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Mighty Trio Organics: Fast Facts

Mighty Trio is a food manufacturer that aligns closely with farmers and producers to bring healthy, regional food products to local and international markets. We currently focus on seed oils and hemp-based food products.


  • We use high-quality, locally grown ingredients and minimal processing
  • Products include infused oils, a hemp seed protein bar, flavored protein powders, and a salad dressing collaboration with Culina Restaurant
  • Collaborating with chefs and restaurants will allow us to create secondary brands
  • We’ve built a trusted brand within the local community
  • All products are created in small batches

Communities Lack Delicious, Healthy Food

Tasty, nutritious food is the cornerstone of human health and culture.

However, most widely available, mass-produced foods are full of empty calories and are lacking in nutrients, flavor and freshness.

This has caused a generation of people to abandon their cultural foods and settle on alternatives that just don’t cut it.

High-Quality, Nutrient-Packed

Mighty Trio Organics creates quality seed oils and hemp-based food products.

By collaborating with farmers, producers and consumers – the mighty trio – we bring healthy, regional food products to local and international markets.

Strong relationships with farmers and producers ensure we get the best possible feedstock and products.

We then use locally grown, high-quality ingredients and minimal processing to deliver fresh, unique, nutrient-packed food products.

Together, we can work towards better health and a more sustainable environment.

How It Works

Customers have access to single-origin, cold-pressed, unrefined, locally grown, seed and nut oils packaged in refillable, dark glass bottles. From our farm, to harvest and production, and to distribution – you can observe our commitment to valuing the environment and supporting local business. We envision customers replacing their kitchen’s olive oil with our products.

Our focus is using the canola, flax, and hempseed oils and dressings to build our foundation throughout the community. Once funding is approved, we'll be processing hemp hearts and shelled hemp seeds, as well as furthering our hemp flours and other seed-based flours. Oils will expand to include grapeseed, walnut, sunflower, and other types of seed-based oils. Regionalized varieties and processing support our craft focus and community-based food solutions.

We’ll keep certain varieties in stock, plus offer new and enticing seasonal and collaborative products when available. We are open to using the best packaging options that respect the environment, including encouraging bulk filling. We work directly with the farmers to develop processing that can work for regions across Canada and beyond. 

Currently producing 3 different seed-based oils, dressings, and flours in a variety of sizes including (but not limited to):

By working with chefs and other similar food companies, we plan to create numerous secondary brands as well as set ourselves up for white label production. We established this path to growth through the success of partnerships such as the Culina House Salad Dressing, which we created as a joint effort with a prominent local chef and a group of restaurants.

Initially targeting production collaborations, we're focused on the product line with consumers in mind. We are looking to join forces in other ways after launch, such as promotional alliances with health and wellness initiatives, and distribution agreements with grocery subscription services (The Organic Box).

Traction & Accomplishments

We started with our line of single-origin, cold-pressed, unrefined, locally produced seed and nut oils. We've experimented producing a hempseed protein bar and a series of flavored protein powders. After feedback from customers for more flavours and products, we are looking to this funding to push corporate growth and product diversity. This includes discovery and exploration towards high-end finished products, craft products, and pet markets as well.

One of our most successful partnerships, we've been working with Culina Family of Restaurants in Edmonton, Alberta. Through this collaboration we developed a salad dressing product, using their traditional recipes and our cold-pressed oils. Sold in both restaurants and catering outlets. There are opportunities for additional recipes and products in development. We have discussed expanding a full dressing line with the Culina Family of Restaurants. 

We're in conversations with global partners such as one based in Peru. These alliances work to reinforce the resiliency of our foundation for the franchise modelling. It also allows us to develop trade routes, innovative markets, knowledge sharing practices, and farmer cooperatives. Allowing us to support the growth of functional food and community-based food solutions, in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

We made our quality and freshness evident by holding taste tests of our products compared to other cold pressed oils. We’ve built a trusted brand within the local community and have developed a repeatable process to duplicate the results. Customers are excited about what we offer and are often asking for more flavors and products.

Customers and our competition comment consistently on the freshness of our products. They can tell immediately when tasting. The difference is our attention to detail. This feedback helps us reinforce our processes and our commitment to quality, functional, community-based foods.

All products are meticulously crafted to maintain high levels of quality and freshness. Our protein powders are made using superior equipment and processes than what our competitors use, and we focus on keeping the end product fresh and tasting great – every time.

We're planning to introduce a traceability aspect to our packaging that allows consumers to connect the product to where it was grown and to its production information. We pay attention to detail throughout, including exposure to heat and elements, maintaining high levels of safety and security, and treating the product less like a commodity and more of a bridge from farm to table. Food is life and we believe consumers deserve transparency as to what they are putting in their bodies.

Meet The Team

Sean Superkoski

While travelling the world, Sean discovered a deep appreciation for the relationship between people and the food they consume. A passion for continuous development drives the operational development of Mighty Trio, while an element of success is validated through community impact. This dedication has resulted in mindfully-created staged processing and a range of functional food products over the past decade. Sean cultivates a thriving family-run farm-based business that explores 'the mighty trio', partnerships between farmer, processor, and consumer.

Freeman Willerton/Common Intelligence

Freeman values family and community, which is evident in the companies he is a part of. He became interested in cannabis and hemp as strong opportunities to make real, sustainable changes in his community. Ties to global mandates and awareness of food supply chain issues enabled Freeman to identify the opportunity of a Mighty Trio partnership with Sean, to help move the world toward community-based food solutions.

Common Intelligence offers whole cycle solutions to help businesses and startups initialize. They work to accelerate growth and improve processes in order to realize success. They have the skills & experience to identify the gaps & provide guidance. They work alongside clients in crafting a unique set of strategies & solutions built to order. 

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