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Have you ever seen the Verizon FiOS commercial with John McEnroe?  Mirror brings that same functionality to businesses of all sizes.

Mirror is a video support platform that makes it easy for customer service agents to see, diagnose, and help resolve problems more effectively by viewing it from their customer's perspective -- allowing service representatives to be virtually “present” and maintain a human interaction with the customer without actually being there in person!  This helps companies deliver an "Apple Genius Bar" type of experience to customers, no matter where they are.

Our flagship products - video support tickets and live video triage - have application across a wide range of businesses and support needs.  

Whether it’s assisting a customer with a malfunctioning smart home appliance, helping them with a damaged car claim, providing warranty support, and everything in between, Mirror makes it simpler than ever.  Gartner Research reports that 100 of the Fortune 500 will introduce video chat by 2018, and we are well positioned to capitalize on that demand.


As technology continues elevating the complexity of products and services, especially in IoT, homes, and insurance, the need for improved customer support solutions in these sectors rises accordingly.

They rely on the customer to talk them through the issue over the phone, or days of back-and-forth email exchanges. As a result, issues take longer to resolve, leading to frustration, product returns, and lost revenue. In-person support is also expensive and is not scalable, with more than 25% of service calls requiring more than 1 visit.

Over 2.5 billion people around the world own a smartphone, most of which are equipped with a camera. Mobile cameras provide a rich medium that enables businesses to deliver unprecedented immediacy, engagement, and service to their customers and partners on a global scale.

That’s where Mirror comes in. We’re taking an all new approach to customer support through the power of video support tickets and live video triage that significantly improves the customer experience and helps businesses become synonymous with unforgettable service.  

Video support delivers happy customers.  Some of the results that businesses have seen include:

With call centers in the US and Europe fielding more than 80 billion calls annually at an average cost of $5.90 per call, the efficiencies that video brings will make it a dominant support model.

With Mirror, we’ve made it our mission to empower businesses and their service agents with a twenty-first century upgrade to consistently delighting customers and inspiring brand loyalty. And that’s exactly what we’ve made possible.

Simply put, Mirror approaches the customer service process from an entirely new perspective, where:  

Product support agents can get eyes on a problem to improve first contact resolution and drive higher product adoption.

Home services professionals can leverage video to prepare estimates without an on-site visit to quote faster and service more customers.  

Insurers can enable customers to record inspections and property damage to bring a new level of visibility and accountability to claims.

The beauty of Mirror is not only in its effectiveness, it’s in its simplicity. In other words, you don’t have to be a tech expert to begin reaping all of the benefits it provides. Both of Mirror’s products can be deployed in minutes, with absolutely no development work required.  

Video support tickets can easily be captured through a business’ website, app or chatbot by simply linking to a hosted landing page.

For live video, agents only need a Chrome Browser or our Agent Desktop app for Mac OS or Windows to gain effortless video functionality that melds perfectly with existing workflows.

Video Support Tickets
Video tickets let customers create narrated videos at their convenience and submit them as support requests.  This is helpful for insurance inspections, after hours and offline requests, home repair estimates, and much more.

Guided Recording
Guided Recording extends our video ticket product to allow businesses to define recording templates with clear instructions that customers can easily follow.  This ensures that businesses can always capture the information they need to resolve an issue.

Live Video Triage  
Agents invite customers by sending a link through email or text and start live video streaming with the customer immediately.   Live video improves product adoption by allowing agents to visually teach customers about a product, and also helps agents quickly diagnose and troubleshoot a problem.

Cloud Storage
All videos are compressed and stored in our cloud, easily accessible and not blocked by email. We can even push the video to the client’s cloud if they want.

Service Agent Control
Mirror enables agents to use their traditional phone lines for audio, receiving video of what customers see while staying in the original call. Agents are in the driver’s seat, and can determine when video is appropriate during a conversation.  

Presenter Control
Agents can choose to take over “presenter” control, and then stream their camera view. This is useful for demonstrating product features or installation techniques. Managers and escalation agents can also join a conference to simply observe, or take presenter controls as needed.  

Agent Anonymity

Video calls are setup as unique, one-time conferences that both agents and customers join to share video, so agents never have to share their direct contact credentials.

Quality Assurance
Every session is recorded for quality and training purposes, so you can always review what happened, and take snapshots and notes for easy reference.

Our Platform, Your Branding
Our white-label service allows our business customers to integrate their branding across the customer interaction. Manage branded texts, landing pages, and custom terms of service for multiple brands under a single account.

Machine Learning (ML) and automation are becoming critical cornerstones of corporate strategic roadmaps, but enterprises need clean, workable data sets to fuel these ML efforts.  Our well structured video recordings, captured through both live video recordings and video tickets, provide a critical building block as training data for ML.

Structured videos
Videos captured through our Guided Recording process are well organized and titled.  This provides a great baseline dataset that can be fed into an enterprise ML engine.

Clear labels
Image snapshots, comments and tags can be added to any video to provide clean labels and improve computer vision recognition.

With Mirror, we have a product that works, a growing customer base paying for that product, early investor validation, and strategic partnership opportunities that will prime us for even bigger things to come leading into 2017.

Customer Validated
We have a production solution currently in use by several notable IoT and consumer product companies as well as pilot programs with a number of other brands. Don’t forget to request access to the private side of our profile to get the finer details!

Investor Validated
FirstMark Capital, a top NYC-based VC firm which invested in globally recognized brands like Pinterest, Airbnb, Shopify, Riot Games and others, is our lead investor. We also received investment from Eniac Ventures, a boutique mobile-only seed firm in NYC.

Want to learn more about Mirror, its products, and their vision for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!

Robert is a serial entrepreneur with an accomplished history founding companies and leading them to successful exits. After his first company, Fogdog Sports, went public in 1999, Robert founded and was COO of PowerReviews, which was acquired for $170 million in 2012. He also served as CTO of GSI Commerce for four years, which was later acquired by eBay. Mirror is Robert’s third venture, which he started to feed his passion for breathing life into new ideas.

Peter has years of technology experience at a broad range of major-name enterprises. Prior to co-founding Mirror, Peter worked at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Starwood Hotels, Limewire, and co-founded ScholarPro.

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