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Never Miss a Call or Notification

Have you felt that familiar buzz of your cellphone and then realized it was just in your head? It turns out you're not alone in experiencing "Phantom Cellphone Vibration Syndrome." According to psychology professor Larry Rosen, author of "iDisorder," the constant anticipation of receiving phone contact means when we get other neurological stimilation, such as pants rubbing against our legs, our brain can interpret these stimuli as phone vibrations.

Well, whether you are suffering from this syndrome or just don't want to miss calls or notifications, MiRing is perfect for you. MiRing is a ring that connects to your phone via Bluetooth, which vibrates and lights up when your phone receives a notification. It is a simple, unobtrusive way to receive notifications when your phone is not in your hand.

Wearable Tech is a Burgeoning Market

Wearable tech is going to be the biggest trend of 2013.

It's no question that technology companies are pushing the bounds of innovation and propelling us into the future.  With this rapid growth and expansion, a plethora of new technology is being released at breakneck pace. One of the most progressive forms of technology in this movement is wearable tech.

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We see it everywhere from Nike's wristband to Google Glass, Pebble Watch to Jawbone and many more. The ability to incorporate wearable tech into our everyday lives, which will enhance connectivity, is where the truly successful products will be made. This is exactly what we are aiming for.

The Next Big Thing is MiRing

MiRing, a patent pending technology and design, is the first vibration device of its kind. It is the next generation of wearable technology that is worn on your finger. It uses a low energy Bluetooth 4.0 module, a small battery that uses inductive charging, LEDs and a small coin vibration motor. This equipment is laid out on a small flexboard that wraps around the users finger. MiRing also comes with a mobile app for customization.

Meet The Founders

Max Zitney and Zach Zitney are 21 year old students at The Ohio State University studying entrepreneurship. The twin brothers run a small lawn care business in the summer which they started in middle school. They got an earlier start than most in troubleshooting, teamwork and dedication when the brothers, along with their father, rebuilt a 1988 Jeep Wrangler YJ in high school. 

Max is currently VP of Operations for the Business Builders Club at Ohio State University and co-founder of a Startup Weekend Project in Columbus, Ohio.

Zach has a passion for creation and innovation. His love of social media and being connected is one of the driving forces behind this new technology.  

Honors and Awards:

  • Ohio State Business Builders Club Idea Pitch 2012
    Max and Zach received third place in this competition against other students' business plans. They were granted ten consulting hours at the Ohio State Technology and Commercialization Office (TCO). This being their first pitch to investors and entrepreneurs in the Columbus area, these two show much acumen for their field and promising futures. 
  • One of the top five startups at Startup Weekend Columbus
    Max and Zach worked with a team of five to build a website improving customer service, which was completed in 54 hours.



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