environment.

Due to the soil science behind our products, we are able to prevent and reverse soil degradation while keeping common  fertilizer nutrients from entering adjacent water systems to negative effect.

MM leverages the natural process of plant-microbe symbiosis to optimize soil conditions, promoting root growth and water absorbency while suppressing disease and erosion.

Our technology has the potential to reclaim soils that have been depleted and even sequester carbon from the air into the ground at a rate greater than the oceans: all leading to a striking effect on plant growth potential and crop yields.

Chemicals either kill the microbial community or cause it to atrophy.

The Science Behind MM Products

Our highly-specialized production process involves composting locally-sourced chicken manure in a controlled environment and enhancing it with healthy soil microorganisms.

As a result of this increased microbial activity during decomposition, organic soil compounds including phosphate become insoluble in water and therefore do not affect local waterways.

Thanks to natural plant-microbe symbiosis, the insoluble organic compounds are readily broken down by soil microbes to make them “plant available” when needed. The plant gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it, and no soluble phosphate is left over.

This process also applies to carbon sourced from the atmosphere, most of which plants deliver to the soil microbes, thus creating promising potential to turn healthy soil into large-scale carbon sequestration sites.


MidAtlantic Microbials achieved proof-of-concept in 2016 and has since scaled to model commercial scale with maximum annual production in the hundreds of tons. Maximum potential revenues from our current single production site exceed $1.5 million, with an EBITDA margin of 51%.

100% of our trials with prospective direct customers have generated repeat orders, and others have approached us without solicitation including 6 large chicken growers who have requested site visits, one of whom has already contracted with us.

MM technology is the first and only in-market with dedicated raw material supplies in place in the Chesapeake region. We have a 5-year development lead for our product and process, as well as critical relationships with government entities, regulators, NGOs and Ag communities. 

We are partnered with the Washington College Center for Environment for a variety of development/funding needs. The Maryland Environmental Service additionally provided early assistance with concept planning. The Maryland Dept of Natural Resources has repeatedly used MM treatments in land reclamation projects.

Senior Management Team

Anthony Biddle, Co-Managing Member, Finance & Admin | Tony developed and managed the Environmental Technology merchant banking practice at JPMorgan Chase. His financing model is now the standard in environmental tech & alternative energy fields.

Dennis Rasmussen, Government Member | Dennis is President of The Rasmussen Group, LLC, and Principal of Rasmussen Swanzey Strategic Partners, LLC. He has more than 40 years of experience both in government (State Senator, Baltimore County Exec) and in private sector business development.

Ohryn Valecourt, Co-Managing Member, Production, Logistics | Mr. Valecourt is a partner at Palmetto Medical Group JV. He brings diverse experience across real estate development, construction and business operations.

Wayne Godwin, Marketing Member  | Mr. Godwin’s 30+ years in business have been as a successful entrepreneur in retail, service and distribution, having founded and sold several companies in this arena.

Ezra Chaouli, Finance Member, CFO | Ezra is active in real estate, energy and environmentally-oriented industrial projects, ranging from an anaerobic digestion company in the western US, to the partial privatization of the Port of Hamburg, Germany.

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