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MidTrade is a peer-to-peer trading platform built specifically for college students. As digitally plugged in as they are, college students love utilizing social platforms to buy and sell goods on campuses, but are sick of the “sketchiness factor” that is inherent on other platforms. MidTrade uniquely creates a safe community for students to transact, hosting all the goods, local specials, housing deals, and discussions that only college students need. 


Another thing the Digital Age has taught them, however, is to not be easily fooled.  Despite their natural fit, adoption of existing peer-to-peer marketplaces like Facebook Groups and Craigslist has been surprisingly low among college kids due to a number of factors:

Marketers are also finding it difficult to earn student attention on college campuses.  Brands looking to capture the student demographic find advertising to be expensive, difficult to target, and largely ineffective.  This, combined with the aforementioned student pain points, leaves a great opportunity for a stronger, safer, more modern solution to enter the market.

Enter MidTrade: the first student-exclusive community that enables the transaction of goods on campuses.  By actually taking the unique lifestyle needs of college students into account, we’re unlocking the full potential of the largely-underserved college P2P market. Our platform builds campus communities into safe and convenient commerce networks through a closed UI specially designed for student posting, searching, and browsing.

MidTrade has successfully harnessed mobile technology to disrupt the way students transact.  A quick registration with their school email, and students can immediately post and purchase any item they like - from a dresser, to news and events, to housing.  

It’s a whole new way to transact on campus safely and efficiently.

Requiring students to register with their university emails eliminates the presence of shady, unsafe people - which is a primary differentiator of MidTrade.  This peace of mind is invaluable ​on today’s college landscape.

We also take pride in being fast and easy to use - thanks to a sleek UI that captures the modern feel students desire.  Once on our dashboard, students pick from four sections:

Secondary user features we’re proud to soon deliver include Group Selling, Paid Post-Promotion, and an Events platform for campus & community events of interest to students.

What started with a snowboard - which our Co-Founder desperately sought to sell while at the US Naval Academy - would eventually result in a prototype website and culminate in the launch of MidTrade.  It’s time to meet the visionaries behind this journey:

Andy Bonn, Co-Founder/COO
Our leader since inception; transitioning out of CEO role
- US Naval Academy graduate with a degree in Astronautical Engineering.
- Obtained leadership skills as Captain & Skipper of the Navy Offshore Sailing Team.  Also led a 12-person engineering team for a NASA-sponsored project.

Riley Weber, CTO/Co-Founder
Responsible for building our development team and for delivering an optimal final product to college students.
- Studied Computer Science at the US Naval Academy and DeSales University.
- Developed MidTrade from scratch and has valuable experience working at two technology companies as a software engineer.

Riley Tart, CMO/Co-Founder
Responsible for developing the marketing campaigns that put MidTrade on the map at Auburn, and rollout plans for other colleges.
-An architecture graduate from Auburn University.
- Design expertise (and fraternity experience!) helped us develop our app, website, logos, and marketing materials.

MidTrade is also very fortunate to receive outside business assistance and leadership from a talented group, consisting of these three executives:

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