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Mirror Biologics is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company with next generation immunotherapy assets for treating and preventing cancer, infectious diseases and slowing and preventing harmful effects of aging.

The Company specializes in manufacturing and commercial development of next generation immunotherapy drugs where the active ingredients are living human immune cells that are capable of re-educating and re-modeling immune system responses.


There are no cures for metastatic cancer.

Current treatments for metastatic cancers include surgery, radiation, targeted therapies and first-generation immunotherapies.

These treatments are expensive, marginally effective and highly toxic. Due to the toxicity, patients often achieve extended life at the cost of a decreased quality of life and families are often left financially devastated.


Mirror Biologics aims to solve this problem -- and to do so, we have developed a next-generation immunotherapy technology that provides:

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Life-extending treatments for metastatic cancer patients that maintain a high quality of life


For decades scientists have attempted to harness the power of the immune system to eliminate cancer in the same manner it eliminates a foreign bacteria or virus. However, cancer cells are not foreign - they arise from our own cells. Cancer cells are also smart. They learn how to evade and suppress the immune system.

Efforts designed to boost the immune systems of cancer patients have had little success in the clinic. The only proven immune mechanism capable of eliminating metastatic tumors occurs when healthy stem cells from a relative (donor) are transplanted or engrafted into a cancer patient (recipient). A procedure called Allogeneic bone marrow transplant or “Mini-Transplant”.


Transplanted foreign stem cells mount an immune response called the graft vs tumor (GVT) effect, often described as the most powerful anti-tumor immune response ever discovered. However, the same transplanted cells also attack normal cells, causing a devastating and often lethal disease called graft vs. host disease (GVHD). For decades scientist have tried to separate the powerful GVT effect from the toxic GVHD effect without success. This is because the two effects are proportionally and intimately related.  The “holy grail” of transplant immunology is to successfully harness the GVT anti-tumor effect without the devastating toxicity of GVHD.


Mirror Biologics discovered a way to keep the immune effects related but eliminate the toxicity by reversing the immunological flow using technology called the 'Mirror Effect.'

Instead of the immunological flow cascading from the graft to the tumor and the graft to the host, the flow is reversed to flow from the host to the graft and the host to the tumor.


In the Mirror Effect, the host immune system rejects the graft (host vs graft or HVG). HVG is the non-toxic 'mirror' of GVHD. The HVG effect causes the host immune system to eliminate the tumor in a host vs tumor response (HVT effect, the 'mirror' of the GVT effect).  The non-toxic HVT effect is equally as powerful as the GVT effect, without need for a matched donor.

This breakthrough technology represents the first time that the GVT effect has been harnessed without GVHD toxicity. This breakthrough technology is covered by over 200 issued patents worldwide.


Elderly adults over 65yo are vulnerable to severe symptoms, hospitalizations and death as a result of respiratory viral infections, including influenza and COVID-19.

Elderly disproportionately suffer as a result of respiratory viral infection when compared to younger individuals.

Elderly are less responsive to vaccines for viral diseases such as influenza. Even if a vaccine is available, slight changes in the virus can defeat the vaccine protection.


Mirror Biologics aims to solve this problem -- and to do so, we have developed a next-generation immunotherapy technology that provides:

  • Remodeling of the elderly immune system so that it responds to viral infection in the same manner as a younger person
  • The remodeling creates a “universal anti-viral vaccine”, the immune protection does not require knowledge of the structure or type of the virus

We have an FDA cleared clinical trial for a vaccine, targeted to elderly adults, to protect from COVID-19 and any mutations or future unknown novel viruses.


Mirror Biologics discovered a technology called “AlloPriming” which is capable of remodeling the elderly senescent immune system in a manner that enables it to respond to viral infection in the same manner as a youthful immune system.

AlloPriming of elderly can protect against the COVID-19 virus, any future mutations of the virus as well as any future emerging novel virus, currently unknown, that may cause a pandemic.

By using AlloPrime to protect the vulnerable elderly population, world economies would be able to open and be less restrictive, allowing the young to develop herd immunity, causing the virus to burn out.  


Randomized, controlled Phase III liver cancer trial planned for SE Asia



Dr. Michael Har-Noy

  • Serves on the faculty of Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical School Department of Bone Marrow Transplantation and Immunotherapy
  • Over 30 years of experience in immunotherapy and bioengineering translational research
  • Attended MD-PhD program at Rush Medical School in Chicago and served as an Officer at Harvard Medical School department of transplant immunology
  • Has over 200 issued patents in the field of immunotherapy

Dr. Uri Ben-Or

  • 20+ years in corporate finance, accounting, M&A transactions, and IPOs
  • Significant expertise, including serving as CFO, with public life science companies traded on the TASE, OTC, and NASDAQ
  • He also served as a Corporate Controller at Menorah Capital Markets and as an Auditor at PriceWaterhouseCoopers


Francesco Marincola, MD (Chairman)
Dr. Marincola has pioneered research in tumor immunology and is an expert in the immunology of host-tumor interactions. Served as Senior Staff Scientist at NCI Surgical Branch. He is the author of over 500 peer reviewed papers and considered one of the world’s top experts in tumor immunotherapy.

Howard Kaufman, MD
Dr. Kaufman is Professor of Surgery at Dana-Farber/Harvard Medical School. His research has focused on the immunotherapy of cancer and is recognized as a world-leader in the mechanisms and use of oncolytic viruses as immunotherapy of cancer. He is the author of over 200 peer-reviewed papers in immunotherapy.

Alessandra Cesano, MD, PhD
Dr. Cesano is the past president of the Society of the Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC). She spent 12 years conducting research in tumor immunology at Wistar Institute, NCI and University of Pennsylvania. She has held various management positions at Amgen, Biogen Idec and Smith Kline Beecham Pharmaceuticals where she has helped to advance various oncology drugs through late stage development and FDA approvals. She has over 100 peer-reviewed publications in tumor immunology.

Sandra Demaria, MD
Dr. Demaria is Professor and Chairman of Radiation Oncology at Weill Cornell Medical College. Dr. Demaria is internationally recognized for her studies demonstrating the immune effects of local radiation on cancer immunotherapy and the use of these mechanisms for designing cancer vaccines. She is the author of over 200 peer-reviewed articles related to cancer immunotherapy.

Reuven Or, MD
Prof. Or is the Chairman of the Hadassah-Hebrew University Center for Immunotherapy and Immunobiology research. He is a pioneer in the clinical translation of cell therapy for use in treatment of malignancy. He has authored over 300 peer-reviewed manuscripts.

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