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The high cost of overhead for homeowners or small contractors to own tools or until the next disaster comes along makes it difficult and costly to undergo home renovations or new constructions.  Without any alternative, renting tools from Home Depot Rental or any other similar business would be very costly. These stores also charge additional fees in case the tools are returned late.

Apart from that, the current market, for Home Ownership for Low and Limited Income households is out of reach for the average consumer due to strict mortgage and credit requirements in place. No financial institutions are addressing this segment of the population.

Mobile Tool Shop 4 Rent would like to address these 2 problems head on.

These situations provide us the opportunity to provide an alternative via our Mobile Tool Shop (MTS) 4 Rent, and thus avoiding late rental fees as well. With our MTS Rental Services, our customers can complete the restoration of their homes with our enclosed equipment within the Mobile Units. The public has the option to hire our company to complete the services of construction restoration via each local franchise.

We will also introduce our Graduated Mortgage scale of financing 15-60 years to own a Green Smart Affordable home from our company franchise locations.

What Makes Us Different

With our Franchises, we offer sales of the Green Smart Tech as a Standard in our homes, providing financing and working with all Modular Home manufactures.

Our company offers the sales of homes with financing available and the rental of our MTS Units for restoration by the homeowners.  We will also supply the construction/ restoration services per request by homeowners.

We also offer an unprecedented way of Vendor Cluster Ads within our Company Wraps placed on all our franchised MTS 4 Rent Units.  Our refurbished semi trailers, in use today at a very competitive rates, provide vendors with an alternative to the standard stationary billboards.


Innovative Investments, Inc. has already achieved the following goals:

  • Legal formation within the State of Nebraska & Colorado.
  • The combining and networking of our 4 team member board.
  • We are currently using our first working Prototype MTS 4 Rent Unit but still needs funding for final completion and franchise set up.
  • The creation of the preliminary Prototype of the Tarantula Trailer for our Transporting of the Modular home halves.

We are currently working with Engineers from  with presentations of the Tarantula Trailer for Homes to be transported, finished generalized quote on the development of a working prototype for manufacturing purposes.

Also, we have, within the past 2 years, issued 50% of common share company stock to interested shareholders for equity in our privately held company.

Meet Our Team

Robert McCuiston, Founder & CEO
Inventor of the Municipal EU Waste System, handles daily domestic company operations.
Member of the US Marine Corps, former welder for Seward Highway Department and Tenneco Automotive; former municipal mayor - provided him with an opportunity to excel in a decision-making capacity; holds licenses for County Highway & City Street Superintendent  and Colorado Division of Insurance

Troy Miller, COO
Handles daily domestic manufacturing operations.
Has more than 10 years of progressive experience in the areas of welding, manufacturing, and assembly. In addition, Mr. Miller holds several professional certifications from organizations including the American Welders Society, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the state of Nebraska.

Petr Mlatecek, COO of Foreign Operations
Handles daily foreign affairs of manufacturing operations.
Has more than 6 years of experience working with Mr. McCuiston on a wide variety of business ventures, Mr. Mlatecek will use his bilingual capabilities as well as his considerable business management experience, gained both in Prague, Czech Republic, and the continental United States. Mr. Mlatecek will oversee the Company’s operations in Europe.

Louis Gertzbein, VP of Sales and Marketing
Handles networking operations and procedures of current & future company products offered.
Has more than 20 years of experience of sales and customer contact positions in the retail and banking fields, spanning roles such as assistant manager for retail sales and service with Shoppers Drug Mart, as well as various teller and officer positions with TC Canada Trust. Earned an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute. back in 1997.

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