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Quick Pitch

MobileHandshake is a software application developed for smart devices to allow users to share and communicate across several platforms through one seamless solution. Our innovative application eliminates the need to sign in and out of various social networks to communicate with various contacts. MobileHandshake is uniquely positioned to provide businesses, organizations, and individual users an unparalleled tool for streamlining communications.

A Broken System

Imagine signing into your Gmail account to reply to emails from other Gmail users, then logging off and logging into Yahoo to share a file with a Yahoo user, then logging off and logging into Hotmail to check in with your colleague who uses Hotmail….

We can all agree that this would be absurdly inefficient and frustrating - and yet this is status quo for communicating via social networks. With the proliferation of social networks in recent years, we have come to accept this disjointed system of communication, as well as the corresponding flood of unnecessary emails and notifications that pester us each day. 

It is time for a creative solution that cuts out the daily noise and inefficiencies and makes communication simpler.

A Seamless Solution

MobileHandshake seeks to become the premier communications solution for individuals and organizations worldwide. Our proprietary software allows users to lend data, contacts and calendars to friends and colleagues. MobileHandshake is truly platform agnostic – anyone can share anything, anytime from any social network platform.

Lending, rather than sharing, means the user has full control over the privacy of their content, and retains full ownership of the data. Our opt-in strategy allows you to organize contacts into groups according to privacy preferences, and also verifies that each user has been invited to the system and won’t spam others. Additionally, by creating a central hub, MobileHandshake vastly decreases the number of unnecessary emails and notifications – simply login to MobileHandshake to access any tools lent to you.

MobileHandshake provides seamless communication to organizations and businesses, regardless of the individual user’s preferred platform, thereby streamlining operations and ensuring all members are – literally and figuratively – on the same page.

How We're Different

There are currently no applications like MobileHandshake on the market. Our proprietary software will change the way people communicate and organize their social networks. MobileHandshake steps outside the box and provides a tool to unite all existing networks, rather than trying to compete with them.

At one time, Verizon users and AT&T users were unable to text each other because they were on different networks. MobileHandshake is providing a similar solution: it will allow social networks and email domains a much wider reach, and users a much more cohesive and natural experience. Because of our overarching approach, we will be partnering with these existing networks and platforms to drive new traffic to their sites in a mostly saturated market.

Our Accomplishments

Since our inception in the second quarter of 2012, we have reached several meaningful milestones in the development of MobileHandshake. Our team has over 50 years experience in business technology consulting, sales, marketing and corporate finance strategizing. We have already signed four clients and have tailored our platform to their specifications. Within the next few weeks this number will increase to 7 or 8 signed organizations.
We are well ahead of our development goals and optimistic about the future. Our application for a provisional patent to secure the IP is being processed, and the list of groups and organizations interested in using our unique platform grows longer each day.

About the Team

John Papazian - Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Founder. Extensive experience in both technology development and business technology consulting. 

Prior to founding MobileHandshake, Mr. Papazian served as Managing Director and Chief Technology officer at JMP Securities, a full service brokerage firm in San Francisco. He successfully built a technology platform to compete against the large New York brokerage firms. Mr. Papazian has held senior technology positions at FHLB-SF, OffRoad Capital, and Robertson Stephens. Mr. Papazian also has 7 years of business technology consulting experience working with numerous CEOs to tailor business solutions.

Doc McDonald - Chief Operating Officer

20+ years exp. in early stage expansion, turnaround & Fortune 100 buyouts in software finance & operations 

Mr. McDonald has worked in operation, finance and as founder of technology; software and hardware companies, internet start-ups, telco and logistics companies since 1985. His duties have included operations, corporate finance, acted as a turn-around president and also founded the first online travel and sports equipment shipping company with UPS and Aspen Ski Corp which became the basis for

David Harmer - Chief Revenue Officer

20+ years exp. in technology & media 

David Harmer has been at the intersection of content, technology and media for more than twenty years, having been VP Sales of a billion dollar private media company, well funded start up operations and also as COO US Operations at a global leading advertising agency specializing in digital advertising, lead generation and communications strategies for technology companies. Mr. Harmer has annual budgetary management experience in excess of $60 million from both top and bottom line perspectives. Starting his career creating demonstrable market leading B2B technology magazines in traditional print publishing Mr. Harmer was at the vanguard of that industries transition to digital web based platforms and subsequently their migration to mobile web where his consultancy business provided specialist incite as to mobile marketing opportunities to technology based clients and their advertising agencies. A proven team creator, leader and motivator who works well in cross functional and cultural operations and comfortable in executive audiences, public speaking and complex customer facing global scale global contract negotiations. With a strong track record of taking subordinates to the next level and an effective communicator who is happy to roll up his sleeves he prefers to lead by example. Mr. Harmer has demonstrated himself as a senior executive in all aspects of content management, media sales and overall publishing with social media, print, traditional web and mobile web platforms and has multiple hands on start up and turnaround successes in his resume. Combining operations management, strategic planning, sales growth and business development, lead generation, content management, and integrated marketing solutions. Additionally Mr. Harmer has extensive International experience in EMEA (London, Paris, Amsterdam), US (Boston, San Francisco, Miami) and APAC (Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo) and is a graduate of the University of Hertfordshire School of Information Sciences in the UK.

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