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Say Hello to the Future of Military Communication

MilSync is a free mobile application focused on maximizing the efficiency of daily tasks common to military members and the Department of Defense (DoD).  With a potential market size to include the DoD, civilians, contractors, and their families, MilSync will change the lives of each person.  MilSync centralizes and streamlines the information vital to each member’s daily tasks and lives, revolutionizing the way the military communicates.

We have taken our 10+ years of military experience and teamed up with the best user experience designer in the market to design an application that we are truly proud of. We know what is broken, and how to fix it, because we see it everyday we drive through the gate onto base.  We want to change this, but it will only be possible with your help.

After the recent completion of the design phase, we are seeking capital to complete the development phase.  This fundraiser will allow us to professionally develop our application, cover operating expenses for the first year, and never charge users.

The Problem

Military bases house an incredible infrastructure, paralleling that of a small city or town, complete with restaurants, movie theatres, post offices and doctor’s offices. The DoD has furnished its military bases with a wealth of facilities and programs to help our military families, but the information infrastructure is archaic. Unlike the town you live in, these services do not face much competition, and lack the resources to deliver the information customers rely on. As a result, military members and their families accept the frequent occurrence of unplanned or unannounced closures or interruptions to their service. Online resources, if any exist, are limited to desktop sites or not-mobile-friendly PDFs. Don't even think about trying to use Google Maps to find your way around base; you'll be even more lost and frustrated than you were when you started.

How many times a day do you turn to your mobile device for information like driving directions, operating hours or contact information? You’ve probably lost count! Imagine losing this vital resource you’ve become so accustomed to; that’s what our military members and their families face everyday.

Unlike the alert you receive on your cell phone when weather such as a tornado threatens, many military bases have a rudimentary capability to communicate instantaneously and at mass with military members and their families during emergencies. MilSync will provide this desperately needed capability.  

The MilSync Solution

MilSync is a free mobile application that puts all on-base communication at our military members’ fingertips. 

MilSync enhances the utility of resources already available to the military community. As a common platform for every military installation, MilSync standardizes communication and enables even greater community cohesion. MilSync features include:

  1. Searchable database of on-base facilities and organizations, with facility-maintained listings of accurate contact information, location, operating hours, and announcements affecting service.

  2. One-touch access to emergency resources, including police, suicide, and sexual assault hotlines, further enhancing the health and welfare of the military community.

  3. Push notifications from each Installation Command Center for use in time-critical emergencies like hurricanes or active shooters.

  4. A personalized user experience through subscription to specific facilities and organizations, thus tailoring the application to the user's needs and interests.

  5. Proprietary Google Maps and Apple Maps integration to alleviate unnecessary confusion when navigating around base.

America’s military members are working every day to protect your freedom. They, and their families, make countless sacrifices that many of us cannot imagine. Now you have a chance to give back. We’re revolutionizing the way the military communicates; our service men and women and their families deserve it. 

Support MilSync. Military life is hard; life on base shouldn’t be. 


Jonathan Appleby - Co-Founder

The braun. 

In over five years of service, Jonathan has deployed to overseas locations, and specializes in budget allocation, as well as short and long-range plans and logistics. Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy and a Master of Business Administration from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University. Jonathan currently lives in Destin, Florida with his wife Nicky.

Nicky Appleby - Co-Founder

The brains and the beauty. 

Nicky has served for over five years and deployed to overseas locations. Her military experience includes executive support, as well as short and long-range plans and logistics. Nicky holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy and a Master of Arts degree in International Security Studies from the University of Arizona. Nicky currently lives in Destin, Florida with her husband Jonathan.

Ryan Huber - Application Designer

Working hard to make things easy. 

Ryan solves problems, makes the complex simple, shapes behavior, designs, plans, strategizes, and architects. He fights for the user, all the while balancing the needs of business and technology to create successful and elegant digital products and experiences. Ryan is currently a User Experience Designer for AKQA in Washington DC. He has also worked for Tribal DDB as a User Experience Designer, Sq1 Agency as an Interaction Direction, and Blacksburg Electronic Village as a Lead Web Designer / Developer. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Arts with a Major in Visual Communication and Design, concentrating in web design and user experience from Virginia Polytechnic and State University (Virginia Tech). Ryan currently lives in Bethesda, MD with his wife Yvette. See more of Ryan's work here:


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